10 Best Road trip planner apps for iPhone and Android

Are you planning for a road trip? Do you love going for long drives in vehicles? What are the things that you need during your road trip? The team at Auto Insurance Invest will be guiding the road trip lovers with the list of applications that they should start using in their next trip.


Now, it is time to talk about the apps that you must have for making your road trip more safe and also enjoyable at the same time. Along with that, you must be aware about the given apps which are picked are trustworthy, so you need not have to worry at all. The names of the applications are MileIQ, Hotels.com, Roadtrippers, OpenTable, GasBuddy, PackPoint, Toilet Finder, ParkMe Parking, iExit and also Tollsmart. Moreover, it is vital for all the road trip enthusiasts to understand that, all the activities which are considered to be necessary for road trip planning are solved with the help of these apps.

10 Best Road trip planner apps for iPhone and Android

What are the most useful applications that you must download before beginning your road trip? Are you aware of the different problems that you may be facing during the course of your road trip? Below we are trying to list the Road Trip Planning apps for Android and iPhone users. In order to know about right apps which are needed for this particular purpose, do read the blog till the end.


The first app that is part of the road trip app collection is MileIQ. One of the important things to understand is that, for various purposes, you need to know about the mileage that is available in your vehicle for the preparation of road trip. Moreover, it uses motion sensors as well as GPS tools.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get map information
  • Check business records
  • Free tier offers around forty free trips monthly
  • Required for taxation needs
  • It is free with in-app purchase offers





The second application that is mentioned in the list is Hotels.com. This particular app is there to help you with the problem of booking hotels while you are on the move. Along with finding the best hotels, you can also check out the added amenities which are available at these places for choosing your place to stay. Also Read Learn about Motorbike road trips

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Look at hotel rooms
  • Compare hotel prices
  • Get one free night for ten nights
  • Have easy booking features
  • This specific app is free to use





The third name that is listed in the road trip app is Roadtrippers. This is considered to be essential for the purpose of planning your road trip as it helps to make your itinerary in a very easy manner. In addition to that, you can also add new places to your road trip route in a much quick manner.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have offline maps
  • Routes of other countries including USA
  • Plot upto 7 waypoints
  • Help from pre-made trip guides
  • App is free with in-app purchases offer





The fourth name is the list of road trip applications is OpenTable. It is vital for you to know that, this particular app is said to be one of the best app out there, in terms of foods applications which are based on location. Also, you also get to have personalized recommendations which are based on the preferences that you choose.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Enjoy high-quality menu images
  • Also have customizations choices
  • It is usually preferred for being quick as well as hassle-free
  • Known to be location-based food app
  • OpenTable app is available for free





The fifth app that is part of the road trip list is GasBuddy. The main purpose of this application is to help the driver or car owner to find the nearest gas stations while driving. Furthermore, you can search for cheaper options as well as filter gas along with related amenities which includes restaurants, car washes and bathrooms.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have gas payment feature
  • Help you to save money on gas
  • Do not forget to add your vehicle to GasBuddy application
  • Also, get upto-date process
  • GasBuddy app is available for free





The sixth application which is included in this list is PackPoint. It is important for you to make sure that you are carrying all the important things at the time of going for road trip. It helps you to guide about the trip according to the length of it along with the weather conditions of the particular place that you are visiting.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have easy interface
  • Help to list items
  • Export list to EverNote
  • Also has customizable menu options
  • The app is around $3.89 in Google Play store and around $2.99 in Apple app store




Toilet Finder

The seventh app which is included in the list for road trips is Toilet Finder. A very vital things that you must need to be aware of during road trip is finding toilets and restrooms. Along with that, do remember that, this application helps to find from database of paid and public ones.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Access when offline
  • Choose from paid or free ones
  • Does use location sensors
  • Find ones with handicapped access
  • This particular application is available for free




ParkMe Parking

The eighth application that is part of the road planning apps list is ParkMe. It is vital for you to remember the fact that, this particular application is an award-winning one. Along with that, you must keep in mind that, the database for this specific app is known to be of more than five hundred cities across the globe.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • It claims to have largest parking database in world
  • Helps to purchase parking spot directly
  • Get to compare parking options
  • Ensures you best deal
  • ParkMe app is free to use





The second last application that is mentioned in this list is iExit. One of the major problems that travelers face which taking road trips is deciding the places that they should consider for making pit stops. The app is said to provide suggestions to the users about places to stop along highway.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Know about next 100 exits from location
  • Information about parking and free Wi-Fi
  • Do get gas prices
  • Useful for bathroom breaks
  • This app is free to use





The very last app in the list of road planning application is Tollsmart. it is a true fact that, it is quite difficult to count the costs of different tolls for roadways, tunnels along with bridges which is part of your total journey. In addition to that, you can also make profile of various types of vehicles.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Create profiles of cars
  • Look at tool prices
  • Use TollTracker system
  • Also includes system such as E-ZPass
  • TollSmart is free along with having in-app purchases option




Things to Remember:

So now, after getting to know about the various kinds of apps and also learning about their features, it is time for the readers to pick the one that is best suited to their needs. Along with that, in the previous blog, we have mentioned in detail about the tips to follow for ensuring longevity of your car. Do not forget to read the blogpost thoroughly before returning to this specific section for finding about more news related to keeping the car in better condition. Thus, the time has arrived for the road trip lovers to share their important feedback after using the applications and the benefits that they have enjoyed in the below comments section without any fail!

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