10 Best car maintenance apps for iPhone and Android

Do you want to monitor your vehicle? Have you any idea about the best car maintenance tools which are available? Do you feel like tracking your automobile when you are not driving it? Then, you have come to the right place as the team at Auto Insurance Invest has listed the best apps for maintaining and monitoring your vehicle.


Now, let us explain to you about the needs to monitor and maintain you car all the time. This tip will not keep your vehicle safe but also improve its performance in the long-term. Do note that, most cars and light trucks are equipped with on-board diagnostics. Moreover, do remember that, smart vehicle is able to optimize its performance to reduce fuel consumption.

10 Best car maintenance apps for iPhone and Android

The iPhone and Android apps which we will be taking about in this post are all popular and trusted applications. They are namely HobDrive, ScanMaster, EOBD Facile, inCarDoc Pro, Drivvo, Torque Pro OBD 2, OBD Auto Doctor, Carista OBD2, AutoZone and also myCARFAX.


The HobDrive is an intelligent Trip Computer and OBD2 diagnostic software. HobDrive uses your ELM327 adapter and GPS sensors to measure trip information. ELM327 including bluetooth and Wifi is recommended, but can use GPS only. Moreover, it supports supports OBD2 PIDs, manufacturer PIDS for Toyota, Toyota Prius, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota JDM and also Nissan.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • It is one of the best car diagnostics app
  • Helps in permanent tracking for engine codes
  • Also does MPG calculation and fuelings recording
  • Can track for suspicious fuel trims increase and overheat
  • Do use the vehicle sensors indexes





Plug ELM327 WIFI Scanner into vehicle’s OBD2 port and start the ignition for scannong your vehicle with ScanMaster. Do understand that, ScanMaster which is brought to you by Supersoft Inc. is an application for vehicle diagnostics to OBD-2 standards, communicates with an OBD2 / OBDII / ELM car interface device.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Is one of the preferred vehicle scanning tools
  • It is used to diagnose and clear error codes
  • Helps to display live data from your car
  • Also does monitor your various vehicle systems
  • This is ideal for cars having multiple ECUs




EOBD Facile

All you need to do is connect an OBD II device to port in your vehicle and start the application which will allow to diagnose a vehicle, turn off the indicator lights and see the car’s data in real time. The EOBD Facile application runs a diagnosis on your car with your smartphone or tablet and check the reason for your vehicle light is on.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get manufacturer-specific OBD2 error codes for top car brands
  • Helps to create records of your trips on your SD card
  • Tells whether your car is compatible with the E OBD/OBD2 standard
  • Is fast becoming a popular app
  • Also, you can view data from your vehicle in real time




InCarDoc Pro

InCarDoc provides users with support and answering questions about our application. In addition to that, the registered users can use our Forum to have dialogues, discussions and exchange their experience. Moreover, it connects to vehicle’s on-board diagnostic computer using OBD-II protocols via Bluetooth/Wifi adapters.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Helps to read and clean diagnostic trouble codes of your dashboard
  • Also get instant notifications about vehicle faults
  • Do not forget to use mapping car parameters results while driving
  • Have ability to create custom parameters combinations for monitoring
  • You can record parameters in background mode
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The Drivvo app is said to be an all-in-one kind of applications as it helps to keep track of your expenses for tax season along with tracking your fuel efficient and giving the best solutions. The app is loaded with a lot of features including repairs, maintenance, expenditures, miles driven, gas mileage, and more.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You get chance to track your fill ups and save cash
  • It also provides fuel efficiency statistics and management
  • Check different fuel units like US Gallons, Imperial gallons and liters
  • Can be called your ultimate fuel manager
  • Also get car maintenance records management with reminders




Torque Pro OBD 2

Do note that, Torque Pro shows a broad list of features and detectors supported, and the numerous widgets and plug-ins that use it as base, giving more of functionality. In addition to that, this application is a vehicle efficiency/diagnostics instrument that uses the OBD II Bluetooth adapter connected to OBD2 engine control/ECU.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You get automatically GPS tagged tweets
  • Have ability to have customized dashboard
  • Also provides fault codes history and fault code database
  • Do not forget to use HUD mode for night mode driving
  • Can be used for vehicle dock maintenance




OBD Auto Doctor

It is said to be one of the best OBD diagnostic application out there, The OBD Auto Doctor application allows to check and reset the sick codes. The app helps to interact with your vehicle’s OBD II system easily. In addition to that, the feature that it provides is that, you want to control car data in real time or turn off the check engine indicator.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get to choose imperial and metric units
  • Also have the ability to send diagnostics data via email
  • The app supports built-in DTC database with over 14000 alarm codes
  • Do change numerical or graphical view of OBD II sensor data
  • Have ability to view fuel consumption to save money
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Carista OBD2

You should use the Carista OBD2 app for the purpose of testing your vehicle for errors, and delete any existing faults of code and tests emission. Moreover, it is very important fore you to know that, if you do not have OBD adapter, you can enter the data by yourself. This applications helps in monitoring your vehicle’s viability and reports faults.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • It is necessary for you to use an OBD2 adapter for the app
  • Get access to electronic service tools for your car
  • Also enables you to clear any fault codes in vehicle
  • Provides oil and inspection service indicators for top brands
  • The app comes with in-app purchases





It is one of the best tools to have for drivers in terms of maintenance and support for your vehicle. Take the help from AutoZone’s advice and you can also browse the free vehicle repair guides with unlimited access. You can even view your AutoZone Rewards account or simply find your nearest AutoZone using the locator.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • One of the best car assistance tools
  • You can get a variety of car parts
  • All of the latest products are listed
  • Get to locate your nearest AutoZone store
  • Do not forget to use the vehicle repair guidelines





The myCARFAX application helps in the maintenance and repairs of your car. The application also provides enough features for your to better manage your vehicle and help to keep everything organized. In addition to that, the app alerts you when it is time for additional maintenance or even to renew your registration.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get to personalize your vehicle with a photo and nickname
  • Helps to track your gas mileage and calculate your fuel efficiency
  • Also find local auto repair shops in the CARFAX network
  • Do not forget to check alerts for upcoming service
  • Have chance of first knowing about open safety recalls


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Things to Remember:

So now, the applications will help you to have better idea about your vehicle and know about the ways to optimize to its fullest extent. Moreover, more and more corporations are finding out the best tools and apps in the industry which caters to the needs of vehicle owners in terms of including geolocation tracking and geo-positioning services. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that vehicle monitoring and maintenance applications can be customized based on the needs of the customers, which gives much more control to the drivers. These types of tools are perfect for industries like taxi and limousine services, general shipping, and the transportation of dangerous goods. So, the time has come for the readers to use the apps and share the feedback with us in the comments! In addition above we also discuss about the Car accessories that every car driver should buy to make drive more safely. 

Image Courtesy: Respective app company websites.

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