10 Safe driving tips for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Do you know about ATVs? What kind of vehicles are referred to as ATVs? What is the full form of ATVs? Are you aware of the things to consider while driving ATVs? The team at Auto Insurance Invest listed the points that you should always remember when your ride an ATV.


The essential ATV driving guiltiness which are mentioned in the blog below are riding on ATV trails, picking up an ATV, wearing right safety gears, using ATV Nerf Bars, always inspect your ATV, maintaining your sitting posture, avoiding stunts on ATVs, know beforehand about injuries to avoid while riding ATVs, signing up for ATV Safety Course and also about tips on ATV insurance. More and more people are trying out adventure sports and it has also been a craze. The market has a lot of choices of ATV vehicles to try out. However, you should remember that, there is a high risk factor that is involved in driving these kind of vehicles so you should always be extra careful. In addition to that, it is important to note that, you need to also monitor your speed in order to never lose control over the vehicle. Moreover, ATV racing has also become a popular sport to reckon with.

10 Safe driving tips for All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

What are the safety concerns to follow while riding ATVs? What are the ATVs safe driving tips?  I have been riding bikes for long now and want to buy an ATV for going to adventures tours so can you suggest me with the best riding tips that I should follow? To all the answers to the given questions, you will have to read the post till the end.

Ride on ATV Trails

Never ride your ATV anywhere but a designated riding area. Not only is this for the safety of others and prevents unnecessary wear and tear to your machine, but it is also being a good steward of the sport and ride where it is legal.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to keep in mind the house rules when riding a track or designated ATV trails and knowing state rules like spark arrestors. Most, if not all, are practically unwritten rules in ATV world.

Pick up an ATV

Do note that, an ATV is any self-propelled vehicle, including an off-road. You must have a valid registration and license to ride your ATV most of the sates in the country and also worldwide.

Moreover, do remember that, regardless of your budget, buying a new ATV is going to drain your bank account a bit. Moreover, buying an ATV can be a difficult decision; there are several different kinds which are also available in many sizes, so choose the one that will suit your needs.

Wear Right Safety Gears

Now, you should also be sure that you are wearing over-the-ankle boots, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and goggles, unless otherwise specified in your owner’s manual. Safety should always be your primary priority.

In addition to that, The things that you should consider as part of your safety gears are helmets are also crucial in most off-road situations, as the jostling and g-forces from uneven terrain make it easy to bump your head, even if you are strapped in with a safety belt.

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Use ATV Nerf Bars

After knowing about the right gears to wear, the next thing, that you should consider in getting the tools to make your ATV ride more safely. Do note that, the nerf bars are gigantic foot pegs which are essential for your riding.

Moreover, do note that, these are very useful as you have the chance while riding a quad that, there is a tendency to let your feet drag when riding. You should remember that, getting these nerf bars will helps you to have better control.

Always Inspect your ATV

Always do a pre-ride inspection every time. Check the tires for wear and rims for damage, look over your controls and make sure connections and cables are intact, check the chain for worn links and sprockets for broken teeth and ensure there is enough lubrication.

In addition to that, given are some of the key things to check for. They are handlebars which you should move them from side to side to make sure there are no issues with mobility or steering, always check signs of wear and tear and Gas along with brake fluids should be full.

Maintain your Sitting Posture

Do note that the correct riding posture will help you to easily operate the controls and help you react more quickly when shifting your body weight. Proper straight-line riding posture are discussed in details.

Moreover, The things that you should remember are that head and eyes up and looking well ahead, always keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows bent slightly out, away from your body, do keep the knees in towards the gas tank.

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Avoid Stunts on ATVs

Always be in your senses and look ahead just like driving a car so you can see what is coming. Bumps are fun but when you hit one unexpectedly you can get bounced right off your ride. Look out for critters jumping out in front of your riding path and be cognizant of other riding parties.

In addition to that, one of the top reason riders get hurt from whether it is showing off or trying to see what their quad can do or just plain stupidity. Do not ride beyond your ability or perform stunts and tricks you have no business doing.

Injuries While Riding ATVs

There have been cases of ATV riders getting injured badly. For that very purpose, you are advised to have proper protection and avoid riding without them. Any kind of incidents may happen because of the trailers which are a difficult terrain to cross.

Moreover, the various kinds of injuries that can happen to you and so it is necessary to have knowledge of them in advance. The things that can occur are Broken bones, injuries in knee and legs, spinal cords along with internal organs and also having concussions.

Sign up for ATV Safety Course

Before climbing on an ATV, complete a hands-on training course to help prepare you for both on-road and off-road situations. To start enrolling now, contact an ATV manufacturer, local ATV riding group or the National 4-H Council.

In addition to that, do remember that, there are many kinds of courses which are available in the country which offers hands-on training, instructions on protective gear, local rules and regulations, and even a list of riding sites in your area.

Tips on ATV Insurance

It is very essential for all drivers who are driving ATVs to have their insurance covered. However, you should also never forget to insure your ATV itself as otherwise you will lose a lot of money on these kinds of vehicles at the time of any mishaps.

Moreover, it is a true fact that, even safe drivers can have accidents, so be sure you have proper insurance coverage to protect yourself and your ATV. Learn which ATV insurance coverage options are right for you.

Ride ATV Safely:

Now you, have a complete understanding of the vital things that you should keep in mind while choosing to ride ATVs. You cannot be an ATV rider so easily as you need to practice and gain confidence slowly in order to ride in the difficult terrains and trails. Another thing, that you should remember that if you want to drive ATV and cannot afford one, you have the option of renting one, too. This post is from the series of blogs on ATVs and in a later post, we will talking about renting ATVs. So, do stay tuned and do not forget to come back to this section later. Thus, the time has come for the ATV lovers to start implementing the step-by-step procedures and share the experience with us in the comment section below!

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