How to Insure and Gift a Vehicle to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2018


The Valentine’s Day is here. So what are plans that you have in store to enjoy this romantic day? How about gifting a car to the person that you love the most in your life in this occasion of Valentine’s Day? In addition, you can also insure the dream car that you want to gift. You may be thinking that whether this is possible or no. It is absolutely possible! So do not waste any more time, and book the dream vehicle that your loved one have always wanted and also get the car insured as safety and security is essential for further enjoy any happy moment.

How to Insure and Gift a Vehicle to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2018

How to gift my partner’s dream car? What are the steps that need to be followed in order to insure a vehicle in US? Do you know the steps to gift a vehicle to someone? Read the article below, to understand the entire process of insuring a car and also understand the process of gifting a vehicle.

Steps to insure Vehicle:

Given below are the very vital steps that one must follow strictly in order to get auto insurance.Things have become mush easier as buying car insurance these days is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your computer.

Buy Car

When you are planning to purchase an auto, think about car insurance before writing a check or signing on the dotted line. There are various options that are available. You should know that makes and models of cars will have a greater impact on your car insurance rate.

  • Remember that sports car cost more
  • Make proper planning, before you buy
  • Minivan always is likely to have little
  • Take help from auto insurance agents in this case
  • Buying luxury car will affect your auto insurance

Always shop around

You need to take right initiative, in order to buy auto insurance. The market has a plethora of options for auto insurance buyers. Remember that the only way for you to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money is to shop around.

  • Many auto insurance companies in market
  • You should know, that you need to initiative
  • Any auto insurance professional can help you
  • Refer websites like and
  • You need to make favorable deal with the auto insurance provider

Get more Quotes

It is always important to get as much auto insurance quotes as possible as it will help you in getting the right deal. In addition to that, make sure you receive quotes for the same coverage to make right comparison.

  • Make all paperwork ready
  • Auto Insurance experts can help you
  • Compare policy of same year for right comparison
  • Policies with different length have varied costs
  • This helps to ensure that you get best and accurate quotes

Check Coverage amount

It is important to know about liability coverage, before applying for auto insurance, as you need to be clear about the kind of coverage amount that you wish to use in this auto insurance purchase.

  • It depends on state policies too
  • It is mandatory to have liability coverage
  • Never go for the lowest amount as it can turn out to be risky
  • It is always good to purchase as much coverage as you can afford
  • You should know that, this insurance covers only when you are responsible for any accident or injury

Choose higher Deductible

The biggest mistake that most auto insurance takers make at the time of buy car insurance is that of getting lesser deductible in or to save money in their first car insurance policy.

  • Always lessen number of claims
  • It is advisable for go for higher deductibles
  • Try to increase your deductible to save more money
  • Always choose car insurance policies with deductibles as low as $200
  • It is not worth for asking for insurance claim for less amount of damage

Read Policy

It is always told that, you need to thoroughly read any documents or policies in order to understand the terms and conditions. It is always important to know whether you approve it or not, before signing on them.

  • Double check terms and conditions
  • Check all documents before signing
  • Auto insurance policy should match your demands
  • An authorized agent in auto insurance can help you
  • Remember that accuracy of your insurance application is vital

Visit Agents

Sometimes, it is really cumbersome and time-consuming for you to go through the entire process of getting auto insurance. For that reason, you can always take the help of authorized auto insurance agents.

  • Insurance companies favor agents
  • Find auto insurance agents online
  • But always try to visit your auto insurance agent in person
  • In online days too, it is preferable to purchase from a local agent
  • Try to connect you with an insurance agent in your own neighborhood
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Steps to gift car:

So that you have decided to gift a car, to your loved ones, you should also know the entire process that needs to be taken car of. You also know that few gifts have as big of an impact on someone’s life as that of a vehicle.

Draft Agreement

The first step for gifting a car is to make an agreement. It is important to negotiate the terms of the gift and gifting a vehicle for no financial gain does not exclude you from discussing the terms of the vehicle transfer.

  • You must have contract or bill of sale
  • Always stay away from driver’s blind spot
  • You must write sales agreement or bill of sale for the gift
  • You need to take responsibility for potential and ongoing expenses
  • It includes insurance fees, fuel expenses, repair fees, and maintenance costs

Do title Transfer

The second step involves that you understand the process of title transfer and you also need to verify that there are no liens outstanding on your car. In addition, you would not be able to transfer your title with an outstanding lien on your car.

  • Also do fill up statement of facts
  • Understand meaning of having lien on car
  • Also, you need to file title transfer paperwork
  • At the time of applying, fill transfer of title section
  • In addition, You may need to finance car loan in different fashion

Pay Fees

The third and the last step that needs to be taken car of in order to gift car is of paying the title transfer fee and applicable state taxes. There are various options available for payments.

  • You can also pay money online
  • It is mandatory to pay sales tax
  • You must take help from auto insurance agent
  • Paying transfer fee is necessary for gifting car
  • Always, you need to know exactly how much will need to be paid

Happy Valentine’s Day:

So you are thinking of gifting a car to your loved ones in this valentine’s Day. You have learned about the different ways in which you can apply for auto insurance for the car that you want to gift. The process is not so hard and one can easily accomplish the task by just following the above given tips in a very strict manner. You should also remember that in most states, the car’s recipient must fill out the bulk of the paperwork, and this includes tax paperwork. So enjoy your time and feel the great pleasure that comes from gifting precious gifts to your loved ones.

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