10 Best Car Accessories that every car owner should try

Did you know about the best car accessories that are available in the market? What are the advantages that the drivers can get from using these tools? What are the ways to use the vehicle accessories? The Auto Insurance Invest team is here to provide the list of useful vehicle gadgets to get.


Now, we will discuss in more details about each items and the advantages that they give to the riders. These gadgets are both beneficial for those who are thinking of buying a new car and also to car owners who are thinking of upgrading their old vehicle. The car tools which are mentioned in this article below are must-have for all new and also experienced drivers of vehicles. Moreover, it is also necessary for the vehicle drivers to be aware and new innovative driving technologies who are also changing the way that you are driving your vehicle. In addition to that, do remember that, most of these tools do also help in making your ride much more safer. They are namely Bluetooth car speakers, tire pressure monitoring systems, vehicle jump starters, radar detectors, GPS trackers, car USB chargers, vehicle mount holders, dashcams, hydraulic jacks and also vehicle FM transmitters.

10 Best Car Accessories that every car owner should try

What are the most silly mistakes that drivers seem to make? How can car gadgets help new and teenage drivers to improve and better their riding skills? I am novice driver, so can suggest me with the best car driving assisting tools that I can buy now and start using? To find more tips about car driving and vehicle accessories, do not forget to read the post.

Bluetooth Car Speaker

The list starts with bluetooth car speaker. This not only helps you to enjoy your driving. With this device, you can connect your phone to it and then you have hands-free calling in your car. Do note that, drivers can also connect automatically by phone using voice.

Moreover, using this device, you can easily and safely talk to people on your phone and you can listen to music from your phone on car radio. Also, It turns on automatically when you enter the car and turn off to save battery after you left the car.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

You must heard about Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This device helps to increase road safety through optimizing tire pressure, Tire Pressure Monitoring System is created to report real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a pictogram display, a gauge or a simple low-pressure warning light.

In addition to that, thus avoiding poor fuel economy, traffic accident and increased tire wear due to under-inflated tires through early recognition of a hazardous state of the tires.

Vehicle Jump Starter

Do remember that, one of the best car accessories is a jump starter kit. According to auto experts, this kit is on the list of must have car accessories. While you are driving on the road, there is nothing can guarantee that somebody can be around and give you a jump when you need it.

Moreover, that is why you should always bring a jump starter kit in your car. The main function of a jump starter kit is a battery source which allows driver to start his car when it dies by hooking the clamps on the kit to the battery of the car. Additionally, a jump starter kit can be used as a backup power source.

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Radar Detector

You also must use a radar detector or laser detector. is an electronic device detecting if the speed is being monitored by law enforcement or police using a radar gun. Drivers often use it to reduce their speed before being ticketed for speeding.

In addition to that, if you are a person who needs speed, a radar detector is a cool car gadget you should buy to alert you any possible traps happened in seconds. Do note that, this device will save you from paying lots of money in speeding tickets.

GPS Tracker

In an earlier blog, we have discussed about apps which are useful for your driving, so read the pot and come back here. The GPS trackers are very useful for monitoring teenage and older drivers, if they face any difficult situation on road.

Moreover, connects with your smartphone and help you know where exactly your vehicle is at anytime. This is also used as a vehicle anti-theft device, as when somebody tries to steal your car, the GPS tracker can be useful for car owner.

Car USB Charger

The tech-savvy people who want to keep their digital devices on the go, must always keep Car USB Chargers handy in their vehicle. There are many different types of car chargers which are available which can charged more that one device at a time.

In addition to that, get the Car USB Chargers that not only chargers the number of devices that you need while you are away from your home. Also, go for a device that has good reputation in the market and will last much more longer.

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Vehicle Mount Holder

In order to keep your portable digital devices, do not forget to use the vehicle mount holder. By using this device, you can keep your phone fixed in a position without any worry of fluctuations while driving which can make your phone dropped or broken.

Moreover, it is also very easy to use and you can insert or remove your smartphone in seconds. They also comes with arm extending up to 5 inches to give users with more viewing angles. Also, note that, you can easily move it to the left, right and also up and down.


Dash Cam is considered to be essential for those new drivers and it given better control over the surroundings. Also, remember that, it is a vital product that ensure your safety on the road and its footage that it shoots can be used to demonstrate who is responsible in case of an accident.

In addition to that, do note that a dash cam is a small digital camera mounted to the dashboard that every car should have it nowadays. It is used for shooting the driver’s journey when the car is started and moving.

Hydraulic Jack

You are taught in driving classes, that you should keep a bottle jack in your vehicle along with spare tire. It is a mechanical device to apply great forces or lift heavy loads. When you are in trouble with a flat tire or want to replace wear tires or maintain some parts of car engine, you will need it.

Moreover, it is designed to fit any need for heavy lifting in car repair shop or garage. The design combines bottle jack and jack stand in 1 unit. Additionally, wide steel base for stability under load and safety bar are equipped for this cool gadget.

Vehicle FM Transmitter

The last product in the list for car upgrading is in-car radio transmitter. The device turns your music device into a mini radio station. It is plugged into your device’s headphone socket or charging port, transmitting the music being played through a chosen FM radio frequency.

In addition to that, the vehicle FM transmitter can work with a lot of cars, recent models can act like a hands free kit for smartphones. The feature that the transmitter supports are both output and input, hands-free calling with microphone.

Go for Vehicle Gadgets:

So now, you must have understood that, these car tools are not only useful and assists you in bettering your riding skills to a great extent. Moreover, these vehicle technologies are being developed with the sole aim of imparting secure driving habits. In addition to that, you should know that, the market is full of such products but we have hand picked the best items that are unique and also genuinely work to improving your driving history. Thus, the time has arrived for the car enthusiasts and vehicle owners to go through to the list of all best tools that are useful for their driving needs and buy them now. However, after using them and the witnessing the difference in your driving experience, do not forget to share the feedback with us!

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