how to get motorcycle license

What are the guidelines to follow for having motorcycle license? What are the procedures that riders need to keep in mind while getting motorbike license? For those who want information, Auto Insurance Invest has listed the step-by-step processes which will guarantee you with a riding license.


Now, motorcycle license is necessary to ride motorbikes. One of the biggest mistakes that most riders make is not having proper documentations and start riding the vehicle. The fatality rate for motorcycle riders are extremely high and numbers are increasing everyday. For that purpose, extra caution is necessary for motorbike riders. The things that you should remember are given as follows. They are reading motorcycle rider manual, checking your state riding laws, getting yourself a motorbike, wearing motorcycle protective gears, visiting state motorcycle agency, applying for motorbike learner’s permit, always do practice motorcycle, taking road test, giving written test and also having cheap motorbike insurance. In the earlier post, we have talked about the necessity of going for Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course in order to ride your vehicle in a more secure manner. Do read the post thoroughly before starting to refer this one.

how to get motorcycle license

How do you get motorbike license easily in USA? I have driving license but also have brought a motorcycle and now thinking of riding it, so I must have a license and can you guide me with the same? To know about the complete steps, you must read the article till the very end.

Read Motorcycle Rider Manual

The first that you need to do for getting riding license is knowing more about your motorcycle and the laws and regulations that you need to follow in order to avoid traffic tickets while you are riding with your motorbike.

Moreover, study the motorcyclist handbook for your state’s motor vehicle agency. This book contains answers to the questions that will be asked when you apply for your motorcycle learner’s permit. Do remember that, the easiest way to get a copy is to download it from your state motor vehicle agency’s website.

Check your State Riding Laws

Next, one of the big mistake that you should avoid is knowing about the road laws that needs to be followed while riding in a particular state of the country. Do note that, laws for motorbikes differ between states.

Moreover, the riding license acquiring process is somewhat similar with the driving ,license application in the country. However, it is always better to know about the latest procedures in order to avoid wasting any time.

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Get yourself a Motorbike

One of the primary thing that you need to do before going for having a motorcycle license is to have a motorbike. There are many motorcycle brands which are available for you to choose one that best suits to your needs.

In addition to that, do verify you have insurance, valid license plates and registration for the motorcycle. Also, do remember that you cannot take the test without a properly licensed motorcycle and can receive a traffic ticket if any aspects of your motorbike are not in compliance with state law.

Wear Motorcycle Protective Gears

Another vital thing that you should remember while getting a motorcycle is that, having protective gears should be part of the budget for your first motorbike. To ge decent ones as it the case of your own safety.

The motorsport riders who take part in professional races go for high-end protections because of the high speed that they ride and greater chance of being in any fatal mishaps. The things that you should get are helmet, faceshield, gloves, jacket, pants along with boots from top to bottom.

Visit state Motorcycle Agency

Do visit your state’s motor vehicle agency, fill out the motorcycle license application and pay the mandatory application fee. Moreover, many states provide this application form on their website.

However, you can also take the help of your driving schools for the purpose of getting a riding license and they will handle all the procures and charge you a fee for that. They also have knowledge about the different procedures in place.

Apply for Motorbike learner’s Permit

The next step to follow is to apply for your motorcycle learner’s permit. Do note that, all the states have a minimum age at which you can apply and you will be required to pay a permit application fee and must pass written and vision tests to receive one.

Moreover, there are many documents that you need to produce so the paperwork must be done in advance in order to avoid any delay in your driving license process for it. Also, ask about the required papers at the time of getting the application form.

Do Practice Motorcycle

It is important to note that, you should always practice with the motorcycle before your final riding test. You also know that, the more your practice, the higher is your chance of passing your examination in your first attempt only.

Do practice with your learner’s permit for the entire length of the time frame your state requires before applying to receive a motorcycle license. In some states the mandatory waiting period is twenty days, and others it is at least six months.

Take Road Test

It is common for the most first-time riding test takers to panic during the examination. However, you to always be patient and try to focus on the task ahead. Moreover, you should never complicating things and just follow the basic rules.

After you have the confidence, schedule a day to take your test. Also, check the weather forecast before you do, since you would want to take this test in bad overcast and visit the spot where the final test will be taken.

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Give Written Test

It is important to note that, in some states it is mandatory to take examination in wiring along with the riding test. So, you also need to make proper preparation for the test and try to pass it in the first time, itself.

Do take the written along with the road test, if necessary. A passing score will allow you to complete the next step, which is paying the fee for a motorcycle endorsement and receiving your license paperwork.

Have Cheap Motorbike Insurance

Also, get a motorcycle insurance as it is almost necessary for those who are riding two-wheelers in the country. Moreover, there are many advantages that you will enjoy if you have any kind of road clashes while riding your motorbike.

You can pick up from the list of different types of insurance that carter to motorcycles along with cars. You have the choice to choose from the plethora of plans that are available to motorcycle insurance buyers and so get yourself a suitable quote. If you want to save on motorcycle insurance then we already discuss about it. 

Acquire US Motorcycle Riding License:

So now, you read about the vital points and steps that you be doing one after the another. If you are someone, who do not ride your motorcycle on a daily basis, then remember to check about the validity of your motorbike riding license and you must renew it before hitting the roads with your motorcycle. For those, who do not want buy a motorbike for the purpose of acquiring a driving license, can hire or arrange it someone in order to practice with it for the final road test. However, it is important to note that, you need to talk with the person from whom you are getting the motorcycle about any damages that may occur during the practice or test. You should learn about the things to do if you involved in any kind of motorcycle accidents to minimize damages to your body and also the vehicle. The time has come for the motorcycle lovers to start their steps that we have discussed above and share their complete experience of having motorbike license with us in the comment section below. Thus, wishing you best of luck!

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