reasons why you must buy Electric Cars (EVs) in 2018


Learn the best tips to get electric or EVs in the year 2018. The different things that you should consider at the time of buying your first electric vehicles are know charging options, learn about battery, have maintenance costs, things about range, cold weather performance, home charging facility, better driving experience, EVs are cheap, EVs are eco-friendly and better than gas cars. You should always take into consideration, the given points before deciding to finalizing your EV.

reasons why you must buy Electric Cars (EVs) in 2018

Why are the vital reasons for you to consider buying a used electric car? What the main reasons for electric vehicles are becoming popular? What the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars? Given is the answer to the above questions which helps you to find solution regarding the best tips and reasons to buy electric vehicles .

Know Charging Options

In the next coming times, there are a number of local or regional charging networks. There are at many major national charging networks which are available around the world. Some of the charging stations in the world are free to use with the onset of new electric vehicles industry worldwide.

  • New electric vehicles are increasing
  • There are more charging options
  • Local or regional charging networks are growing
  • Some charging stations are free to use
  • This is time to buy cheap EVs

Learn about Battery

Most of the electric cars generally use variant of lithium battery technology which is similar to your laptop, tablet or smartphone’s battery. The only disadvantage of electric cars is that of the expensive batteries.

  • EVs generally use lithium battery
  • Lithium battery is used in laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • Electric cars have expensive batteries
  • Lithium battery technology is growing
  • Expensive batteries is one of disadvantages

Have Maintenance Costs

It is important to know for the car buyers is that electric cars are simpler than their traditional counterparts. The other advantage being that it makes them cheaper and simpler to run in the long terms.

  • Electric cars are far more simpler
  • It is cheaper and simpler in the long terms
  • You should now buy electric cars
  • Battery technology is expensive
  • Use battery leasing schemes

Things about Range

There are lot of talks regarding electric car range in the EVs market. The range of an electric cars varies due to various reasons such as batteries and also the weather conditions in which the car is driven.

  • Have knowledge about EVs range
  • EVs range depends on various factors
  • Buy an EV with more range
  • Range of Ev decreases in cold conditions
  • Take more care of battery in harsh climate

Cold Weather Performance

In the earlier point, we have discussed that the cold weather sometimes impacts the performance and battery conditions of the car. So, for such reasons, you should have proper knowledge for riding and maintaining EVs in winter times.You also be well aware of how to drive safe in Winter.

  • Rightly maintain EVs in winter times
  • Know to drive EVs in cold weather
  • Try to improve car performance in winter conditions
  • Cold weather hampers EVs performance
  • Always store EVS in warm garage

Home Charging facility

One of the vital advantages of using electric vehicles or EVs in the present imes is the options of having a charging point in your home only. These not only helps in cost cuttings but also saves a lot of time for car users

  • Some electric vehicles have home charging option
  • Do install car home charging unit
  • It always helps to save time
  • You must need a home garage to charge
  • Remember that garage or off street parking is not useful in this case

Better Driving Experience

It is very important for you to know that there are some kinds of electric cars or EVs which can travel hundreds of miles. In addition to that, there are talks of a record being of an electric car going 452 miles on a single charge.

  • EVs gives better driving experience
  • EVS are gives a mode of relaxed drive
  • Pure-electric cars are quite and effective
  • It is altogether different driving experience
  • Electric cars have less machinery than gas cars

EVs are Cheap

The main advantage of buying electric cars or EVs now is that EVs are cheap. In addition to that, you should remember that electric cars drives on battery charges so you can save on increasing fuel prices.

  • You can save on increasing fuel prices
  • Remember that electric car batteries are a bit pricey
  • It is because of high-tech electric car battery technology
  • Allover, prices of EVs are cheap in present days
  • Must buy EVs with high range

EVs are eco-friendly

The other main advantage of using electric vehicles is that it has little positive environmental impact. In addition, it is to be remembered that conventional combustion cars are around three times more expensive to fuel.

  • Remember that EVs are eco-friendly
  • It has positive impact on environment
  • CO2 output is less
  • It improves air quality
  • You can also use solar energy

Better than gas Cars

After looking at the various kinds of parameters that counts on the affordability and effectiveness of a car, it is clearly found that EVs or electric vehicles are better that traditional gas cars in the longer run.

  • EVs are better than gas cars
  • Fuels crises are always on rise
  • EVs are totally environment-friendly
  • EVs generally last longer than gas cars
  • EVs are allover cheaper than gas cars

Go for electric:

There are always looming talks that whether new technology will fade away but it should be unlikely for electric cars or EVs to go downside given the bright prospects and the dangerous environment threats with pollution and environmental degradation. So the choice to go electric, or not go electric is the million dollar question to be answered. The tide is clearly in the favor of electric cars or EVs thought there are skeptics about high cost, limited range, performance issues and long charge time for electric cars. The final verdict comes as- lets go for electric.

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