Car Maintenance Basics every car owner should know

Are you aware about the importance of maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis? What are the different parts of the car that is required to be monitored in order to avoid any kind of problems? The team at Auto Insurance Invest will be giving out the necessary information about the tricks that you need to learn for the sake of looking after your vehicle.


Now, we will be talking about the guidelines which will be very useful in order to keep your new along with old cars in the best possible condition. in addition to that, it is beneficial for the drivers as well as vehicle owners to know more about the way it works. The various forms of activities that must be done for keeping your car in the right order is given below. The car maintenance basics are namely, never forgetting to clean your vehicle, always looking at oil level, keeping tab about tire pressure, testing your engine coolant, refilling windshield washer fluid, learn way to jumpstart any dead car battery, scheduling change of timing belt, always examining air filter, knowing to replace wiper blades when it is necessary and also referring your car manual.

Car Maintenance Basics every car owner should know

Do you have any knowledge about the many types of issues that people generally face while driving old as well as new vehicles? What are the different kinds of tools which needs to be available in your vehicle in order to counter and problems while you are on the go? For the purpose of finding out the ultimate to-dos for keeping your vehicle in proper condition, you are advised to go through the blogpost thoroughly.

Should Clean Your Vehicle

The very first point talks about the importance of cleaning your vehicle regularly. One of the mistakes that people make have is that, you need to be detailer in order to make sure that you enjoy a smooth ride in your car. Also, try doing it on your own to save some cash.

  • Need not be expert for having gleaming ride
  • Remember to clean car regularly
  • Should do it by yourself
  • Ensures longevity of your vehicle
  • Always do servicing on time

Do look at Oil Level

For the second pointer, always keep in mind that the oil level of your car is right. For making sure, that its alright, you need to keep monitoring the level on a regular basis. Also, you must also change the oil of your vehicle and the timing depends on the running of the automobile.

  • Check oil level at regular intervals
  • Do look at the condition of engine oil
  • Changing oil depends of make and model of automobile
  • Your car oil should be changed at recommended time
  • Also, depends on the driving conditions

Must Check tire Pressure

In the third point, we are going to talk about car tire. However, it is important to note that, many car drivers seem to ignore it, but it does have negative impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. So, make sure that the tire pressure and tire tread depth is right. You may also like to read our post regarding things to know about tire codes

  • Maintaining the right depth in tire tread is important
  • Also, monitor the pressure on tire
  • Do rotate your tire periodically
  • Avoid riding in bad road conditions
  • It can affect the mileage of your vehicle

Test your engine Coolant

For the fourth pointer, it is time to talk about engine coolant. Now, do understand that, coolant is the fluid which is responsible for keeping your engine from melting down from excessive heat. Moreover, one of the things that you need to check is any leakages.

  • Make sure that engine coolant does not drain
  • Must check for any kind of leakage
  • Helps your engine in extreme heat
  • Keep tab on your temperature gauge
  • Have coolant in right amount

Refill Windshield Washer Fluid

In the next point, do always make sure that there is adequate amount of fluid available in the windshield washer. One of the major issues is locating the place where the fluid reservoir is. Along with that, also keep some water in your vehicle which is very handy for this purpose.

  • Fill your windshield washer before hitting muddy roads
  • Try to locate your fluid reservoir
  • Always have extra water in your vehicle truck
  • Do repair the washer yourself
  • Keep right amount in windshield washer

Jumpstarting Dead Battery

For the sixth pointer, we are going to discuss on the case of jump-starting your car when the battery of your vehicle is dead. Moreover, do always keep in mind that, this particular situation can arrive for every car driver or owner, so you need to be prepared, accordingly.

  • Make sure that your car battery is not dead
  • Keep regular tab on condition of your vehicle battery
  • Have necessary tools needed to jump start car
  • You can take help from professional for the activity
  • This condition can happen at any time

Schedule Changing timing Belt

In the seventh point, you need to understand that this specific car part is very important to be in the right order. As, you can be in serious trouble, if the timing belt in your car fails to work while you are riding the vehicle. So, do replace the belt at right time.

  • Do use new timing belt when needed
  • Change belt after around 6000 miles
  • It is important to schedule it
  • This function can hamper due to sudden failure
  • Make sure that car is checked by experts

Always examine air filter

For the eighth pointer, do ensure that the air filter of your car is working properly. In addition to that, one more thing that you need to understand is that, it is not very difficult to detect any problem in your air filter. You need to take it out and test it against back-light.

  • Do always use air cleaner box
  • Change filter on basis of actual condition
  • You can do this activity on your own
  • Need to examine it nicely
  • Use back-light testing method

Replace wiper blades when necessary

In the ninth point, do always make sure that the wiper blades of your is in the right shape. In order to check that it is working fine, you need to press the washer button. Moreover, it is always advised to go for the blades which provides ultra-violet (UV) protection.

  • Ensure that it has good quality rubber wipes
  • Need to check using washer button
  • It does give UV protection
  • Monitor when blades require replacement
  • Check that it is cleaning properly

Refer your Car Manual

For the last point, we have going to talk about refer the car manual absolutely thoroughly. Along with that, do remember the fact, that the user manual provided has vital information that you will need for not only driving your vehicle but also making sure that the car is in completely fine condition. You also took the helps of Car monitoring and maintenance apps for iPhone and Android.

  • Never forget to use car manual
  • It does contain very important information
  • Ask vehicle expert if you cannot understand anything written on it
  • Has ways to maintain your particular car model
  • You get aware about various rules

Things to Remember:

Now, the above pointers will help you get a headway into the steps that must be followed for making sure that your vehicle is in the best possible manner. Along with that, in the previous blog, we have mentioned in detail about the top-most as well as innovative technologies which are available for the car lovers to go for(car technologies). You are advised to rad the post till the very end before returning to this particular section for knowing more about the ways to easily maintain your vehicle, Thus, the time has come for the car enthusiasts to begin implements all the tricks which are discussed above. However, do not forget to share with us your valuable input with the readers in the below comments section!

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