Geico Auto Insurance Best Review: 2018


The Geico Auto Insurance is the top-class director-to-consumer auto insurance company. The different kinds of activities that one can have through Geico Auto insurance buying auto insurance policies, getting auto car insurance quotes and making changes in coverage in their present policies. The advantages of direct-to-consumer services is you do not have to deal with middle agent and address any queries with the company officials itself.

Geico Auto Insurance Best Review: 2018

Most of the insurance companies have varied portfolio including home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and more. Geico Auto Insurance has made a name for itself in the market as the go-to auto insurance firm as it basically focuses on car insurance services.


This is definitely one of the segments in which Geico Auto insurance has beaten it competitors in the market. The insurance firm has the cheapest insurance quotes for all kinds of auto insurance applicants. Though, find the best price according to your needs and then apply.

Another vital advantage that Geico Auto Insurance has over other auto insurers is the trust quotient. Most of the customers of the auto insurer are happy with their service and customer support and has very few complaints.


Most of the auto insurance company in the market make many kinds of claims in order to attract customers. The taglines for the auto insurance brands speaks volumes about the presence and performance for the auto insurer in the market.

The claims that are made by Geico Auto Insurance company matches with their tagline. They claim to save you 15% or more on auto insurance in just 15 minutes of time. Definitely, you have some good saving options with this insurance firm.


Most of the auto insurance firms provides coverages to its customers. The basic forms of coverage that are available include bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

The special kinds of coverages that are available for the GEico Auto Insurance members are rental reimursement, mechanical breakdown insurance and also emergency road service.


One of the main benefits of using Geico Auto Insurance is that it offers full-fledged app with various features. The app is fast and effective solution with assists in many activities such as filing claims, making payments, searching insurance plans through website, tacking policy details along with roadside assistance with 24X7 support.

Along with having an app, Geico gives its customers – anew virtual assistant in the name of Kate. This additional feature is integrated into the apps to help you answering queries on particular policy along with general enquiry.

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Most of the auto insurance firms provides exciting offers to its customers. You can easily take advantage of these discounts by making bulk applications. Geico Auto Insurance gives discounts for for auto insurance for the whole family.

The other kinds of offers that Geico Auto Insurance provides to its customers are benefits for having safety equipment’s in your car. You can avail 40% discount if your car has airbags and another 25% if you keep anti-theft devices in your car. Experienced drivers with less traffic tickets can also get 26% discount.


GEICO Auto Insurance is one of the most trusted online car insurance provider in the auto insurance market. The company offers some of the cheapest and most affordable auto insurance quotes in the insurance industry.

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is Maryland based auto insurance firm which is one of the oldest in the market. The company was founded by Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife Lillian Goodwin in the year 1936.

Reach Geico Auto Insurance by: (650) 725-0692, (800) 207-7847


Along with providing the best apps, and offers to it users, GEICO Auto Insurance has the best benefits and advantages over its competitors for providing the best services in terms of customer satisfaction, useful app, best pricing, gap insurance, usage based insurance and many more options.

Features Geico Auto Insurance Other Company Auto Insurance
Customer Satisfaction
Useful App
Best Pricing
Gap Insurance
Usage Based Insurance


Along with GEICO Auto Insurance, there are many other Auto insurers that compete among each other to provide the best auto insurance service to their customers. Here is the list of alternative auto insurance firms that you can check.

  • Allstate Auto Insurance
  • Progressive Car Insurance
  • State Farm Auto Insurance
  • Esurance Car Insurance

Decide Now:

Geico Auto Insurance is among the top auto insurance firms in the country. Geico is also and old brand with trusted customer base. The company has modified itself into a top-class online auto insurance provider. It has top-notch app which also includes virtual-assistant features. After knowing about the different features and benefits of Geico Auto Insurance, it is for you to decide whether you want to avail auto insurance from Geico or any other auto insurance provider in the market.

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