motorcycle riding tips for first time riders


It is a growing trend that more people are choosing to ride a motorcycle for the first time. This is great, but when you are a new rider, there is a lot of information to take in. The two most important suggestions that should be given to new motorbike riders is that you should have fun but also ride safe. The primary activity that one should take into account is that, you should learn to ride your motorcycle and pass the riding test in order to get your hands dirty. Keep reading about the different things that you should always keep in mind at time of riding your first motorbike.

motorcycle riding tips for first time riders

What the things to consider for beginner motorcycle riders? What the riding tips that new motorcycle riders should know before grabbing their first motorbike? Read about the top tricks of the trade for all motorcycle riders and the things that they must know about.

Learn to ride

You should know that learning how to ride a motorcycle can be daunting at first. But with a little practice and a lot of patience, you can master the basics of your bike and safely roam the wide open roads.

  • You should know about your motorcycle before you start riding
  • First of all, you should grab a copy of your state’s motorcycle handbook
  • Also you will need to purchase other equipment to protect yourself as much as possible
  • Book will get you familiar with the rules of the road and targeted safety tips while on your bike
  • Most states offer a separate guide specifically directed toward motorcyclists which is both online and in print

Always ride slowly

Remember that you cannot do anything about other people on the road, except maybe tell everyone you know to pay more attention to motorcycles when they are driving. So, you should always drive slowly.

  • Do not draft semis and never ride in anyone’s blind spot
  • Always keep in mind that stakes are much higher when you ride
  • You should pay absolute attention before and at every single intersection
  • You should do what you can to lessen your risk so you can keep riding long into future
  • Learn anticipating potentially dangerous situations up ahead and be ready to move out of the way or brake as necessary
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Do motorbike inspection

Before everything, you should know that motorcycles are powered one of three ways, such as chain-driven, belt-driven, or shaft-driven. Proper bike maintenance is essential to keep it running for long.

  • Regular maintenance is a must for motorcycles
  • Do check for any oil or other fluids leaking anywhere on the bike
  • In order to inspect a belt, turn the rear wheel and watch the belt move
  • In order to inspect a chain, turn the rear wheel and watch the chain move
  • Keep in mind that you should remember that while driving a bike, chain or belt or shaft is what keeps your bike moving

Understand fuel capacity

It is very important to know about the fuel capacity of your bike as some bikes have fuel gauges. You need to understand how fuel capacity impacts the performance of your motorcycle.

  • Twisting back roads is not needed for riding on city roads
  • Your motorbike odometer should work at time of finding gas station
  • When you know your bike’s estimated MPG and its fuel capacity, you can set a trip odometer
  • At time of riding out for some fun, twisting back roads in the middle of nowhere helps to save fuel
  • Remember that it is often just a style decision by the manufacturer, regardless of the age or type of your bike

Look at mirrors

One of the top training that is given to drivers as also more so to riders is that to keep a vigilant watch on the mirrors on eithers sides of your motorcycle.

  • It is important to adjust you mirror as necessary
  • Check positioning of mirrors before you start riding
  • It is very vital to check mirrors at time of going downhill
  • You can use center stand of your bike at time of checking mirrors
  • You just need to get on the bike in riding position and check mirrors

Always turn off your choke

It is important to make it a habit to turn off your choke in order to ensure much longer life for your motorbike and to able to save some fuel which is very pricey at the present times.

  • Never waste fuel as fuel prices are going up
  • It will cause problems with you motorcycle later on
  • Do turn off your chose as you will just be wasting gas
  • It is important for most new bike owners will do it at least once
  • It is ok if you forget to turn it off once or twice at the time of learning to ride your bike

Must dress properly

You should wear the right kind of clothes at time of riding your motorcycle. The weather conditions may vary for cold surroundings to extremely hot conditions.

  • Dress in layers to keep yourself cool during hot weather
  • Riding in highways may make you feel cooler that surroundings
  • Keep in mind to dress properly at time of riding for long distances
  • All motorcycle gear must include full mesh jackets along with helmets for riding
  • You can use armor in them to protect you if you fall, but allow massive airflow to keep you cool

Wear right footwear

Having the right footwear is more vital for superbike riders. Riding at very high speed and on different kinds of surfaces will help you to ensure that you have required friction through your boots.

  • Some shoes are adaptive to special surfaces
  • Remember that not all shoes have equal grip on all surfaces
  • Do ensure that whatever shoes you are wearing will grip road securely
  • It is vital to wear good non-slip shoe rather than a slippery-bottomed sneaker
  • You should know that Shoe makers use different materials to make their shoes to suit different requirements

Check your tire

Checking the tire of your bike is vital in long life for your motorcycle. Also, rolling on two wheels, you need to be especially careful about slow leaks, nails, screws, glass, or anything else that might be stuck in one of your tires.

  • Do take a couple of minutes to check your tires before riding
  • You should know that sharp rocks can cause serious tire damage
  • Always spin wheels around so you can see the tire from all angles
  • Remember that sudden tire blowout on a bike can result in serious injury or death
  • Also do a thorough visual check to be sure your tires look like they are in good condition

Know motorcycle laws

You should know that different states have different requirements of motorcyclists. Many states require you to wear a DOT-certified helmet while riding a motorcycle, including New York. Some states have rules that say only riders aged 17 and under must wear a helmet./span>

  • You should also check current helmet information regarding any state
  • You should know the motorcycle law for the state that you are visiting
  • Many states that do not require helmets might have other requirements instead
  • Also, states may also have different rules about whether mirrors are required on your bike
  • Some states have special laws like Illinois requires you to wear some type of eye protection if you choose to wear no helmet
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Now Ride Along:

These basic steps should be completely mastered by bike motorbike risers to drive safely and on long distances. Once you feel comfortable with basic operation, you can go for advanced courses. After you pass the test and each of the additional requirements, you will receive your motorcycle license and can continue practicing in normal traffic conditions. So enjoy your riding and remember to ride safely!

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