Top tips to Drive at Night

There are various things to always keep in mind while you are driving at night. You need to make sure all the traffic rules are followed very diligently. Given below are the Top tips to Drive at Night.

Top tips to Drive at Night

Should Reduce Speed

Use your headlights to help you gauge your distance and stopping time. If you can’t stop within the illuminated area you’re too close. Another way to gauge your distance is by using the 3-second rule as the vehicle in front of you passes a designated landmark along the road such as a tree, a construction barrel, etc., there should be at least a 3-second gap before you reach the same area. If it takes less than 3 seconds to catch up, slow down.

Must be seen on the Side

If you need to pull over, be sure you’re easily seen by other drivers. Carry reflective triangles, turn on your hazard lights, and even turn on your dome light to increase your chances of being seen. And remember that, the safest place to wait for help is inside your car.

Never be Distracted

Whether you’re texting, fiddling with the radio, or dining in your car, taking your attention off the road is dangerous. It’s not just the hefty fines that make distracted driving risky business. When you’re tired after a long day at work, your reaction times will be reduced. Taking your full attention off the road is a bad idea.

Always watch for Pedestrians

Walkers and joggers don’t always wear safety gear, and they can be incredibly difficult to see after dark. Always take extra time to watch for pedestrians, especially on poorly-lit roads. If you’re at an intersection, be sure to look both ways before you make your move to ensure no one is stepping off the curb.

Do check your Lights

You want to see and be seen without blinding other drivers, so make sure everything is aimed and working just right. And feel free to turn on your lights an hour before sundown; they may help other drivers see you coming. These are the ways to drive at night.

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