how to claim motorcycle insurance after motorcycle accident


You are involved in an accident with your motorcycle and you have had physical injuries along with damage to your motorbike. Now, what the steps that you need to take other than having necessary first aid or having to visit clinic or hospital in case of any serious injuries? Those who have taken motorcycle insurance, do not know about the processes that needs to be undertaken in order to file for claims from your motorbike insurance company or to make any kind of deals with the other party who is at fault for the accident.

how to claim motorcycle insurance after motorcycle accident

Most people have questions about the steps to take in order to makes claim from insurance company after having accident. You need to follow the below guidelines strictly and make plans in order to approach you insurer and the ways to deal with third party.Below are the ways to file claim for Motorcycle insurance after getting accident

Call your Insurer

After you have taken care of yourself and done essential first aid treatment, you need to make sure to make an urgent call to the insurance company of your motorbike.

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible
  • Give information about any witness to your insurer
  • Provide insurer with incident number along with police details
  • It is always better to avoid telling about any of your fault as calls are recorded
  • Avoid giving details about property damage and physical injury from the accident spot

Give right Statement

It is always important to give right statements to your insurance company or media because these statements are always recorded and you can deny the given statements later.

  • Do not share any unnecessary information
  • Call made to insurer is safe though sometimes it is recorded
  • Record your statements after investigation is done on the accident
  • Provide information about the claims person to your insurance firm
  • It is not easy to understand the correct reason for accident before investigation

Property Damage Payment

There are several processes and rules that needs to be understood about the property damage or the damage caused to your motorbike by the insurer and they need to be thoroughly understood.

  • Insurer recommended mechanics tries to cheat you
  • Insurance company cannot force you to use their recommendation
  • Try to repair your motorcycle to good condition before using it
  • Tell your trusted mechanic to do the necessary repairs to get it back on track
  • Avoid repairing your bike by insurer recommendation only if you know personally

Physical Injuries Payment

It is always advised to the motorbike riders take precautionary measures at the time of driving in order to avoid any kind of physical injuries at the time of accident.

  • Big physical injuries results in paying for damages
  • Try to follow traffic rule in order to avoid accident
  • Small injuries includes reimbursement for medical bills
  • Must wear safety gadgets and clothes at time of riding motorcycles
  • Know about the kind of assistance that your motorcycle insurance carries for accident


You need to be sure about the laws and rules that defines subrogation which amounts to the reimbursement amount that the insurer for your motorcycle in case of any monetary deals with the other party.

  • Choose any motorcycle accident lawyer that you trust or have recommendations
  • Insurance company cannot take entire sum of money given to you by other party
  • Rules show that some amount form the deal can be asked by insurer as reimbursement
  • Motorcycle lawyers help you to get right claims from your motorcycle insurance company
  • Work together with your motorbike lawyer to extract maximum claims and deals in favour of yourself

Know whose fault

After accident takes place involving your motorcycle or yourself, it is very vital to know the reason and the person or organization who is at fault and has to bear the blame.

  • Insurance company deals with person who is at fault for accident
  • You are entitled to claims and coverage even though it is your own fault
  • It is better to admitting to your fault at time of making initial statement
  • Insurers generally faults the motorcyclist for accidents so do access properly
  • Consider consulting motorbike insurance lawyer if your damage is more that motorcycle insurance policy limits

Make Deals

You should be very careful at the time of making any kind of monetary deals when the other party offers you any cash to avoid involvement of any auto insurance company or cops.

  • Take help from motorcycle insurance lawyer and report to police
  • You cannot make multiple deals with the other party and also your insurer
  • Never sign any checks or document from other party and also insurer before knowing details
  • You ultimate goal for having claims is to get a favorable settlement from insurer and other party
  • Taking money from other party without informing cops or insurer can close your auto insurance policy

Now Your Turn:

So after, you have understood the different kinds of insurance tips and tricks and the types of different options that one can avail in terms of getting motorcycle insurance, it is always advised for all the motorcycle riders to always follow the traffic rules and ride very carefully in order to avoid any kinds of accident. Know enjoy riding and get the cheapest motorbike insurance.


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