best car insurance apps for android


When you are buying car insurance, it is also necessary for the vehicle owners to buy insurance for the car. In addition to that, with the app market just booming all around the internet, all the top car insurers are coming up with their version of app. Moreover, it is important for you to note that, there has been a rise of apps which are being made for the Google play store. Furthermore, there are more Android users who can start downloading these apps and enjoy the benefits of auto insurance in their fingertips. The apps which are listed below are Esurance App, Cover App, GEICO App, State Farm App, Cuvva App, Root App, Allstate App and also Progressive App.

best car insurance apps for android

The readers will learn about the top car insurance applications which can be found in Android smartphones. These insurance apps are trusted and are popular among people in the country and also worldwide. Let us start with the Android auto insurance apps.

Esurance appEsurance App

This auto insurance has modified over the time. The Esurance Mobile is now better than ever. Updated with a sleeker, more intuitive design, the insurance app received much accolades for its usability in the fast-paced, modern world you are living in.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • You can log in using fingerprint scan
  • Do use roadside & accident help
  • The app boasts of user-friendly navigation
  • Do not forget the helpful policy info pages
  • Must always check your coverages

esurance auto Insurance App



Cover auto insurance app for iPhoneCover App

Do remeber that the Cover App makes saving money on insurance easy. Take the confusion out of shopping for your car, home, pet, and renters insurance. It search dozens of insurers to find you the best rates and coverage. The insurance advisors are available to help you save time and money.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • The smart camera technology helps create your quote
  • You have a plethora of policies to choose from
  • Do not forget to call an agent if needed
  • Chance to save money off your bill
  • The insurance advisors are just a call away

cover auto insurance app for iPhone



GEICO app best car insurance app for iPhoneGEICO App

It is important to note that, GEICO Mobile car insurance Android application ans they are here to provide something more that just just car insurance. It also, includes many tools that allow you to manage your insurance needs with ease even before you are a GEICO customer.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Do use the Digital identity cards
  • Stay informed about your repair while saving time
  • Submit claim for repair for vehicle
  • Access all your GEICO insurance policies on the go
  • Do not forget to support service

geico Car Insurance App for iPhone and Android



State Farm app car insurance appState Farm App

With the State Farm mobile app, you can manage your insurance and banking accounts, request roadside assistance, file and track claims, and much more. In addition to that, do not forget to check your account balance and view transaction history.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • View and manage your insurance policies
  • Quickly pay your insurance bill with Android Pay
  • View your insurance policies and coverage details
  • Get assistance with tire changes, stuck vehicles
  • Can also search for repair facilities

state farm most popular auto insurance app



Cuvva car insurance app for iPhoneCuvva App

All you need to do is download, create an account and enter the number plate of the car you want to insure. Then choose how many hours you want to be insured for, pay and go. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up, once done you can get insured on-demand in less than 30 seconds. The flexible insurance allows you to pay as you drive, putting you in control.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • It provides temporary car insurance
  • Is a pay-as-you-go auto insurance app
  • Have ability to have insurance on borrowed vehicle
  • Do also recommend it to a friend
  • Can enjoy learner driver insurance

cuvva car insurance app for iPhone



Root car insurance app for iPhoneRoot App

One of the highly beneficial apps for drivers, do try out the Root car insurance application. Moreover, you should remember that, this app is continuously getting upgraded and it is not not yet available all over the country and start using it while driving.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Saves money for good drivers
  • Ideal to use it while driving
  • One of the upcoming car insurance apps
  • It helps to better your credit score
  • Uses the artificial intelligence feature

root car insurance app for iPhone



allstate app car insurance appAllstate App

Allstate is a known name in the USA insurance industry. They have come up with a car insurance policy for car buyers. The Allstate car insurance mobile app has come with unique features that makes it sound from others such as controlling the battery life of the vehicle.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • This app comes with GPS feature
  • You can earn rewards for driving safely
  • Do find gas stations nearby
  • Know auto coverage details
  • Must use the My Agent feature

allstate auto insurance app



Progressive appProgressive App

The Progressive car insurance is one of the most popular auto insurance app where you can view coverages, discounts, identity cards, documents. In addition to that, do note that you can pay your bill by credit card, debit card, or checking account along with add photos to your claim.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • You can easily make a change in policy
  • Have the chance to add photos to claims
  • Do get in touch with a Progressive agent
  • Check all necessary policy details
  • Do not forget to use roadside assistance

progressive App



Things to Remember:

So now, you have better understanding of which apps to go for. In the above post, we have mentioned about the benefits of each apps and the reasons to use it for the users. The car insurance industry in USA is increasing and new players are entering the market to challenge the old ones. Along with other industries, the insurance market has hugely transformed with the application of information technology. For that very purpose, people are more involved in the regular insurance readings and can track the changes through the use of the applications. Thus, the time has come for the insurance buyers to use the app of their choice and give their feedback on the same in the below comment section!

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