Steps to follow after your driving license is lost

Have you ever lost you riding license while riding? Are you aware of the process of getting or replacing a driver license? What are the step-by-step procedures which must be taken into account in account of misplacing or damaging your riding license? Auto Insurance Invest is here to help you in this particular situation.


Now, it is time to explain each of the procedures in detail for you to make the process less cumbersome for the riders as well as drivers. Take a look at the top points that you should always keep in mind such as giving necessary fees, getting important documents, knowing driving license replacement procedure, taking appointment of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles ), using duplicate riding license, always remembering to make report quickly, do completely filling forms and also not ever riding without carrying a rider or driving license at hand. Also, along with that, taking precautionary measures for your own safety is also very importance while on road.

 Steps to follow after your driving license is lost

Can you tell about the things that you should always keep in hand while driving or riding, in relation to your vehicle? What is the general time limit take n in order to issue the duplicate license by the authority? What are the general mistakes by the users regarding their riding as well as driving license? To know about the process, you are advised to read the article till the end. Below are the steps to encounter after driving license lost

Give Necessary Fees

Do note that, you will get a receipt after paying an interim license that is valid until you receive your replacement in the mail. Expect it to arrive in two weeks to two months, depending on your state of residence.

  • It is preferable to carry cash instead of credit cards
  • The amount of fees does vary in many states of country
  • Your license can reach your place depending on the state that you reside
  • Always remember to make payments on time
  • Must always ensure that you are getting receipt

Get Important Documents

This procedure will typically require the same documents you presented for proof of identification and residency when first applying for a license. Also, you will be provided with a list of acceptable documents that include an official passport, birth certificate, and a permanent resident card.

  • You must always prepare your documents, beforehand
  • For getting driving license, you will need proof of identification
  • Along with that, for riding, you many require your residence proof
  • All of documents will be verified by agent
  • It is advised to take note of the required documents

Know Driving License Replacement Procedure

If by any chance, your riding license is damaged then, you can replace your driving license document by following a procedure. Moreover, you will get your replaced license from the DMV office.

  • For the process, you will get your duplicate riding license
  • Do note that, you cannot have two riding licenses
  • You will also need a license document if your name is changed
  • Commercial drivers have separate license for driving
  • Firstly, you must get learner’s permit document

Take Appointment of DMV

Do keep in mind that depending on your DMV, appointments might not be available for months, so only make an appointment if your DMV requires it or if you cannot go during operating hours.

  • It is very important to schedule your appointment with DMV
  • You are always advised to opt for walk-in visit
  • Some of the deals which look good in the short run may cost you much more later
  • Remember that, availability for appointment to DMV may take months
  • Some states in nation allows you to go for online or over mail application
  • Appointment is required only when you cannot visit at the time of operating hours

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Use Duplicate Riding License

After losing your riding ID, you have the option of using a duplicate driving license for continuing your riding. You will be happy to know that; it is not at all very difficult to get a duplicate riding ID.

  • You are suggested to keep your driving ID in a space place with you
  • After losing your riding license, you can hire car for reaching the cops
  • Can also call cops and tell them about losing your driving ID
  • Some DMV require you to visit their office in person
  • Try to complete the whole process of applying for new riding license faster

Must Make Report Quickly

Most of the people do not understand about the right time to report to the concerned authorities about losing the riding license. However, it is suggested to give the report as soon as possible.

  • You must provide the reason for losing the driving license
  • Your stolen driver license can be used for illegal activities
  • This can also result in case of identity theft
  • Some states in USA provide riding license replacement without fee
  • But, to avail it, do provide corresponding paper from a police agency

Do Completely Fill Forms

You must always take note that, each DMV has its own form and many do not provide them online. For that reason, fill them out during your visit and present it with all other necessary papers.

  • Some states provide solutions for driving license replacement
  • In addition to form, you must provide required papers
  • You are advised to carry blank forms with you while visiting DMV office
  • Be careful not to lose your riding ID, again
  • The forms does differ for each DMV

Never Ride Without License

However, the last point on the list is said to be the most important and many riders as well as drivers tend to care less about it. So, you must never hit the road without your license.

  • You should remember to follow traffic rules while driving
  • However, you may be pulled over by cops for any reason
  • Thus, you are advised to always carry your riding license
  • You will be fined which can have bad impact on your car insurance
  • It is one of the major mistakes made by drivers and riders

Things to Remember:

You are advised to follow the steps which are explain the points which are described in the post above. Moreover, you are also suggested to keep you valuable documents which includes the driving or riding license in a safe manner, in order to avoid such ordeals which not only costs a lot amount of money but also doe stake unnecessary time of yours. In earlier post we discuss about the Safety measures to take after a road accident

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