Tips for getting Classic Car Insurance


Classic or vintage cars along with new cars need car insurance to cover for the repair, damage and other factors. Most people do not know that the cost of insurance for classic cars can be much lower than other cars in the market. Several reasons that are responsible for the less price for classic car insurance are less chances for liability exposure for your car as the classic cars are mostly kept in auto showrooms and only driven for leisure purposes by the classic car owners.

Tips for getting Classic Car Insurance

Read the things that must be considered by the vintage auto owners when they need to take Auto Insurance for their old cars from car insurance carriers.

Do Car Valuation

One of the most difficult part of getting and old or classic car is to find the correct valuation for the vehicle. There are various factors that contributes to the actual price of the classic automobile.

  • Different Car Insurance Companies  have different methods for paying for classic car insurance
  • It is always advisable to find the correct valuation of the old car before going for classic car insurance
  • Many insurance companies only cover the actual value of the classic car and the deductible price ins payed by the owner
  • Other insurance firms sources the price which ends being less the real value and the owner end up paying more at the time of car damage
  • The best possible solution is both the classic car insurance seller and buyer reach an agreement on the correct pricing oi=of the classic car

Damage replacement Policy

The major concern for classic car owners are the less availability of classic car parts in the market. The process of finding am old car part is replacing is very-time consuming for the owner of classic cars.

  • Car insurance carriers must help the owners in paying for the expensive classic car parts
  • Take the help from classic auto insurance firms to reduce the time for classic vehicle repair
  • Most car insurance companies will help to reduce your burden for paying for the old car parts
  • Insurance providers for classic cars should assist in the process of damage car part replacement
  • Many classic car insurance provide the owners with the location of the classic car repair services

Cover for Classic Car appreciation

The advantage of keeping classic cars in your garage is that the valuation of old or vintage cars increases with time unlike the other cars whose amount of car valuation decreases from the date of manufacturing.

  • All classic car insurance policies should be reviewed every year
  • Every classic car owner should do correct appreciation of their vintage cars in every two or three years
  • The restoration process of classic cars is expensive and should be payed by the vintage car insurance companies
  • Always make sure at the time of classic car insurance application that the appreciation clause of the classic cars are considered
  • Classic car owners must ensure that the car insurance companies cover the present valuation of the car at the time of insurance

Know Driving Experience

The driving experience of the car owner or driver is considered by most classic car insurance companies at the time of providing insurance. Proper care and maintenance of the vehicle has to be taken by vintage car owners. Safe Driving  plays vital role while applying for Car Insurance. 

  • Most insurance companies covers for the maintenance cost for the classic car
  • The cost for vintage car repair and restoration is higher than other cars in the automobile market
  • The experience of the driver should be considered at the time of adding name of driver in the classic car insurance
  • The vintage car insurance company monitors that operation of the classic vehicle is done only by experienced persons
  • Many car insurance firms apply classic car insurance for vehicles with drivers having minimum five years driving experience

Lessons Learnt:

There are many points that need to taken into account at the time of applying for car insurance for vintage car owners. As the cost for maintenance and repair for old cars is higher, the old car appreciation clause and classic car damage part replacement and procurement should be covered by the classic car insurance carriers at the time of claiming insurance. Most of the insurance companies provides some requirements such as driver experience, driving season for providing car insurance for vintage cars. Also Check Car Insurance Apps for iPhone and Android .

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