top 10 scooters to know

What are the major advantages to have sea scooters? What are the different names by which we tend to call these underwater vehicles? Which are the most important brands to look for while buying sea scooters for yourself? Can you name the different industries which are said to be associated with the underwater scooters? The team at Auto Insurance Invest has come up with a list of comprehensive models of sea scooters that you must get in order to experience the amazing world under the sea.


Now, we will be discussing about the sea scooter market and the different kinds of features that you be using in any form of sea scooter out there. In addition to that, it is vital for you keep in mind that, there are various modes for transportation in water. Also, the factors which divides that are the number of passengers that they can carry and the material with which they are constructed. They are also called by various different terms such as jet skis and hydro-based motorcycles. In the below article the sea scooter models which are explained about in details are namely Suex XJOY37 Scooter, Sublue US WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter, SCUSA Underwater Personal Sea Scooter and Diver, Dive Xtras CUDA 650 Package, TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicle, Yamaha Explorer, MMMINTER Sea Scooter Propeller Underwater Diving Equipment, Sea Doo Pro Sea Scooter and also Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter. You need not have to worry as the models are all the popular as well as recommended by the experts in the field of sea scooters.

top 10 scooters to know

What are the major mistakes that the people make while getting a sea scooter for themselves or the family? What are insurance coverages which are available to insure ? I have looking to have sea scooters and so can you guys provide me with the names of the best sea scooters which are out there. If you are looking for the right models to buy sea scooter, then you have to read the below article till the end.

Suex XJOY37 Scooter

The Suex XJOY37 Scooter is a Suex model, which boasts distinctive motorcycle styling which is seen particularly in the podium and the console ahead of the saddle. Along with that, this particular model is based on a liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder 1235 CC powerplant with water-jacketed exhaust electronic fuel injection.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • Suex XJOY37 Scooter is available from Suex
  • This specific model is for three riders
  • The engine of the sea scooter is liquid cooled
  • The Suex XJOY37 Scooter boasts of great power
  • The model also comes with fuel injection

Sublue US WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

The Sublue US WhiteShark Mix has a unique feature is that it comes with a saddle so that you can enjoy the ride totally hands-free. Just rest the scooter between your legs and allow it to pull you gently through the water. It’s like your own personal seahorse. If you are somebody who is into capturing the ocean through the view of a lens, you will also dig the GoPro the ability to hold onto your camera with your open hands.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • Sublue US WhiteShark Mix is available from Sublue
  • This specific model is best for GoPro users
  • The engine of the sea scooter is liquid cooled
  • The Sublue US WhiteShark boasts of 500 CC
  • You have the ability to opt for fuel injection

SCUSA Underwater Personal Sea Scooter and Diver

The SCUSA Underwater Personal Sea Scooter and Diver has a depth rating of 15 feet. This does however make it perfect for taking in the pool or lake. The auto shut off is a well thought out safety feature that can help in the case you get pulled too far out. With surprisingly high quality materials, a complete waterproof construction.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • SCUSA Underwater is available from SCUSA
  • This specific model is not for divers
  • The engine of the sea scooter is liquid cooled
  • The SCUSA Underwater boasts of 1235 CC
  • The model also comes with fuel injection

Dive Xtras CUDA 650 Package

The Dive Xtras CUDA 650 Package is a three-row water bike that is well equipped and reasonably priced for a luxury vehicle. Despite its large size, the interior of the sea scooter is designed with controls that are easily within reach. A 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat is standard.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • Dive Xtras CUDA 650 Package is brought to you by Dive Xtras
  • The feature includes height seatbelts which are adjustable
  • The Dive Xtras CUDA 650 Package boasts of powerful build
  • This particular sea scooter vehicle has 3 rows
  • This sea scooter model falls under luxury category

TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 Underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicle

The TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 underwater diver propulsion vehicle contains a liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder with nearly 1500 CC. Also, do keep in mind that With some modification, you can get it up to 100 mph if you so choose, and even at top speed it will feel like riding a bullet, but you are going to need to trust the machine a lot if you plan to redline the throttle.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 is brought to you by TUSA
  • The TUSA SAV-7 EVO-2 has four cylinders
  • Engine is of liquid-cooled inline
  • This is a underwater diver propulsion vehicle
  • The sea scooter is fast

Yamaha Explorer

For those Yamaha fans, who are looking to really get some traction on the waves, fly solo, perform tricks. It is designed to have tight speed to weight ratio that lets you get into race level mph. The 2-stroke, dual cylinder engine with 701cc worth of displacement and a couple of 38mm Mikuni carburetors give it a screaming throttle.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • This Yamaha Explorer from Yamaha
  • The vehicle has dual cylinder engines
  • It is known to have 2-stroke engine
  • Mikuni carburetors has 38mm
  • The Yamaha Explorer has engine of 701cc

MMMINTER Sea Scooter Propeller Underwater Diving Equipment

The MMMINTER sea scooter propeller underwater diving equipment transforms from all-terrain vehicle to sea scooter in seconds and is able to hit up to 45 mph whether traversing the ground or the waves, the 4 cylinder 1300 cc engine is an amphibious work of art. Also, the wheels fold up for operation as a jet ski and add a little buoyancy along with extra drag in the water.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • MMMINTER sea scooter propeller is available online
  • The vehicle weighs around 1300 lbs
  • It comes under all-terrain vehicle (ATV) type of vehicle
  • Is known to transform very quickly
  • Engine is of 1300 cc and has 4 cylinders

Sea Doo Pro Sea Scooter

The Sea-Doo Pro sea scooter has a splash guard helps keep your tux looking sharp on the way to your sea-bound wedding. Folding re-board steps let you on and off daintily. The inexperienced rider and low RPM modes allow for a little more control over the power output, and the on-board security system keeps your investment safe.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • Sea-Doo is brought to you by Bombardier
  • It can dock start in neutral
  • Speeds above seventy miles per hour
  • The sea scooter weighs around 873 lbs
  • Known to have four-stroke engine

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Jerry Rat Underwater Scooter

The Jerry Rat underwater scooter is a big watercraft weighing in at around 840 lbs. this sea scooter model has turbochargers which are a lot more reliable than the superchargers. Along with giving fantastic pickup, The Belassi B3R does have deep hull design which makes for nicely balanced handling. Moreover, the sea scooter vehicle has 315 horsepower in the engine.

Reasons to Buy the Sea Scooter

  • Jerry Rat is produced by vehicle brand
  • It is known to have nice pickup
  • It is heavy with weighing 840 lbs
  • The sea scooter vehicle is known to use turbocharger
  • Horsepower of around 315 is found in this sea scooter model

Ways To Get Sea Scooters:

So now, the above names will be hugely beneficial to those who are searching for the best sea scooter. Moreover, you need to remember that waterjets are used for both recreational purposes as well as sports activities. All the brands which are said about in the above post are Suex, Sublue, SCUSA, Dive Xtras, TUSA, Yamaha, MMMINTER, Sea Doo and also Jerry Rat. Along with that, in an earlier blogpost, we have talked about the important procedures to follow to avoid distraction while driving. Do not forget to read the post thoroughly before coming back to this part to find more about car insurance services. Thus, the time has arrived for the sea scooter lovers to go through the list and then choose the best sea scooter. However, you must give important feedback after experiencing the sea scooter ride in the below comments section!

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Image Courtesy: Respective sea scooter company websites.

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