10 Safe night driving techniques to follow

Did you know car accidents occur more during the night that in daylight? Do you agree that, it is much more difficult to drive your vehicle at night? If the answer to the above questions are yes for you, then you are at the right place. Auto Insurance Invest will provide night driving tips.


Now, we will be talking about the important techniques that you use during riding at the night. This steps will help you not only stay safe but also get better in your driving skills. The step by step process that need to strictly while riding the car during evening and night is given below. They are that, do not forget keep distance, always remember to use headlights, should lower your car speed, keeping your vehicle clean, avoiding alcohol and drugs, must be awake while driving, know about evening rush hour, car breakdown rules at night, improving night vision and also understanding driver fatigue. In addition to that, do not forget to always follow the basic traffic rules and avoid taking traffic tickets.

10 Safe night driving techniques to follow

What are the things to remember for any driver who is driving the car at night? What are the night driving safety tips ? I am learning to drive in the right manner and am really frightened to ride the vehicle at night time, so can you suggest me with the correct guidelines that I should maintain on order to avoid any kind of accident? To know the rules, do not forget to read the post fully.

Do Keep Distance

You are always instructed while learning to drive, that you should never drive very close to another vehicle on the road and keep safe distance to avoid any kind of head-on collisions. However, this is more essential while night riding.

In addition to that, if there is case of any brake fail or need to pull an sudden halt of your vehicle, then you still have time to pull your emergency brake and avoid hitting the car which is in front of you.

Always Use Headlights

In some cases, drivers seem to ride their vehicle by keep their headlights off, which is very dangerous car driving practice that you should stop following. Do remember to keep your headlights during the time when you face any low-light situations such as dusk along with in the dark or night time.

Moreover, you should know that, when you are riding your headlights on , it becomes much more easier for other drivers in the road to spot you and drive smoothly. However, it is recommended to not use high beam lights.

Should Lower Car Speed

Driving in full speed art night is nothing but inviting trouble in the form of accident for yourself. As advised by car experts, you should always keep in mind to drive within the speed limits of the road that you are driving on.

In addition to that, it is very important for all the drivers who mainly have to ride the vehicle at night to learn techniques of defensive driving and making sure that you do not do anything stupid in order to be handed over a traffic ticket.

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Keep your Vehicle Clean

One of the vital mistakes that car owners make is not keeping the vehicle clean. Before starting to drive, always check your windscreen wiper blades are in good condition along with the windows from both outside and inside. Moreover, dirty glasses tend to increase glare from other vehicles.

For more safety concerns and for new drivers, it is highly recommended to go for new vehicles as the new ones have many added features such as daytime running lights along with Xenon or LED headlights which is very much helpful for night driving.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

It is a true fact that, most of the accidents tend to happen due to drunk driving along with driving at top speed by not following traffic rules. Do remember that, when you drunk, you should never ever get behind the wheel.

In addition to that, you should also be aware of drunk drivers during night driving because many tend to returns from bars and restaurants. Also, if you find someone whole is driving while drunk, you should immediately call 911 and report.

Must be Awake

The next point is the list is to to be always stay highly alert while
driving the car at night. It is evident that you will try to fall asleep but take the right measures in order to ensure that you are in your proper senses and not falling asleep.

Moreover, the things that you can try to stay awake and look around the vehicle and look for any mistakes that other driver make to avoid mishap. However, there are also chances of being prepared to face any animals on road on some roads while driving at night time.

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Know Evening Rush Hour

According to drivers, one of the most difficult time to drive the vehicle is during evening rush hour. The situation can also get much more worse if there is low-light issues. However, always remember to drive in slow speed.

In addition to that, the drivers tends to get frustrated between the slow stop-and-go movement of the vehicle and tend to get distracted by other things such as mobile phones, but it is highly advised for the riders to stay more focused and stay calm by listening to music.

Car Breakdown at Night

Having car breakdown in the middle of the road needs to handled with patience and being very attentive. This is much more evident when you vehicle breaks down during night time as the chances of getting into any mishaps also increase in such cases.

Moreover, the things that you do should follow are ensuring that you stop the vehicle at the side of road where it is enough lit up. After, that, you should also switch on the hazard light in your car and wear reflective clothes to attract attention of passing by drivers.

Improve Night Vision

This trend is more visible in those who are aged and can tend to lose their vision and find in very difficult to drive in low-light conditions. However, you should remember to always make sure that you have full visibility around the car while driving it.

In addition to that, it is very important for the older persons to always get their eye checkup on a regular basis. Those having cataract must avoid driving at night or in bright sunlight and also do make sure that you are not wearing any kind of anti-reflection coated tinted lenses while driving.

Understand Driver Fatigue

The last most important point in the list that needs to be thoroughly understood by car drivers is about coping with driver fatigue. You may be surprised to know that, around 20% of road accidents at night occur due to the driver falling asleep.

Moreover, it is very much important for the drivers who ride at night to know about the sighs that fatigue is catching up on your body such as your eyelids become heavy and finding it difficult to keep your vehicle straight in the lane. In this cases, it is advised to stop the vehicle at roadside or allow others to drive.

Drive Safely during Night time:

So now, these points will help you to drive in the right manner at night. Many car drivers complain about feeling less confident while driving at night, even those who do not have vision problems such as night blindness. If you combine less visibility with any other factor including cases like poor weather conditions, being very tired can definitely increase the risk factor involved and can cause road mishaps. Night driving mistakes are generally made buy the teenage drivers who tend to restless and impatient along with those who learning to drive the vehicle. We also discuss about the car insurance tips for teenagers to know. For those very reasons, it is very important for them to keep some tips in mind when it comes to safety and night driving. According to survey conducted, you should be aware that traffic related fatalities are as high as three times more during the dark and night time hours. Thus, the time has come for the drivers to start implementing the processes which they g=have learned in the post and share with us the experience in the comments!

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