10 Best Estate Cars to buy in 2019

Have you ever driven station wagons? Do you know about the major advantages of buying station wagon for yourself and family? If you do not the know the answers to the given questions, do not worry as Auto Insurance Invest will be providing the automobile lovers with the details that need to know about this kind of cars.


Now, we will be taking about this specific type of vehicles known as estate cars. If you are looking for a kind of vehicle which will be serving multiple purposes, then you should definitely go for stations wagons also sport wagons. Moreover, it is important to understand that station wagons were considered the kings of practicality and usefulness. All the top car manufacturing brands from across the world does built their own version of station wagons. They are namely Skoda Fabia, Subaru Outback, Peugeot 308, Ford Mondeo, Volvo V90, Mazda 6, Audi Allroad, Fiat 500L, BMW 5 Series and also Holden Commodore.

10 Best Estate Cars to buy in 2019

These are some of the questions which are generally asked by the buyers in relation to estate vehicles. What are the most vital things to always keep in mind while going for you own station wagon? What are the major characteristics in a car that makes it fall under this specific car category? To find more answers, you are suggested to read the article till the end.

Skoda Fabia

Considering that you are looking for a small-sized wagon, then Skoda Fabia seems to fit the bill just right. This particular vehicle does provide a good economy and also has boot space which varies from 505L of space to around 1370L, thus having good space after looking at the vehicle overall size.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • Fabia One is brought to you by Skoda
  • Space for boot is from 505L to 1370L
  • Takes 9.6 seconds to reach 62 mph
  • Known to use radar sensor technology
  • It is said to be small-sized estate car

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is known to have many varities in terms of car roofs and the modifications in this particular car model results in taller as well as wider vehicles. This specidic car has the option of all-wheel drive which is essential along with being equipped with 2.5L 155 hp EJ25 engine.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • Outback is brought to you by automaker Subaru
  • It does provide all-wheel drive option
  • The car has 2.5L 155 hp EJ25 engine
  • Upgradations results in wider and taller car models
  • Vehicle is available in different roof variants

Peugeot 308

This French-made vehicle is preferred for its minimalist interior and chic styling. The Peugeot 308 wagon is available with a turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel engine. The latest model has the all-new EMP2 platform having boot space of 625L with the rear bench upright, or 1740L when they are bowed.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • 308 wagon is brought from Peugeot brand
  • It is powered by 2.0 liter diesel engine
  • Provides boot space from 625L to 1740L
  • Interior is considered chic and minimalist
  • The latest model has the new EMP2 platform

Ford Mondeo

The many characteristics which are found in this specific car are dictionary of driver assistance aids along with giving panoramic sunroof. Ford Mondeo is liked for its design and the elegant European styling that makes it unique. Along with that, it does provide enough amount of boot space with enough depth.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • Mondeo vehicle is from Ford stable
  • Space for boot ranges from 730L to 1605L
  • The car is made in European styling
  • Features driver assistance and panoramic sunroof
  • Does contain 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine

Volvo V90

The Volvo V90 along with V90 Cross Country is known to provide both stylish as well as minimalist car interior design. The car has cargo space of about 54 cubic feet. The engine of vehicle has four-cylinder engine of 316 hp which is supercharged along with being turbo-based.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • V90 vehicle is from stable of Volvo
  • Is equipped with supercharged four-cylinder engine
  • The interior is known to be both minimalist and stylish
  • It provides around 54 cubic feet of cargo space
  • You can also call it luxury station wagon

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 wagon provides a swallow bootspace between 506L and 1648L which encourages you to carry enough stuff. This particular vehicle is also equipped with 2.5L SkyActiv 138kW engine which comes along with six-speed automatic control. Moreover, the car also provides much refined interior.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • This car comes from Mazda stable
  • Gives about 506L to 1648L of boot space
  • It does have 2.5L SkyActiv 138kW engine
  • Has G-Vectoring technology for smooth cornering
  • Do also use six-speed automatic control

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Audi Allroad

Along with many related models, the Audi Allroad wagon station car has many new technologies which are integrated in the model which is useful for the estate car lovers. The many kinds of characteristics are namely adjustable air suspension, plastic wheel arch extensions and also extra ground clearance.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • Allroad is brought from the Audi brand
  • Audi Allroad is liked for extra ground clearance
  • Go for quattro which is semi-offroad version
  • Also does have adjustable air suspension
  • Uses plastic wheel arch extensions

Fiat 500L

The Fiat 500L is known to be short in terms of other estate cars but does also provide huge windows. The different features that you will find in this vehicle ranges from 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system having functionalities of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • The 500L is made by Fiat
  • Cargo space in car is around 68 cubic feet
  • It is available with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has 160-hp turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder
  • Is known to have big windows

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is preferred for its wagon shape and also the elegant car design. The latest models are becoming much more lighter along with introducing new technologies such as semi-autonomous driving which defines that more and more automakers are moving towards making self-driving cars.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • This is brought to you by BMW stable
  • The range in boot space is from 570L to 1700L
  • Is known for semi-autonomous driving tech
  • Does fall under executive station wagon segment
  • Known to have four- and six-cylinder engines

Holden Commodore

When you are thinking about getting a sports wagon, you must consider going for Holden Commodore which is from the stable of General Motors. You can consider the flagship model which comes with a 3.6-litre V6 all-wheel drive powered by the 230kW engine and also having 370Nm.

Reasons to Buy the Estate Car

  • Holden Commodore is brought from General Motors brand
  • It does have a V6 3.6-litre engine
  • Provides good economy ride to owners
  • Gives you an all-wheel drive model
  • Has both turbo petrol and diesel engines

Do Drive Estate Wagons:

So, after going to this blog, you have gained more knowledge about station or sport wagons, which will help you in choosing the best one for yourself. Along with that, in the previous blogpost, we have mentioned about the best limousine vehicles which are out there. Do not forget to read it thoroughly before retiring to this part for find about more forms of vehicles in the market. Thus, the time has arrived for the readers to try the cars and share their important feedback on the same in the below comments section!

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