Thing to be remember before buying new car


Those day’s are gone when only countable peoples dream of buying their own car came true while others just dreaming of it. But due to globalization and technology getting advanced everyday an Auto industry had significant changed in few decades. The dream of middle man of buying it’s own car came true now days but there are certain thing every new car buyer should ask themselves before buying their dream car. These thing should includes comparing car prices, special offers like free insurance, different variations of car model, warranty, servicing centers etc.

Thing to be remember before buying new car

Some my looking to buy driver-less cars so they should make sure how self-driving car impact the auto insurance. There are many things that one should consider at the time of buying a new car. A smart and savvy car buyer must always ready and prepared before entering to showroom.It is a great feeling to have your new first car but you need to follow the guidelines to make your new car purchasing process easy and hassle-free along with not exceeding your car budget.

 5 Things to Sure While Buying Your Dream Car

Choose brand that Suites You

There are many brands that are available in the automobile market. Every market wishes to sell the best car possible within the given parameters. It is also to be remembered that one car cannot have all the characteristics that you demand such as luxury and affordability.

  • It is always recommended to buy a car that matches your demands
  • You should also consider the number of family members and the person/persons that are going to use the car
  • Choose a car category that is best suited to your financial ability and available rules and regulations
  • It is recommended to choose a brand that is trustworthy and have proven track records
  • The car should always match the safety standards of the place

Avoid Extras

The car dealers wants to earn maximum profit from their customers and offer many perks along with the new car. The different additional works will increase your car cost by some rates.

  • Never get excited by the amazing extras list as they can end being much more costly
  • Different additional works include vehicle identification number (VIN) etching, fabric protection, paint protection and rustproofing
  • Several high-end cars have these in-build features that you may not know
  • Extra work for your car can be done in much cheaper rate fro other dealers
  • Tell the dealers that you do not need extra services at the time of enquiry

Always do Negotiate

You need to possess good negotiation skills at the time of making any big purchase in order to get the best deal out of the agreement. You need to try to get at price that matches your financial abilities and falls within your means.

  • You need to make a fair deal that is beneficial to you and which comply within their dealer’s rule book
  • Remember that the invoice or sticker price is not always the actual price that needs to be paid for the new car
  • The good deal according to the dealer may not be the best deal for you
  • Use the rates of incentives and rebates to bring you down the actual new car price
  • Take professional help in case of making a better deal

Do Some beforehand Research

At the time of negotiation for getting the best deal for your new car, you can have more advantage only if you take time to study about the different car brands, the history and track record of the car dealers and the best car deals that are available to the customers.

  • The dealer will show you the popular deals but they may not match you needs
  • Some dealers my offers free Car Insurance for your Car for Certain Period
  • Some of the deals which look good in the short run may cost you much more later
  • Search in the internet for the best dealers that offers competitive deals near your locality
  • You should always have knowledge about the new car buying process in order to have fair deal
  • Compare the prices of the cars that are available and find the best car for yourself

Know the rules Under Warranty

Never blindly believe the terms and conditions offered by you car dealer as they will put conditions to suit their interest and to further increase their profit margin.

  • Try to choose more reliable dealers that understand your needs
  • Know about the new car laws so that you never break them
  • Study the warranty card and the instructions manual for your car to know about the car details
  • You can service your car through any dealer under you car warranty period
  • Try to use authentic car parts from your car brand for better maintenance and performance of your car


Try to follow the steps accordingly and make a checklist to take you through the car buying process without any hazards.There is no guarantee every car buyer will get a good deal always because, car prices always varies with age, demand and supply but focusing on above thing will give you ideal direction to crack right deal for your dream car.You may also like Car Insurance Companies for young adult.

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