safely driving tips for new drivers


If you are a young or young driver and you are touching the road for the primary time, there area unit bound dos and do nots that you simply ought to understand driving. Driving an automobile for the primary time could be a vital moment and can actually cause you to feel nervous. However, you will overcome this nervousness with none difficulties provided you follow bound safety tips.

safely driving tips for new drivers

Given below are some vital safe driving techniques that you must follow while driving.

1. Know your car completely

Before beginning along with your automobile, it is of primary importance that you simply become accustomed to the essential controls of the automobile as well as levers, switches, seatbelts, lights, pedals and blinker and their positions. Learning a way to brake and switch the automobile is of utmost significance. you’ll use Associate in Nursing empty automobile parking space to observe of these.

2. Always remain alert

While driving, the priority for any driver is to remain attentive. If there is an opening that your co-passenger might cause distractions, do not take him/her. during this sort of a state of affairs, it is wise that you simply drive alone. you have got to stay in mind that you simply area unit undergoing the educational method. Do not play loud music whereas you drive. It is higher to not use a telephone and keep it during a silent mode if carrying it is fully necessary for you. Do not drink alcohol before driving. Visibility is a crucial think about safe driving and you wish to stay your windows and lights clean to confirm higher visibility.

3. Drive car with best safety options

The safer the automobile is, the higher it’s for the young driver. Before driving it, you wish to form positive that it’s fitted with all the essential safety instrumentality and devices. Things that you simply ought to install in your vehicle embrace however don’t seem to be restricted to seatbelts, rear read mirrors, facet and front airbags, GPS, electronic stability management, antilock brakes, and head restraints. Fitting your automobile with these safety accessories also will assist you in lowering your payment.

4. Learn driving through education course

Now, this is often a really crucial step. observe makes good and since the speed of prevalence of automobile accidents among young drivers is sort of fearsome, it’s necessary for each young driver to avoid attainable road mishaps. The Drivers impotence Course should be approved with the involved Department of motorized vehicles in your state. These Driver’s schoolwork courses area unit obtainable on-line and you’ll additionally attend them personally. a number of them even give DMV allow check Online!

5. Drive less at night

Experiences tell United States of America that almost all automobile mishaps occur within the night and drivers concerned in these accidents area unit largely young drivers. Therefore, it’s invariably a considered step to not drive throughout the night. For making certain this, the fogeys ought to keep the keys of the automobile in their custody.

6. Do car insurance

There area unit insurance policies that are significantly tailored for young motorists. Usually, the speed of premium is above that of their older counterparts. However, if you will new car insurance firm that you simply have undergone a secure driving course, this may assist you scale back your premiums a little. you will get discounts if you’re an honest student furthermore. looking around invariably helps you discover low cost coverage.


So, there’s nothing to worry in driving a automobile for the primary time. If you recognize a way to drive your automobile sanely, you’ll invariably hold dear the driving expertise.

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