Learn easy tricks to keep your vehicle clean

Is your vehicle not clean enough? What are the easier tips for you to keep your car spick and span? Can you name the many tools which are considered vital for vehicle wash? The team at Auto Insurance Invest will be providing the car owners will the most useful and easy ways that they can start using in order to not make their vehicle look dirty.


Now, we are going to share the most necessary tips that are considered to be very important for those who are having trouble in keeping their car clean. Do not forget to understand the step-by-step procedures which are given as follows. They are namely remembering to keep maintaining your car shine, learning to wax vehicle, cleaning at correct time, checking cosmetic repairing options, washing car instruments, always do vehicle polishing, remembering to clean nooks and corners, do throwing your rubbish, understanding to use vacuum cleaner and also trying three-bucket system. However, it is more important for the vehicle lovers to keep this in mind that, all of the cleaning processes for your car needs to be practiced on a regular basis, otherwise vehicles will again get dirty.

Learn easy tricks to keep your vehicle clean

What are the major washing mistakes that people generally tend to make while cleaning their car? Also, do you have any idea about the vital components which are found in the vehicle which is required to keep clean at all times and regularly tended to? Which are the smart and easy ways to keep vehicle clean? For understanding the steps in detail, you are recommended to go through the blogpost thoroughly.

Maintain Your Car Shine

Do keep in mind that, remembering to maintain your car shine after regular washing is important. For that very reason, you must take extra care for protecting the shine of your vehicle for longer times.

  • Always do regular cleaning as well as maintenance
  • You can opt for using spray detailer
  • Try to clean by a clean microfiber cloth
  • Take special note at the shine in the glasses
  • Some prefer extra coating over your car paint

Learn to Wax Vehicle

You need to understand the importance of waxing your vehicle on a regular basis. Do always remember about the various advantages that you get through this particular process which includes prevention from fading.

  • Helps to protect your car exterior from UV (Ultra-Violet) rays
  • It can be useful for preventing in fading
  • Do try using polymer or carnauba wax material
  • Is vital for your vehicle paint against corrosion
  • Waxing of car must be done around two to three times in a year

Clean at Correct time

It is important to know the right time to clean your car. Remember not to wash and wax your car in extreme heat or direct sunlight. Along with that, do note that, dark colored cars can absorb so much heat they become hot to the touch.

  • Avoid cleaning your car during heat
  • Know about chemicals used for car valeting
  • It can cause burn in your fingers
  • Dark colors tend to absorb more heat
  • Water evaporates faster in hot temperatures

Check Cosmetic Repairing Options

More and more people are opting for cosmetic repairing solutions for their vehicle. Moreover, you are always advised to take the help from experts. Do note that, polish is not wax and abrasive, it is generally used to remove the top layer of paintpolish.

  • There is need for polishing solution
  • Take help from expert
  • Do remove the top layer of paint
  • Polishing is not waxing
  • Do note that, bumper polish is easy

Washing Car Instruments

The car instruments collect a lot of dust too, but these are more delicate, so use a damp cloth on the dashboard as well as the various car controls which are out there. You may also like to read our post regarding ways to maintain any used vehicles

  • Is known to collect lot of dust
  • Always avoid using silicone spray
  • Go for soft paintbrush for removing dust
  • You need to extra careful in this regard
  • Do not forget to try a damp cloth on the dashboard

Always do Vehicle Polishing

Always keep in mind that, polishing is the act of using a very soft polishing disc on an air or battery-powered tool to heat-up the clear coat so that it may be more evenly distributed across the car.

  • Do polish car in the right manner
  • Make sure that the polish is evenly distributed
  • Polishing process is considered to be simple one
  • Do not forget to use the polishing pad
  • Recommended to apply wax after polishing

Remember to Clean Nooks and Corners

It is a true fact, there are many nooks and corners in the vehicle which are generally overlooked during a regular car wash, but stick out like a sore thumb when you open the doors later.

  • It is advised to check any dirt after cleaning
  • Places which are not used can also collect dirt
  • Try to looks for dirty nooks and corners while cleaning car
  • Use fresh bucket for washing those parts
  • You can go for bug remover spray

Do throw your Rubbish

Always try removing any obvious rubbish from the ash trays, door bins, glovebox and other interior storage spaces. Also, do not forget to check under the seats for sweet wrappers, missing spectacles and mislaid currency that may have gone through.

  • Always remember to check under vehicle seats
  • Do not keep collecting rubbish in your car
  • Use a bag to store rubbish before throwing them
  • Keep in mind to dust regularly
  • Also, wash your carpet mats on daily basis

Using Vacuum Cleaner

You are advised to go for the right vacuums which are ideal for cleaning automobiles. It is a complete mess to remove pet hairs from the seat without the help of this particular tool. Also, there are places when nozzle can only reach.

  • Try to keep vacuum cleaners away from children
  • You can go for a compressed air canister
  • Do not forget to use a stiff brush to clean
  • Clean your carpets using vacuums
  • Must wrap sticky tape on the hand

Try three-bucket System

For the last point, we will be talking about the tried and tested three-bucket system of car washing that you need to implement now as part of your vehicle cleaning activity. It is done with the goal of deep-cleaning your car.

  • Recommended for complete cleaning your vehicle
  • Aim to get rid of contaminants completely
  • It is used for cleaning all parts of your car
  • Bucket and soapy water are used for the purpose
  • Try rinsing along with washing with soap and water

Things to Remember:

Now, you have a complete list to work upon in terms of cleaning your automobile. Along with that, in the previous blog, we have discussed in detail about the vital steps to take after your driving license is lost in some way. Thus, the time has come for the users to implement the things that are mentioned above and remember to share their valuable input on the same in the below comments section!

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