guidelines after getting involved in car crash

Have you ever been involved in any car accident? Most people do panic in such as situation but it is very important to stay calm and do the necessary things in order to ensure the safety of passengers and minimizing any automobile damage if any.


If you are involved in an automobile accident, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and your interests. According to facts, over six million car accidents occur each year in the United States. It is remember to know that, one in three accidents involve personal injury to the driver or passengers and out of that number, two out of every ten accidents lead to fatal injuries. The essential checklist after any car accident are do calling cops, collecting all information, ensuring medical treatment, must document accident, notifying your insurer, knowing claims process, taking accident coverage, understanding personal injury protection, car valuation with damage and also consulting car accident attorney.

guidelines after getting involved in car crash

What are the things that I should do after getting involved in any accident? Can you share with me about the main things to consider after any auto accident? This post by Auto Insurance Invest explains in details about the the step-by-step to-dos after getting into car road accident.

Do Call Cops

Whether an accident is considered a minor fender-bender or a major collision, calling the police is important and in some states, it is legally required. The responding officers will fill out an accident report and document the scene. If the police cannot come to the scene of the accident, you can go to the nearest police station and complete a report yourself.

It is not against the law to just exchange insurance information and move on. But if you call 911 or your local precinct and bring in a neutral third party to document the accident, you will be doing yourself a favor.

Collect all Information

After making sure you and any passengers are uninjured, exchange contact and Car insurance information with the other driver. Auto experts recommend recommends that you avoid discussing fault when going over the facts with the other driver.

Document the accident thoroughly by taking pictures of your vehicle from different angles, showing the damage done to both cars. It might also be a good idea to take pictures of the other car’s license plate.

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Ensure Medical Treatment

If you are injured, call 911 or ask someone else to do so. If you are seriously injured, try not to move, and wait for emergency personnel. If your car is safe to drive and is causing a hazard where it is, pull it to the side of the road. Otherwise, leave it where it is and get yourself to safety.

If you are not too hurt to move, check on the other passengers in your car. If anyone is injured, get on the phone with emergency services or ask a bystander to call for help. Also, if you are able to, move to the side of the road or a sidewalk.

Must Document Accident

Always write down names of any investigators, including police officers or insurance claims adjustments. Whenever you speak to an Car insurance company representative, note the date, the name of the person, and a brief description of the conversation.

Keep receipts of all expenditures, including transportation, parking costs, and repair costs. Take the names and car insurance information of any drivers involved in the accident. Also, get names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident.

Notify your Insurer

Any time you are involved in an accident or you have suffered an injury, and you may be making an insurance claim whether through your own insurance coverage or the at-fault person’s carrier and you should contact your own insurance company and let them know about what happen.

No matter who you talk to, whether it is your own agent who you have dealt with in the past or just someone in the claims department, make sure you have provided all the details of the incident and get the facts right.

Know Claims Process

Many insurance companies now employ the use of mobile applications to help consumers file claims online and record accident details at the scene. Ask your insurance company about any applications that might be available.

If you are fortunate, you may never have to make a claim against your insurance. However, when things do go wrong and you are involved in an unexpected accident, disaster or other loss that is covered by your insurance policy, you can make a claim with your insurer.

Take Accident Coverage

Accident insurance is a form of coverage that protects you financially in the event of an injury sustained from an accident. If an incident occurs, accident insurance will generally cover you in the form of a lump sum to offset the burden of medical bills and other expenses related to your injury.

Accident insurance can provide you financial protection in the event of an injury sustained from accidents. Do remember that, personal accident is covered by various types of insurance. However, It is important to keep in mind that what is defined as an accident may vary between insurers.

Understand Personal injury Protection

PIP (personal injury protection) is an extension of car insurance that covers medical expenses and, in many cases, lost wages. It is often called no-fault coverage because its inherent comprehensiveness pays out claims agnostic of who is at fault in the accident.

Medical payment is similar to PIP in that both cover the policyholder’s injury costs that are a direct result from an automobile accident. The personal injury policies tend to kick in immediately after the claim is submitted to help cover emergency medical expenses.

Car valuation with Damage

While major structural or mechanical damage is going to more dramatically reduce the value of the car, most buyers are not going to care if it was just bumper or a body panel and some paint.

People are hesitant to purchase cars that were in an accident because you never know what kind of secondary problems may pop up down the road. Of course it may be totally fine, but this is how buyers think and this is why these cars are harder to sell.

Consult Car accident Attorney

Keep in mind that the insurance carriers have teams of lawyers who begin evaluating your injury claim once they receive notice of such. Thus, it is essential you retain legal counsel immediately to level the playing field.

If you have been involved in a car accident resulting in a physical injury, your likely next step is to file a claim with your insurance company along with the insurance carrier for the at-fault party and also consult attorney.

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Do Drive Safely:

So, you have learned the important steps too consider after getting any kind of automobile accident. The feelings of sadness or depression after a car accident are very common, and often go hand-in-hand with the symptoms of anxiety. As with anxiety, the best way to treat depression is to talk about it, take care of yourself, and get help when you need it. During shock, it is natural to steer clear of people who may want to talk about the crash. But when this fades, your feelings can be countered by surrounding yourself with family and friends to receive love and reassurance. Thus, you know what to do after getting involved in any car crash next time.

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