car buying apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone wants to make the car buying process much more easier. All the top automobile buying companies have come up with their official apps which helps to check, sort and choose among the best options that are available to both new and old car buyers and sellers.


Most car buyers and sellers face many difficulties in their tasks and it is very time consuming and not always organized. To make things less complex and faster for the present generation, all the top car selling firms in the country and also abroad are coming yup their online version in the fort of apps. You can complete the entire procedure in a moment of only few minutes. We have curated the list after finding about the most to-rated along with used app in the automobile industry. We have included top players in the market and new names which are making waves. The apps which we have talked about can be used by both iPhone and Android user, alike.

car buying apps for iPhone and Android

What are the best car buying apps that one can use right now? Can you give me a list of online apps that you help in selling my old car and also buying a new vehicle? The AutoinsuranceInvest team has curated a complete list of the most trusted and popular auto buying and selling apps that you can use in 2018.

Instamotor app car buying appInstamotor

Have you heard of Craigslist? Then, it is very simple as Instamotor is noting abut a Craigslist version for selling and buying cars in the auto world. The buyers can directly deal with sellers and there are less chances of scams as there is direct dealing.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is only available in few cities
  • Also helps to calculate auto loans
  • You need to haggle for cheap car prices
  • Do not forget to get frauds checkup for free
  • Can be ideal for Criaglist users

Instamotor Car buying App for iPhone and Android



TrueCar app car buying appTrueCar

Do use the TrueCar app to take help from the scanning features that gives instant information about all the authorized dealers who are associated with the app. Along with getting price breakdown, you can also learn about the incentives and discounts which are offered by dealerships.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is ideal for getting cheap car buying deals
  • Also take help of price scammer
  • Has many top dealerships partnered with this app
  • Do not forget to check price breakdown details
  • Car dealership discounts and incentives can be also be availed

TrueCar Car buying App for iPhone and Android




Edmunds car buying App

Edmunds is preferred by car buyers and sellers in the country for its car price calculation tool which gives am complete information and analysis of the different price details which are needed by mostly customers. Do not forget to check their helps section.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Has one of best auto mobile cost calculation tool
  • Gives detailed information about listed cars
  • Also get in touch through help section
  • Does also give a complete breakdown of the prices shown
  • Can directly interact with car experts

Edmunds Car buying App for iPhone and Android



CarMax car buying AppCarMax

CarMax is considered the most popular and the most downloaded car buying and selling app in America. With a database of around 40,000 cars, you can get all the features that you need for the process such as payment options, report of vehicles, and also reviews from car experts and mechanics.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is most used app in car buying selling market
  • Has inventory of more than 40,000 cars
  • Contain needed information of all CarMax dealership
  • Helps you to choose by giving expert guidance
  • Also lets you compare you to 10 vehicles

CarMax Car buying App for iPhone and Android car buying is the ultimate to find for those want to know about the best car dealerships to places which are near you. You can also get use the Lot feature which helps to compare among the top dealerships in order to help you finds the best cars and motorcycles on the go.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Have very good user-experience for app users
  • Can find complete information about auto dealerships
  • Helps to compare among many dealership options
  • Always use Lot tool
  • Do not forget to check any orders which are available in your locality Car buying App for iPhone and Android



Autotrader car buying appAutotrader

Autotrader is a reputed name in the automobile dealership industry. You can also get a car report for free along with choices to choose form only certified pre-owned vehicles. They do a complete checkup for the vehicles listed in their app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Deals with certified pre-owned vehicles
  • Gives a complete free report on automobiles
  • Does thorough back checking of listed car
  • App is ideal to contact the private car sellers
  • Share information about cars with family and friends

Autotrader Car buying App for iPhone and Android



Autolist car buying appAutolist

Autolist have a very easy-to-use interface in their app, as you can enjoy searching from high-definition (HD) images of cars to buy. It is offers notifications of price details and also check the Buyer Intelligence tools which must be checked for best clear deals near your place.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Have best HD pictures of displayed cars
  • Do use Buyer Intelligence feature
  • Helps to get best price for vehicle that you are selling
  • Remind of any changes in price of vehicles that you selected
  • Boasts of a big inventory of cars

Autolist Car buying App for iPhone and Android



Blinker car buying appBlinker

Blinker is a photo scanning and uploading app that helps you in the entire process of buying and selling automobiles. As, the name of the apps suggests, Blinkers helps you just a take picture of the vehicle in order to get the car buying or selling process started.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Do not forget the check daily car rate
  • Helps to also get car loan instantly
  • Provides all car information that you need
  • Also get assistance in car insurance options
  • Assists in directly connecting car buyers and sellers

Blinker Car buying App for iPhone and Android



Kelley Blue Book car buying appKelley Blue Book

As the logo shows, Kelley Blue Book Kelley Blue Book is a trusted name in the automobile industry. You can get almost the best guidance that anyone may need with no knowledge to become a expert in dealing with automobiles. It has all resources from articles, videos and expert helps.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is a trusted name in car world
  • Do visit their website online
  • Have all information needed about car buy and sell
  • Take help from videos and articles
  • Can also help to find car dealerships near your place

Kelley Blue Book Car buying App for iPhone and Android



AutoGravity car buying appAutoGravity

AutoGravity is much-in-demand on the automobile market for the features that they are offering the app. You can get the result of car dealerships which is near your place and also go for further car financing options with the best offers and rates in the market.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Get option to lease cars
  • Have price calculation feature
  • You can get helps about car loans
  • Check from a large list of verified vehicles
  • This app is available for free

AutoGravity Car buying App for iPhone and Android



Now You Choose:

So, you have known about the top-class apps which you can use for the activities that you need in terms of buying and selling vehicles. All the apps which are discussed in the post are tries and tested and have been used by a legion of customer s in the country and worldwide. The different activities that you can do through these apps are searching for cars to buy and sell, compare among the different car options that are available and finally calculating the price and making the best bargain for selecting the ideal car of choice. The list of apps which are shown in the list are Instamotor, TrueCar, Edmunds, CarMax,, Autotrader, Autolist, Blinker, Kelley Blue Book and also AutoGravity. So, the entire process of getting and selling vehicles can also be available in your fingertips.

Image Courtesy: Respective Car Company Websites

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