Motorbike riding tips for Short Riders


I am 5’3” but I had always wished to ride motorcycle. This are the kind of questions that short-sided riders always ask, when the question arises of riding motorbikes and tall motorcycles. After buying your favorite motorbike and getting motorcycle insurance , you always have wished to ride your motorbike safely on the streets and enjoy the experience of riding motorbikes.

Motorbike riding tips for Short Riders

Which are the tips that short riders should be aware of? How can women rider and short riders learn the way to ride motorcycle? How can short riders ride tall motorbikes? Learn about the best bike riding tips that any short rider or women rider should be using for riding motorbike safely.

Buy short Bike

The best tips that short height-ed bikers can get is that of buying a short motorcycle in order to ride safely. It also ensures that ride your motorbike with height comfort level as height does not proof to be a hindrance.

  • Get bike with lower suspension
  • Always avoid tall motorcycles
  • Check suspension sag for motorbike
  • Take help from motorcycle mechanics
  • Test ride motorbike to check any height issues

Get lower Seat

Though, your motorcycle mechanic can lower your motorcycle seat but you can also learn about the ways in which, you can easily lower any kind of motorbike for riding easily, even if are a short individual.

  • You can shorten rear shock
  • Women generally prefer lower seats
  • It is important to do suspension setup
  • This trend improves seat comfort level
  • You can also lean over motorbike and balance it

Use Suspension Adjustments

It is always better to have suspension adjustments before even buying the motorbike, as the work is done by professionals who are more aware of the elements of the motorcycle and it always works better.

  • It helps you to give more sag
  • It affects cornering clearance
  • This option is not always recommended
  • You can also opt for low-profile tires
  • You need to be more careful about shock compression
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Learn about side Stand

You should know the advantages of side stand, more so, if you are a short rider or women riders. Most women riders prefer to ride the bike with the side stand down thought it can break without proper balance.

  • Try to sue suspension sag
  • Never put pressure on the legs
  • Try always to put weight on seat
  • Always touch your feet on ground
  • Practice the ways that is best suited to your style

Get on right Way

The first riding lesson that every short riders or specially women motorbike riders is of getting on the bike in order to ride in the right manner. This needs to be practiced in order to make it right.

  • Try to follow pushbike techniques
  • It is illegal according to police norms
  • Always practice getting on correct manner
  • Remember that control laws have been adjusted
  • Must have full control of motorcycle while getting on

Ride it Well

It is very important to know that, the primary things that most riders should know geting riding any kind of motorcycle, is to learn about the best riding techniques. So, you should first learn riding.

  • Always be aware of traffic rules
  • Learn to ride your motorbike safely
  • Try to ride in all kind of terrains
  • Try to keep comfortable riding height
  • Practice till you have confidence in riding

Have platform Shoes

You should always try to buy platform kind of shoes, when you are women rider or short rider. The other most important thing that needs to be taken care is that, you must feel the brake, gear and clutch levers.

  • Never use high heel shoes
  • Must buy high-platform shoes
  • It helps to give more control
  • You can also use platform soles
  • Shoes must have front-thick section

Now Ride Along:

These are the tips that every women rider and short motorcycle rider should be following strictly in order to riding with out any problem of height. The Bike riding safety tips are more important on the roads. These tips are quite easy to follow and it hugely makes difference to the riding experience for women or short riders. So, short riders and women riders are riding along!

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