Car anti-theft gadgets to buy

Know the vehicle anti-theft gadgets to buy.


Car anti-theft gadgets to buy

Dash Cam

If we try to keep our house safe with cameras, why don’t we shouldn’t we keep our car as well? This dashcam records 1080p videos, and it provides clear and crisp footage even in dark night conditions. It’s not just a camera, but also a crime detector with its G-sensors. It records all sudden events such as theft, broken windows, etc. The front cam can be swiveled 360° to see all over the car.

Steering Wheel Lock

Thousands of vehicles are reported stolen, so you need a high-quality product to keep your car safe. Thieves don’t act slowly, so this wheel lock will bring them into a situation that they can’t deal with. It attaches to the steering wheel itself, and it protects your steering wheel from any harm.

CarLock Alert System

Now you can sleep without worry, CarLock will protect your car during the night. Almost everyone has an alarm on their car, but CarLock is not just an alarm system. It monitors your car and sends you a notification when a suspicious event occurs. It gives the driver’s monthly score, so it knows the trusted driver of the car. Then, if another person tries to drive the car, it detects and alerts you.

Car Key Protector

Thieves have become very talented in recent years, and you need stronger protectors for your car. They can copy and boost your wireless fob from the key and enter the car. Either way, this faraday bag provides a signal blocker for your car key, so thieves can’t pick up the signals from it. Also, it’s very easy to carry and features extra storage for your items such as credit cards and ID.

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