10 Microcars that you must ride in 2019

Do you own any kind of small or micro cars? What are the reasons for choosing to drive micro vehicles? With the case of space crunch more and more car enthusiasts are looking for smaller vehicles to ride. The team at Auto Insurance Invest is here to guide the auto lovers in getting the best micro cars for themselves.


Now, we will be discussing in detail about the major advantages that you get in driving smaller vehicles. Moreover, it is important for the car enthusiasts to note that, micro cars are better for city dwellers where there is not enough place to park your vehicle. The names of the microcars which are mentioned in the below post are namely Opel Karl, Fiat Panda, Volkswagen Up, Geely LC, Renault Twingo, Smart Fortwo, Toyota Aygo, Vauxhall Viva, Think City and also Kia Picanto. All the cars in this post are top-end models in their category and are known to be manufactured in the country and also across the globe.

10 Microcars that you must ride in 2019

What are the things that should always be kept in mind by the auto buyers while looking for small cars? What are the major differences that you will be find in the micro vehicles as compares to cars that falls under different categories? In order to get solutions to these above questions in relation to the blogpost, you are recommended to go through the below lines thoroughly.

Opel Karl

Considering that you are looking for a small-sized wagon, then Opel Karl seems to fit the bill just right. This particular vehicle does provide a good economy and also has boot space which varies from 505L of space to around 1370L, thus having good space after looking at the vehicle overall size.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • Karl One is brought to you by Opel
  • Space for boot is from 505L to 1370L
  • Takes 9.6 seconds to reach 62 mph
  • Known to use radar sensor technology
  • It is said to be small-sized estate car

Fiat Panda

Do note that, Fiat is known to make effective city car or micro vehicles for the riders. In addition to that, you must use the electronic stability control which is found in this particular car model. Fiat Panda is available in the market with various variants such as 4×4, Cross, EasyPower and Trekking.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • This particular vehicle is from stable of Fiat
  • It is marketed as essential car by makers
  • Do not forget to use four-wheel-drive
  • Car is known to provide 5-speed transmission
  • Wheelbase of vehicle is around 90.6 inches

Volkswagen Up

When you thinking to go for a city car, you can go for the Volkswagen Up model. One of the most striking things for this particular vehicle is that, inspite of its small size, the Volkswagen Up is useful for micro-car lovers in terms of providing economy, refinement, finish as well as refinement.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • You can get smooth ride with Volkswagen Up
  • It is preferred for its chassis
  • This is said to be a pricey car model
  • Engine has turbocharge of around 113bhp
  • Do not forget to use GTI guise

Geely LC

The many characteristics which are found in this specific car are dictionary of driver assistance aids along with giving panoramic sunroof. Geely LC is liked for its design and the elegant European styling that makes it unique. Along with that, it does provide enough amount of boot space with enough depth.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • LC vehicle is from Geely stable
  • Space for boot ranges from 730L to 1605L
  • The car is made in European styling
  • Features driver assistance and panoramic sunroof
  • Does contain 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine

Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo is known to provide both stylish as well as minimalist car interior design. The car has cargo space of about 54 cubic feet. The engine of vehicle has four-cylinder engine of 316 hp which is supercharged along with being turbo-based.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • Twingo vehicle is from stable of Renault
  • Is equipped with supercharged four-cylinder engine
  • The interior is known to be both minimalist and stylish
  • It provides around 54 cubic feet of cargo space
  • You can also call it luxury station wagon

Smart Fortwo

The Smart Fortwo provides a swallow bootspace between 506L and 1648L which encourages you to carry enough stuff. This particular vehicle is also equipped with 2.5L SkyActiv 138kW engine which comes along with six-speed automatic control. Moreover, the car also provides much refined interior.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • This car comes from Smart stable
  • Gives about 506L to 1648L of boot space
  • It does have 2.5L SkyActiv 138kW engine
  • Has G-Vectoring technology for smooth cornering
  • Do also use six-speed automatic control

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Toyota Aygo

It is vital to keep in mind that, Toyota Aygo is available with ISOFIX child-seat mounting feature which is very useful for people who are having families. Moreover, it is loved by customers for its affordable pricing. In addition to that, the bold design of the vehicle is also angular in nature.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • Aygo is said to be brought to you by Toyota
  • Moves to 62mph in only around 15.2 seconds
  • Do not forget to use LED running lights
  • Is known to have 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine
  • Also get anti-corrosion warranty of 12 years

Vauxhall Viva

There are many essential features that you will get in this low-cost but efficient vehicle known by the name of Vauxhall Viva. The different things that you will be using in this particular car ranges from electric mirrors and windows, audio controls which are mounted on steering-wheel as well as cruise control.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • Via model is found in Vauxhall range
  • It is beneficial for giving five seats
  • This car has good fuel economy
  • Do not forget to try cruise control feature
  • Liked due to its cheap pricing

Think City

The Think City is preferred for its wagon shape and also the elegant car design. The latest models are becoming much more lighter along with introducing new technologies such as semi-autonomous driving which defines that more and more automakers are moving towards making self-driving cars.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • This is brought to you by Think stable
  • The range in boot space is from 570L to 1700L
  • Is known for semi-autonomous driving tech
  • Does fall under executive station wagon segment
  • Known to have four- and six-cylinder engines

Kia Picanto

The car is known to provide soft suspension thus ensuring much comfortable ride to the users. Along with that, all the standard equipment that you will find in the big car is said to be available in Kia Picanto. Moreover, it is also preferred by the customers because of its beautiful interior design.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Vehicle

  • The Picanto model is available from Kia
  • It is liked for providing good boot space
  • Available in versions of three or five doors
  • Has four-cylinder engine of 1.2-litre
  • Known to be a well-built car model

Always Go For Micro Vehicles:

So, after reading the article, you have a better understanding about the perks of using micro vehicles and their feasibility among the users and its impact in the automobile market. Along with that, in the earlier blog, we have discussed in detail about the best estate cars for you to ride. You must read the article till the end before coming back to this specific section for finding more vehicle varieties. Thus, the time has come for the true vehicle lovers to choose their favorite microcar model for themselves and their family!

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