How to Married Couple Save on Car Insurance?


Have you got married recently? Are you thinking of buying a car together? So, you have come to the right place. The article below points down the steps that all married couples or partners who wish to get married in the recent times should strictly follow to have cheaper auto insurance rates for their car. It is also vital to know that newer vehicle have lower auto insurance quotes.

How to Married Couple Save on Car Insurance?

What are the best tips for getting auto insurance for married couples? What are the benefits for married people in getting auto insurance? Are cheaper auto insurance is given to women? There are many benefits and rules that newly married couples should follow in order to take advantage of cheaper auto insurance rates.

Do proper Shopping

The primary thing that all auto insurance buyers should do is proper planning and preparation for getting auto insurance. Remember to use the benefits and discounts for married couples for auto insurance quotes.

  • Have online auto loan quotations
  • Always shop around for auto insurance
  • You can also visit auto insurance experts
  • Try to have multiple auto insurance quotes
  • Check your credit score before applying for auto insurance rates

Review your Credit Score

The first thing any auto insurance provider will see at the time of applying for car insurance is your credit score. A favorable credit score which projects a good financial history helps in your auto insurance policy.

  • Learn about the exact cut off
  • It helps to organize financial goals
  • Lower deductible shoots up emergency fund
  • Try to put more money as deductible amount
  • State of California has higher costs for cars

Increase deductible Amount

Most of the couples generally go for cheaper deductible amount in order to pay less at the beginning of their car insurance plan. It is always to be remembered that raising your deductible will lower your monthly premiums.

  • Avail benefits from 401(k) or IRA
  • It helps to organize financial goals
  • Lower deductible shoots up emergency fund
  • Try to put more money as deductible amount
  • State of California has higher costs for cars

Calculate Coverage

The definite advantage of having auto insurance for the married couples is the benefit of lowered auto coverage amount. It is mandatory to have coverage amount and comprehensive coverage for all car owners in the country.

  • Always go for cheaper auto coverage
  • Take help from auto insurance lawyers
  • Couples have advantage of cheaper coverage rates
  • It is always important to get comprehensive coverage
  • Always calculate coverage amount for desired auto insurance

Use safety Gadgets

It is vital to know for the couples and most car owners is that, it is cheaper to get auto insurance for safe cars. The safety features, such as airbags, anti-lock brake systems, and anti-theft systems, can help you save money on your auto insurance.

  • Avoid getting any traffic ticket
  • Must have anti-theft tools in car
  • You can get cheap anti-lock systems
  • Newer cars have more security features
  • This is vital for saving more for your car insurance

Drive it right

A recent study has shown more accidents for car owners who are married. The maximum factor for the accidents is that the drivers get distracted. So, it is important to drive car safely and within speed limits.

  • You can also add experienced driver
  • Try to drive safely both day and night
  • Try to drive less for cheaper auto insurance
  • Couples are prone to have more traffic tickets
  • Better drivers can avail amazing car insurance discounts

Must try Discounts

It is vital to remember that even when you are happy with your current insurance company there five ways you can lower your premiums. In addition, If you have been a loyal customer, go ahead and ask about any kind of discount that you want.

  • Avail discount for married couples
  • Get discount for women in auto insurance
  • You can use for student loan if applicable
  • Getting discount is easier for loyal customers
  • Some insurance firms gives professional discount

Combine Policies

The advantages of cheaper auto insurance and for getting low quotations for all of your insurance policies is to generally combine many insurance policies into one.

  • Remember to get cheaper discounts
  • It is essential to have anti-theft items
  • Having home insurance lowers insurance costs
  • Driving fewer miles sometimes lower insurance rates
  • You can combine your homeowner’s insurance with that of your auto policy

Avoid excess Insurance

One of the advantages that couples get for auto insurance is that of including the wife in to the couple auto insurance policy. This highly impacts the cost of auto insurance as it is lowered.

  • Women have cleaner credit score
  • Try to go for combined auto insurance
  • Include wife in auto insurance policy
  • Auto insurance firms have exciting discounts for female customers
  • Working women helps to add more value to the auto insurance application

Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Remember that wearing protective gear while riding will ensure that you save your life or get less injury after getting involved in any kind of accidents.

  • It is important to wear powerful helmets
  • Do wear good boots with nonskid soles and gloves
  • Right gear helps to minimize injuries in case of accident
  • It is important to wear leather clothing while driving motorbikes
  • Always attach reflective tape to your clothing to make it easier for other drivers to see you

Bottom Line:

There are many benefits on the financial front for people who are married. This kind of benefits include that of saving money on insurance is one of the best financial benefits of matrimony. So, next time you go for getting auto insurance, remember to get married and take your spouse. Buy your car together and then apply for combined car insurance for both of you.


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  1. Very thanks to this article, excuse me let me add, can get cheap car insurance a few hundred dollars after knowing the types of discounts offered by insurance companies and compare prices between insurance companies

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