Safe Motorbike Riding tips for Women in 2018


The number of women motorcycle riders are increasing continuously in the last few years. Learn about the best trends that are being followed by motorcycle riders. After buying your favorite motorcycle and taking proper motorcycle insurance in order to ensure safety for yourself and the bike, you should read the below pointers that every girl who wish to ride a motorcycle should be following.

Safe Motorbike Riding tips for Women in 2018

Which are the tips that short riders should be aware of? How can women rider and short riders learn the way to ride motorcycle? How can short riders ride tall motorbikes? Learn about the best bike riding tips that any short rider or women rider should be using for riding motorbike safely.

Check Motorbike Engine

It is always to do proper checkup for the motorcycle before you are riding it. This practice helps you to know about any irregularity in the motorbike as gives you time to make it right.

  • Do proper maintenance
  • Assists in avoiding accidents
  • Always check motorbike engine
  • Know more about your motorbike
  • Helps to check any irregularity

Motorcycles for Women

Women are riding motorbikes more than ever. All the top motorcycle brands are coming up with motorbike models to suit the women population. There are some kind of motorcycles which are more popular among girls.

  • Get motorbikes for short riders
  • Light motorbikes are ideal for girls
  • More and more women are riding motorbikes
  • Some motorcycle brands are favored by women
  • There are lists of motorcycles which are popular among women

Get custom Motorcycle

It is a very good practice to use custom motorcycles as they share much of the appeal that comes with a custom bike and many of the benefits of a factory production motorcycle.

  • It appeals to passionate bikers
  • Enhances your riding experiences
  • Try to get customized motorcycle
  • Make your motorbike to suit your needs
  • Search for best custom motorcycle shops
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Follow traffic Rules

It is very important to check the traffic rules. Do not rely on the traffic around you to look out for you and it is always on your part to avoid riding with helmets or not following any traffic rules. It is always recommended to follow traffic rule to stay safe while driving motorcycle.

  • Must wear helmets
  • Do not get traffic tickets
  • Always follow traffic rules
  • Know traffic laws for different states
  • Should know whether pillion riding is allowed

Ride in tough Conditions

You should always learn to ride your bike in the most tough conditions. In addition, when you are preparing to go for a ride, check the weather whether there is heavy rain, snow or ice. You must learn to ride in different weather conditions.

  • Try to practice riding more
  • It makes you a better rider
  • Do learn riding in adverse weather
  • Know about riding in rain, ice and snow
  • Always recommended to avoid riding in tough conditions

Must wear Helmet

It is to be always remembered that the most important thing you can do to stay safe on a motorcycle is wear a helmet. Helmets protect your head, and head injuries are the leading cause of motorcycle accidents.

  • You must wear helmet
  • It gives more protection
  • Always buy strong helmets
  • Saves you from head accidents
  • Remember that helmets protect your head

Motorcycle clothes for Girls

There are different kind of motorbike outfits that are available for the girls. The motorcycle gear includes boots, eyewear, gloves, pants and race suits.

  • Buy good motorbike boots
  • Always but good motorbike gears
  • Buy motorcycle clothes for girls
  • You should try good motorcycle race suits
  • Make sure the motorbike clothing should fit right

Motorcycle Safety Laws

You should know that motorcycle drivers must obey all the same traffic laws as other motor vehicles on the roadways. In addition, you should also know the traffic rules of different states that you are riding in.

  • Must avoid overtaking
  • Always use protective gear
  • You should know traffic laws
  • Also include security gadgets
  • Learn laws for different states
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Do Motorcycle Maintenance

The main thing that most motorcycle riders should be doing in order to get proper motorbike maintenance is to get the right tools. In addition, if you are lacking mechanical confidence, take help from motorcycle mechanics.

  • Use right tools
  • Take help from mechanic
  • Always do motorcycle maintenance
  • Know to use tools for maintenance
  • Helps to have long life for motorbike

Learn riding Properly

You should always try to buy platform kind of shoes, when you are women rider or short rider. The other most important thing that needs to be taken care is that, you must feel the brake, gear and clutch levers.

  • Take right training
  • Do follow traffic rules
  • Avoid having traffic tickets
  • Always learn riding properly
  • Ride in tough weather conditions

Now Ride Along:

After you have learnt about the things that all motorcycle riders should be doing in order to ride their motorbike, you should always keep in mind that road safety is very important for motorbike riders. If you get accident then you should be aware of Motorcycle Insurance Companies to get maximum coverage. The statistics shows that, there are cases of motorcycle accidents happening across the country and world, which needs to be addressed in a very careful and serious manner. So, women motorbike riders, get you gear and ride along!

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