Electric vehicle and motorcycle apps for Android and iPhone

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle? Do want to know about the best apps to use for your electric car or motorcycle? Auto Insurance Invest team has listed the best and most popular apps which can be used easily to check and maximize the performance of your green vehicle.


Green cars are here to stay. Along with hybrid cars which have almost captured the auto market, green or electric cars is becoming the next shift for that automobile industry. Moreover, many auto brands are also investing money to find driver-less cars which will not only run on electricity but also minimize accidents as will run on machines. The apps which are mentioned in the list are trusted and used by many people with good reviews. They are namely NextCharge, Zero Motorcycles app and also PlugShare. The main advantage of using the apps is that, they can be downloaded from the app store of both iPhone and Android users.

Electric vehicle and motorcycle apps for Android and iPhone

What are the advantages of using electric Motorcycle and Cars? Is electric vehicle going to become the future of transportation? Name you name the best electric vehicle apps which can be used to track and monitor the difference performance and characteristics of the electric cars and motorcycles in the market.


NextCharge is considered one of the best apps in the market in order to track and know electric car charging stations. This app will help you to give results which is available in real-time and moreover, this app can be found in many languages.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • NextCharge is available in different languages
  • It takes information details such as provider, address, kilometer per miles and logo
  • Helps to find nearest stations
  • Also helps to find real time status
  • Find more than twenty thousand charging points




Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is a popular electric vehicle brand in the country and worldwide. The motorcycle makers has brought an app for both Android and iPhone users which is used to help to track the vehicle which the help of it dashboard. You can also use the statistics mode available in the app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is found both in Android and iPhone modes
  • Zero Motorcycles is slowly becoming a trusted model
  • Helps to customize the performance of the vehicle
  • Do not forget to try the Zero Motorcycles experience
  • You can track the motorcycle though its dashboard





PlugShare is made by combining the Recargo and Xatori apps and becoming a larger app. This is generally considered a electric vehicle monitoring along with the features to find the nearby charging stations and eateries while you are driving.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • PlugShare is a label which was formed by joining Xatori and Recargo
  • Can be used check electric cars
  • Helps to find food courts nearby
  • It helps to guide you find the best electric vehicle
  • Also useful to find battery information of electric car




Lets to Green:

So, the given apps are the most popular apps which are found both in android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. At the present times, there are three main types of electric car apps on the market. The apps does a lot of works for the owners of electric vehicles and the drivers find nearby charging locations along with helping to track the different aspects of the vehicles. More and more car manufacturers are coming up with green cars which are not only the future but also is necessary for the development of a healthy environment and chances to end pollution. Moreover, many vehicle companies are finding insurance for electric car and motorcycle models in order to secure your vehicle from any accident. So, try these apps and send your feedback.

Image Courtesy: Respective app company websites.

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