10 Best vehicle safety features to use in 2019

What kind of car safety tools do you use in your vehicle? What are the most important things that is important for you to keep in your head while opting for your car? Also, make sure that all the safety tools are working in the best possible manner. Auto Insurance Invest will provide you with the list of important safety gadgets that you should get and start using in your car in order to ensure more security for the drivers and also the passengers from any kind of on-road accidents.


Now, this points which explains the most important technologies to be adopted in your particular vehicle for better security for all the people in the car and also outside. You need to understand that these kinds of tools are being designed for the sole purpose of ensuring less damages to the vehicle and also physical harm to those who are traveling on the roads. The technologies which are talked about in the below article are proved to very useful not only the driver and passengers abut also those in surroundings which includes fellow riders as well as pedestrians. The tools which are explained in more details are namely all-wheel drive, blind-spot warning, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, adaptive cruise control, cabinwatch, head injury protection, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, intuitive pedestrian detection and also electronic stability control.

10 Best vehicle safety features to use in 2019

What are the things that you should keep in mind while driving? What are the advanced car safety features? What are the most important aspects that you need to be highly alert while you are behind the tolls? What are the most vital technologies which are getting introduced into the automobile market for the help of the drivers as well as the passengers and pedestrians? I have witnessed bad incidents on the road, so can you suggest me the names of some tools which I can put in my car for safety reasons. To find the solutions, read the article till the end.

All-Wheel Drive

The first system that you must be putting in your vehicle is the all-wheel drive feature. Do remember that, this tool distributes power to both front and rear wheels to maximize traction. Unless combined with traction control, all-wheel drive systems do not prevent the drive wheels from slipping when you apply excess power during acceleration.

In addition to that, the traction control systems improve vehicle stability by controlling the amount the drive wheels can slip when you apply excess power. Along with that, the system automatically adjusts the engine power output and, in some systems, applies braking force to selected wheels during acceleration.

Blind-Spot Warning

It is very important for you to note that, blind-spot awareness function keeps a continuous record of the vehicle, both alongside and behind it. When detecting another automobile next to you in the blind-spot area, this system will notify the driver via visual warning signals displayed on the side mirror.

In addition to that, it is also considered to be very useful as it assists in different forms of driving conditions for those who are traveling. Along with that, the driver may also be alerted with an audible notification in a dangerous situation when changing the lanes. We already discuss about the road traffic rules all drivers needs to follow

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Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

This is one of the most innovative technology advancements that will be of huge help for the drivers. Do remember that vehicle-to-vehicle communication is a new technology that allows vehicles to connect and talk to one another. These safety features for cars will make the vehicles more autonomous and help them operate more safely.

In addition to that, this system is said to be somewhat similar to the V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology that lets the car interact with surrounding infrastructure making both the car and the place around the vehicle aware of the each other’s position. Along with that, this tool is also called as V2V communication.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This must be included in your new technology to be installed in your car. Do remember that by using cameras, radars, and lasers along with a mixture of these devices, adaptive cruise technology keeps a constant safe distance between your car and a vehicle in front of you. Along with that, if the traffic slows down on a highway, this system will automatically bring your car to a complete halt.

In addition to that, again when the traffic has got going again, the adaptive cruise control will bring your car back to speed. That makes stop and go traffic less frustrating. Also, this feature allows you to perform other things while driving aside from steering, hitting the gas, and paying attention to the road all the time.


You need to use this while you are traveling with kids and pets in your car who tend to move around the vehicle while is moving on the road. Fort that specific reason, if you are a parent having young kids, you probably know how difficult is to travel with impatient children along with the pets in the back seats.

In addition to that, with the integration of wifi and bluetooth connectivity that provides the kids with in-car entertainment, this issue is partially addressed. Also, the CabinWatch feature has taken the safety to the next level and do remember that, this feature which let the parents monitor their children via a dashboard color display. You may also like to read our post regarding the Car Travel with pets:Tips for Safety and Security. 

Head Injury Protection

You need to be aware of this valuable fact that, most of the deaths die to on-road collisions happens because of head injury. the Head injury protection consists of foam or other energy absorbing material under the trim of the vehicle interior and is likely to be invisible to vehicle occupants.

In addition to that, also some vehicles have head air bags. Though, all head air bags are designed to deploy in side impacts, some are also designed to deploy during rollovers. Along with that, both types of air bags are designed to help protect occupants from injuries caused when their head strikes the upper interior of a vehicle.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

You need to be aware of the fact that a parking lot is a common place for low-speed car collisions. This forms of mistakes is more common for those who are learning to drive and also park their vehicle. The rear cross-traffic alert is one of those safety features for cars that prevent embarrassing scratches when parking in a busy parking lot.

In addition to that, by using the built-in rear sensors, this advanced system alerts the driver to approaching pedestrians, other vehicles, or even shopping carts behind his car. Also, if anything or anyone gets close to your car, the rear cross-traffic system will emit loud beeps or even apply the brakes automatically.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This is considered to be one of the most vital tools that you need to have complete understanding in order to avoid deadly on-road accidents. This safety feature helps the drivers avoid a collision by preventing an impending crash. Automatic braking system alerts the driver by means of a visual or audio warning in a dangerous situation that is very likely to lead to an accident.

In addition to that, If the driver does not respond to the warning, the vehicle will put on the brakes automatically. Along with that, do keep it in mind that around most of the biggest automakers already use this function in their new vehicles in order to ensure safety and security along with minimizing car damage.

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Intuitive Pedestrian Detection

This is one of the most useful technology while you are driving fast, and some pedestrians suddenly come in front of your vehicle. Do always remember the fact that, even the most experienced drivers can overlook a potentially life-threatening hazard on the road because of distraction or fatigue while driving.

In addition to that, in such a situation, it is invaluable to have a co-pilot which will yank the wheel and keep you safe. Along with that, do keep in mind that, this amazing feature helps the drivers avoid crashing into pedestrians who cannot always judge the speed of the vehicle and gets hit badly. You may also like to read our post regarding car monitoring apps for iPhone and Android 

Electronic Stability Control

You need to be sure about the car stability before starting to drive and also while you are behind the wheels. Do note that, electronic stability controls designed to help drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles during extreme steering maneuvers. Moreover, it also senses when a vehicle is starting to steer, and it automatically applies the brake to a single wheel.

In addition to that, the technology is intended to reduce the occurrence of crashes in which vehicles veer off the road and strike curbs, soft shoulders, guard rails and other objects that initiate rollovers. Along with that, in such situations, your main aim should always be controlling the speed of the vehicle.

Must Install Car Safety Tools:

So now, all of the systems and tools should be implemented by getting them installed in your vehicle. Moreover, you can also take the help from the car experts who can help you guide to find the best tools which are suited to your car. Also, you need to have knowledge about the functionality of each of the tools before you start to use them in your car. In an earlier blog, we have mentioned about the things that you should keep in mind while your brake fails. You must go through the blogpost till the end before coming back to this specific part in order to get more news in relation to cars and driving skills. Thus, the time has come for the vehicle enthusiasts who are on the lookout to upgrade their vehicle by includes these innovative tools in them. Along with that, you must remember to use the technologies and provide your important feedback on your experience without any fail!

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