10 safe driving tips for Motorcyclist


The chances of accident for motorists is much higher than that of drivers. There is much more at stake for motorcycle riders. In the present times, there are many anti-brake systems (ABS) and traction control gadgets are available to assist the motorcyclists, but freak accidents do occur which result in loss of life. With the rising cases of accidents on roads, the motorbike riders look for tips in order to ride safely. Read the pointers below which are explained in order to make you understand their importance in terms of safe riding.

10 safe driving tips for Motorcyclist

What are the techniques to use in order to safely ride your motorbike? What the safety riding tips that every motorists should follow? This is your chance to know the answers for the above questions in order to have safe ride on you motorcycle.

Buy right Motorcycle

There are different kinds of motorcycles that are available for riders. The different kinds of riders include short riders, women riders and may more. You should know that stopping a motorcycle is not as simple as stopping a car.It is always good to buy Motorcycle Insurance to get protection for your bike. 

  • Buying motorcycle depends on your experience level
  • Do make sure that your motorbike is within your budget
  • Also take into account, types of roads and terrain on which you will use bike
  • New riders should stick to lighter weight, lower seat height, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and cheaper motorcycles
  • For those who are into distance riding, touring bikes are often the biggest and heaviest type of motorcycle available

Use antilock Brakes

Do remember that Antilock braking systems (ABS) make riding safer. You should also know that auto insurance claims for motorcycles with ABS are more likely to get approved. You can also learn about the ways to get insurance claims for your motorbike.

  • You should know, how ABS works
  • It works on both wet and dry surfaces
  • ABS helps your motorbike to crash less
  • Remember that riders stop more quickly with antilock brakes
  • Often traditional braking tolls in not sufficient for emergency stops

Avoid unpleasant Weather

You should know that riving in bad weather presents several challenges to the motorists. Remember that pre-trip bike inspection and maintenance that becomes more important when faced with bad weather.

  • It is risky to ride in low visibility conditions
  • You need to extremely careful while driving in bad conditions
  • It is important to have prior experience to drive in adverse weather
  • Use motorbikes with ABS and traction control for riding in bad weather
  • It is advisable to not riding with a passenger during any weather hazards

Never drink and Ride

You should know that motorcycle fatalities are increasing due to instances of drink and driving. Drinking and riding is a huge problem and needs to be dealt with seriously.

  • Drinking also adversely affects your health
  • Drink and driving results in riding motorcycle in higher speeds
  • You will get traffic tickets if your do drink and driving on roads
  • You can hear news about accidents occurred due to rash riding from drunk riders
  • Remember that alcohol is a depressant and it tends to slow down most brain functions

Take proper Preparation

It is always important to take right preparation in order to ride safely. This is more applicable for the riders who choose to ride for long distances or take part in long-distance motorbike rides.

  • Make regular visits for checking up your motorcycle
  • It is important get oil changes and check your transmission
  • You should make sure to have a safe ride on your motorcycle
  • It is important to prepare your bike for long-distance runs
  • You should ready you motorbike as per the manufacturer’s advice

Do keep Learning

It is very important to take proper training before riding your first motorcycle. It is very important Complete a formal riding education program and then get licensed.

  • You should get licensed before legally riding your motorbike
  • Search for many motorcycle riding programs that are available
  • It always to learn about your motorbike before you start riding it
  • After learning basics, you can opt for more advanced riding skills
  • Take help from experienced riders to hone your street-riding strategies

Obey traffic Rules

The basic training that most first-time riders get is to follow the traffic rules strictly. By riding within the rulebook, you will be riding safely and properly. If your bike get accident then you must be aware of how to claim car insurance after getting accident.

  • Do not stop in no parking spots
  • You should always avoid to get traffic tickets
  • You should also keep track of the local traffic laws
  • Remember that highways do not generally allow motorists
  • It is always important to follow the speed limit on road

Must ride Slowly

When you are a beginner rider, it is very important to ride defensively in order to avoid any form of accidents as driving fast will result in losing control over your motorcycle.

  • Always stay away from driver’s blind spot
  • Do signal well in advance of any change in direction
  • Must watch out for incoming vehicles while using turns
  • Turn your headlights on while riding in dark conditions
  • Most accidents occur due to blocking rider’s right of way

Wear Protective Gear

Remember that wearing protective gear while riding will ensure that you save your life or get less injury after getting involved in any kind of accidents.

  • It is important to wear powerful helmets
  • Do wear good boots with nonskid soles and gloves
  • Right gear helps to minimize injuries in case of accident
  • It is important to wear leather clothing while driving motorbikes
  • Always attach reflective tape to your clothing to make it easier for other drivers to see you

Always ride Safely

It is important to remember that in order to ride for long and to take good care of your motorcycle, it is very important to always ride safely.

  • Give your motorbikes to regular servicing
  • Learn to control your motorcycles while skidding
  • Do use common sense at the time of riding motorcycles
  • You should have right education for riding motorbikes
  • Most accidents happen due to not following traffic rules

Now Ride Along:

After you have learnt about the basic and important motorcycle riding tips, you should readily implement them at the time of riding, in order to see results. You should also know that, when you are riding according to the rulebook and follow the local traffic laws, you have more confidence while riding and will be riding more safely. You should use basic common sense at the time of hitting the road with your motorbike. You should always do proper planning and take the right training and preparation in order to have a smooth bike on your motorcycle.


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