Steps to Claim Car Insurance After Your Car Is Stolen

Know about the process that one needs to follow after finding out that their car is missing or stolen. These steps include filling for police and making insurance claim for your stolen car.


It is very vital to take car insurance for your car in order to claim insurance in case of any damage or theft of your car. You must always take prompt action in order to recover your car and take possible steps for getting accurate insurance claim.

Steps to Claim Car Insurance After Your Car Is Stolen

These are the one-by-one guidelines to take when you find that your car is stolen.

Inform police

The primary activity that needs to be done after knowing for sure that you car is stolen, is to inform the police and file a report detailing information that your is stolen.

  • Give details about the place from where your car was stolen
  • Provide information about the missing stuff present inside the stolen car
  • Provide the car license plate number
  • Give your car registration number
  • Provide details about your car insurance provider and car dealer from where the car was purchased

File Insurance claim

The process of filing for insurance claim in case of car theft is almost similar for all Car Insurance Companies . You can contact them in various ways such as call them in the toll-free number and give the details of your car and any other missing items that was present in the car.

  • Insurance companies provide for waiting period in case the stolen car is tracked
  • Give the details of the police report that was filed for the stolen car
  • Provide information about the place from where the car was stolen
  • Security devices or location trackers can help to find the car that is stolen
  • The model and the manufacturing yer of the car will be verified

Claim payment Process

There is a procedure that needs to be followed at the time of claim payment for your stolen car. It is very important for you to know about the process so that you get a fair deal for your stolen car.

  • You need to determine and calculate the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your car
  • Remember that insurance firm will start with offering you the lowest range for payment
  • Take professional help in order to get maximum amount for your insurance providers
  • Never settle for the amount provided by the insurance firm expect that you are sure that the deal is fair
  • Check whether the car ownership after insurance claim payment is transferred to the firm

Dispute for less claim Payment

It is your right to again claim for the right amount for insurance claim after checking from reliable sources and taking professional help in order to calculate the right valuation of your car.

  • Always ask for the insurance provider to double check on the car details before making any calculation
  • Take help from third-party agencies or experts for providing correct estimate
  • Valuation of car also depend on car performance and maintenance
  • Latest models of car brands provide much more valuation for your car
  • Take proper information with proof in order to dispute the insurance company

Stolen car Investigation

It is the rule for insurance companies to make thorough investigation for your car details and the financial record of the car owner in order to check any disputes or wrongdoings from the part of the owner. Also read: Tips for Choosing best Car Insurance Plans .

  • Asking for witness to verify the claim that your car was actually stolen
  • Gathering information about you and your stolen cars from persons whom you know or have shared your information
  • Verifying your financial background
  • Check your occupational details
  • Cross-verifying with the police to check for any forgery


It is really unfortunate to have your car stolen so it is very important to take the following actions with much caution and try to get maximum insurance claim for your stolen car. In case that you have no experience and is unfamiliar with the claim process, you can definitely take professional help from any insurance lawyer.In our previous post we discuss how self-driving car lowers the auto insurance rates .

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