Motorcycle and Scooter sharing apps for Android and iPhone

Did you know about scooter and motorbike share riding? Many countries around the world including USA has begun to enter the motorcycle and scooter ride sharing business and the number of users is also increasing in a rapid rate. It is also important for you to know that more and more cities are being brought under the gambit of these ride sharing apps for mopeds, electric scooters and motorbikes. Auto Insurance Invest has list the name of the most popular motorcycle and scooter sharing apps worldwide.


Now, we are going to discuss in detail about the various applications which are being developed for the purpose of helping motorcycle and scooter riders to rent and share vehicles for quick and stress-free ride. However, in the earlier blog we have provided the ultimate listicle of car ride sharing apps, so do not forget to read it and come back here. In addition to that, the younger generation is also looking for tech-savvy ways to travels faster ad this type of transportation services seems to perfectly fit the bill. The apps which are mentioned in the blog below are eCooltra, Scoot, Go-Jek, Muving USA, Scoobi, Movo, Ioscoot, Coup, Grab and also Yugo.

Motorcycle and Scooter sharing apps for Android and iPhone

Why are the things that you should always remember before you opt for scooter and motorbike ride sharing and renting? What are the vital features that you should look for any kind of motorcycle and electric scooter sharing apps? I have been using car sharing applications for long but not much satisfied with the services, soc can you guys, tell about the list of some top-end electric moped and motorbike sharing and renting apps that I can go for? In order to know more, you are requested to go through the post.


The leader in the industry of motorcycle and electric scooter renting is eCooltra. They have also helped in growth of sale of the electric scooter models. However, you should also know that, the eCooltra fleet of vehicles consists of 2,000 electric scooters. The cities in the Europe which has their strong presence are Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Milan and also Lisbon.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Has the biggest share in the electric scooter and motorbike market
  • It boasts of a fleet of electric scooters around 2,000
  • Is known to assists in more sale of scooters which run on electric
  • Found in many top cities in Southern Europe
  • Known as an electric moped company





Scoot is slowly becoming of the most renowned players in the electric scooter renting and sharing market with its features and services. This US -based firm has made much popularity in the city of San Francisco and have recently expanded their business across to the Spain which has good market for electric scooter sharing.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • This company is based out of San Francisco
  • It was founded in the year 2012
  • Is known to use GenZe 2.0 electric scooters
  • The price of the service is around 30 cents per minute
  • According to estimation, scooters of Scoot have already crossed 5 million miles





Go-Jek is known as the scooter sharing and renting service which is also called as scooter taxi. This particular application offers to the customers, a variety of features which helps them to take the advantage of allied functions. The company which is valued to $2.5 billion and is always aiming to have rapid growth.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Along with bike sharing, it also gives food delivery and car sharing
  • Is known to have market value of around $2.5 billion
  • Falls in the category of scooter taxi booking applications
  • You can pay through their own payment system
  • It is aiming to expand itself to new markets




Muving USA

After its success in the European lands, Muving is expanding in to the US market with its Muving USA application. This company is based in Spain and known to rapidly growing their presence in different cities of the country. It is aimed to provide hassle be e-scooter riding experience to the users.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • There is no requirement of special e-scooter docking stations
  • You should ride it within the designated area of the city
  • The rate is only 35 cents for a minute
  • Do enjoy free service for 30 minutes for the new users
  • Is one of the many electric scooters sharing startups
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Another name that is gaining ground in the market of electric moped sharing programs is Scoobi. This firm is based in midwest based Pittsburgh. Moreover, you will be surprised to find useful instructional videos in order to help you understand the process in a much better manner. it is also favored for its user-friendly application.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Do note that Scoobi is based out of Pittsburgh
  • It aims to capture the area of midwest
  • The price range is about 25 cents per minute
  • Their business model includes rental and sharing of electric scooters
  • Is known for its easy mobile app





Movo is also a known name in the electric scooter sharing industry. The kind of kilometers range that is provide by this service is around 50. This application is based in the capital of Spain which is Madrid. The type of electric vehicles that is provides to the customers are to-end and can reach the speed of around 50 km per hour.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • The fleet range that is has is about 300
  • Electric mopeds can go upto 50 km in an hour speed
  • Madrid is the headquarters of Movo
  • You can ride the scooter with 50 kilometers range
  • Hopes to include other countries in near future





The next electric moped renting and sharing app is Ioscoot. You can opt for their service for the many unique features that are available. You will enjoy the benefit of not having to give extra charges for using their service and only pay the rental charges. Moreover, you do not have to wait for the scooter as you can book and ride it, right away.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You do not have to pay any additional fees
  • The major plus is that, there is no waiting time
  • Do have the option between standard and night slots
  • Always take advantage of this ecological travel facility
  • Try to book the electric bikes 15 minutes in advance
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The e-scooter marketing is really expanding in the lands of Europe and also other parts of the world. Do remember that, one of the biggest advantage that is provided by Coup is that, it is not necessary for the electric moped riders to have driving license. The application mainly provides service in the city of Berlin.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Do avail the service 24X7
  • There is no specific drop-off location of the scooter
  • Is easily found around the city of Berlin in Germany
  • Basic time to ride is around 30 minutes
  • You are no required to possess ant driving license





Grab is a name to reckon with in the scooter taxi market. It is vital for you to note that, it is also known to provide many additional functions to the customers which ranges from the food delivery and also car along with van sharing and renting services. The app was launched in 2012 but the bike taxi feature was included in 2014.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Is known to have capital around US$700 millions
  • The scooter riding features was added in the year 2014
  • It is known to provide smartphones to the riders
  • The app helps to integrate the logistic segment along with transportation
  • Called as one of the most successful startups





Yugo is being highly favored on the basis of positive reviews for the users. The scooter sharing business is also making huge strides because of the scooter insurance that is provides against any damages which is caused which needs to match with rental agreement. Along with providing the advantage of parking anywhere, you choose from various plans which are available.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Yugo is based in the city of Barcelona
  • It is known to be provide insurance services
  • Avail the feature of parking anywhere
  • Choose from the many favorable plans
  • Is part of the scooter sharing business


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Things to Remember:

So now, the names of these many apps which are being made for the purpose of making motorbike and scooter riding more easy. In addition to that, coupled by convenience, scooter and motorcycle ride helps you to save much more fuel that the cars. Moreover, these share riding facilities helps to spend less time in traffic and is also considered to be ideal for those who are visiting another place for reasons which can be related to work and leisure. This special type of service which rents you vehicles such as motorcycle s and scooters also very useful for students and the millennials population. Thus, the time has come for the interested riders to try out the services and applications and share their valuable feedback with us in the comments section below!

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