Common Car buying mistakes to avoid in 2018

There are many mistakes that most auto buyers make at the time of getting new cars or exchanging their old car models for new automobiles. Read about the things that you should do in order to avoid buying your car.


Many first-time car  buyers make some very small and silly mistakes that costs them money along with paying more for car insurance. Most of the the auto buyers do not keep track about the new trends and policies that take place in the automobile world. Additionally, it is also vital to have some understanding of the car market and car buying techniques. It is also highly recommended to consider consulting auto buying experts to get the best and cheapest car rates. The top things that one must not do at the time of buying car are listed as skip car buying research, never compare car prices, take no test-drive, not consider car financing, opt for car dealership finance, consider monthly payment, do not check old car costs, improper understanding of Finance and Insurance (F&I) department, get auto dealership add-ons and avoid auto insurance.

Common Car buying mistakes to avoid in 2018

What are the most common mistakes that many new and old car buyers make ? Can you tell me about the top ten things that every automobile buyer must consider at car dealership? Check about the points that are discussed extensively in regard to the new and old car buyer blunders.

Skip Car buying Research

You must always do proper research and gain required knowledge before thinking of buying new or used cars. You should understand the different processes that are included in buying cars and also consider knowing about the legal activities required for getting a car.

  • Many automobile buyers skip car buying research
  • Always do proper research and gain required knowledge about cars
  • Know different processes of getting car
  • Consider understanding legal activities to get cars
  • Many information about car buying is found online

Never Compare Car Prices

Every new and old car buyer has many options available in the automobile market. Along with many car dealers, there are many online tools that are available in order to compare the prices as well as features of the car for you to make the right choice.

  • Most car buyers never compare car prices
  • Every automobile buyer has many options available
  • You can choose from many car dealers
  • Do also use many online tools
  • Help you to finalize your choice among many options

Take no Test-Drive

It is always recommended for new along with old car owners to always take test drive before paying money to buy the car. It is always important for the buyers to have knowledge about the cars also feel comfortable driving the automobile.

  • Many car buyers do not opt for test-drive
  • You must take test-drive for new as well as old cars
  • Do check you car while taking test-drive
  • Do have knowledge about car that you are buying
  • Always feel comfortable driving your car

Not consider Car Financing

The important task that every new and old automobile buyer should do at the time of buying cars is to check about the auto loans available. The auto loan rates also changes according to the car models that are bought..

  • Many people do not consider car financing
  • There are many car financing option that are available for auto buyers
  • Always check auto loan rates while buying cars
  • Remember that auto loan rates also changes according to car models
  • Know steps while getting pre-owned auto loans

Opt for Car Dealership Finance

Along with car loans, the car dealerships also provide car financing options to both new and old vehicle buyers. There are different kinds of car financing options that are provided by top car dealers in order to suits the car buyers needs.

  • It is not recommended to go for car dealership finance
  • Car dealership finance options are pricey
  • Auto dealership finances suits the car buyers needs
  • You must also consider car loans
  • Find cheap auto loan rates

Consider Monthly Payment

The new as well as old-car buyers always check the monthly payment options at the time of buying car. The emphasis of auto buyers should always be on the total price of the cars and not on the monthly payment charges to pay for getting the car.

  • You should not only consider monthly payments
  • Most car buyers put emphasis on monthly payment options
  • Always know about total price of the cars
  • Not recommended to disclose your desired monthly payment target with car dealers
  • You can always calculate your monthly payment costs

Do not check old Car Costs

The most silly mistake that old or pre-owned vehicle owners make at the time of selling their cars or exchanging them for new automobiles is not checking about the current prices of the old cars. There are many tools available to check approximate price of used cars.

  • Most people do not check old car costs
  • It is recommended to check old vehicle prices
  • You can also calculate car exchange rates
  • Many tools available to check old vehicle costs
  • Always calculate approximate price of used cars
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Finance and Insurance (F&I) Department

At the time of buying old and new cars from car dealerships, you need to visit Finance and Insurance (F&I) department office. You should also know about the documents that needs to be taken to the Finance and Insurance (F&I) department office for the officials to check.

  • Understand Finance and Insurance (F&I) department work
  • Know reasons to visit F&I office
  • Take assistance from F&I manager
  • Ask about documents that needs to be taken to F&I
  • F&I office checks all legal paperworks

Get Auto Dealership add-ons

Most of the auto dealerships in the country and worldwide opt for top new and used car deals that suits your finances and wishes. In addition to that, auto dealers also provide many add-ons along with the car which significantly increase automobile costs.

  • It is always better to avoid auto dealership add-ons
  • Most auto dealers also provide many add-ons
  • Know that dealership add-ons generally includes add-on services
  • Dealership add-ons cars significantly increase automobile costs
  • Service your car from any service center

Avoid Auto Insurance

You should always make sure that you do not ignore car insurance rates and policies when buying new and also pre-owned vehicles. The cost of your new car has direct relations to the auto insurance costs as higher prices of your automobile will also increase auto insurance costs.

  • Most people do not consider auto insurance deals
  • You should never ignore car insurance rates and policies
  • Cost of your new car has direct relations to auto insurance costs
  • Higher car prices also increase auto insurance costs.
  • Must take advice from auto insurance experts

Now Drive Along:

Thus, after reading about the main mistakes and blunders that many of the auto buyers are making while getting new and old cars. It is important to understand the negative factors of these practices at the time of buying automobiles. In addition to that, it is very vital to do proper research, compare and choose the best car deals that matches your budget and personal choices. One must always consider taking the right steps and practices at the time of buying pre-owned and new car as well as selling and exchanging old and used automobiles. Moreover, it is also recommended to have knowledge of car finances and also taking professional help if needed.

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