5 essential driving tricks for new drivers


It is always an excitement to drive your car on you won after learning to drive and acquiring your driving license. It is very important to know that you can drive easily by knowing some of the tricks that one can associate with responsible and stable driving. You should always be confident about your Driving Skills but never be overconfident and always stay alert as your driving prowess can be tested at any time on the road. In addition always try to drive by following the traffic rules strictly.

5 essential driving tricks for new drivers

These are the things that every new driver should know at the time of driving on road. Do keep in mind the following instructions at the time of driving.

Understand your Car

It is always important to know about any machine before you start to operate and your car is no exception either. You can also read the instruction manual about the specific functions of your car that you may need at the time of driving.

  • Make a complete study of your car before even driving it
  • Look at the functions of the different buttons in your car
  • Ignorance of these buttons in your car may cause accident
  • Find the switches for lights and wipers to use it when you need them
  • You need to know the activation and deactivation buttons of your car

Always use left Lane

You should always remember that driving by the rulebook will save you from any road mishaps and you can feel the best driving experience. the traffic rule says that car should always follow the left lane on the road.

  • Know the speed limit on the road that you are driving
  • Rash driving in the middle lane can end up you in trouble
  • Police is always round the corner and looking for traffic offenders
  • You should use the middle lanes only when the left lane is blocked
  • In case of overtaking, you should have complete control over your car

Try difficult Conditions

Most people wary of driving in hazardous conditions because of unfamiliar situations and the chance of accidents is much higher. Avoiding them can get you into trouble later on.

  • You need to change your driving style in unfamiliar conditions
  • You will have to know the driving tricks at time of rain or snowfall
  • It is always important to know how your car reacts in difficult roads
  • Driving in these conditions can also make your understand the ability of your car
  • You can never become a complete driver unless you know the process to drive in all kinds of roads

Never use Phone

Most of the accidents on road happen due to silly mistakes committed by the driver and not following the rules of the road. In order to stay safe on road it is important to drive with full concentration and be careful.

  • Putting your smartphone on speaker mode is also not recommended
  • You need to be fully focused on your driving and avoid any disturbances
  • Talking with co-passengers while driving may cause trouble for new drivers
  • It is against the law to use any handheld phone such as smartphones while driving
  • The hands-free gadgets that are available in the market should also not be used

Drive Motorcycle first

Driving is a process that needs to be learned in a step-by-step manner. In order to drive safely, it is important to know the mechanics of the on-road vehicles.

  • Driving is all about being prompt on road
  • You can understand the ways to make lane change process while driving
  • It is important to be familiar with small bikes before moving onto big cars
  • Trying first on motorcycle with also help you understand the traffic rules better
  • Knowing the behavior of the motorcyclists will help you to drive your car more easily

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Learning to drive is not at all a difficult process but you need to follow the rules and be careful in order to drive safely. Remember to never act smart on the road and clear understanding of your surroundings. For all drivers and specially the new ones, driving fast is a definitive no-no. You should always be in complete control of your vehicle, and driving fast can sometimes tend you to lose control of the same and prone to accidents and mishaps. You must take professional lessons from driving schools to drive better. You must also read How Self Driving Car Impact Auto Insurance Industry .

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