Things to do after getting Motorcycle Accident

Are you a victim of any motorcycle accident? What have you done exactly after crashing your motorbike? To know about the things that you must do, do read the post which explains in details about the different steps that one must take one-by-one in order to get back on track quickly.


According to study, the rate of accident for motorcycles is 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles. Moreover, the motorcycles also have a higher fatality rate per unit of distance traveled when compared with automobiles. Taking all things into consideration, it can be concluded that motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal accident is 35 times more than car. Likewise, there is always safety issues for motorbike riders much more than car drivers, which must be taken into account. The different processes that must be followed are checking for injury, getting off track, dialing 911 immediately, gathering necessary information, visiting motorcycle accident lawyer, informing insurance agent, ensuring motorcycle safety, filing motorcycle accident claims, knowing accident victim rights and trying to stay calm.

Things to do after getting Motorcycle Accident

What are the important checklist to know about after getting involved in any motorbike crash? I am a motorcycle rider, what are the things that I should know, if I get into any kind of motorbike crash? The team at Auto Insurance Invest have listed the complete lost that needs to be followed after any mishap.

Must Check for Injury

The primary step exactly after involves in any kind of motorcycle crash, is to ensure that the injured victim are taken care of and proper medication are provided to them as quickly as possible. For that purpose, immediately call the ambulance and take all preventive measures to minimize personal injury of any sort.

If you are able to move, is make sure everyone is all right, and if need be, receives medical attention. If anyone is injured, it is imperative for you to call or tell someone to inform for quick medical attention in order to lessen any personal injury to the accident victim.

Always get off track

The second primary activity that you must do is get off the road in order to prevent any further accident. After getting involved in any kind of accident , you should always be able to bring the bike to a safe stop and bring the vehicle off the road and into the side.

After getting necessary medical attention, you next top priority should be, If possible, move all vehicles off the road to a safe location. Use hazard lights, flares, or warning triangles to alert any oncoming traffic.

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Dial 911 Immediately

The third task is to call the cops as soon as possible. However, one thing should be made clear for the people who are involved in accident to never admit the fault. It is important for the cops to do their investigation and then find the mail culprit for the mishap.

If anyone is injured, or is there is any substantial property damage, call the cops. The report can be vital in your efforts to recover for damage to your bike, clothing, or for injuries, many of which may not become evident for hours, or even days after an accident.

Do gather Information

The fourth task that needs to completed is taking necessary information related to the accident. This may be difficult depending upon how seriously you may be hurt, but try to take notice of important information about the accident.

To collect more information it is simply vital to ask the questions of where, when, and how. Do try to take note of the location of the accident, road conditions, speed limits, weather, lighting, the direction of travel any vehicles involved and must give the right details to the cops.

Visit Motorcycle accident Lawyer

The chance of motorbikers getting injured is much more than car drivers. Due to the lack of protection, a motorcycle offers its riders, the impact of a crash can result in devastating injuries to the motorcyclist and no injury at all to the at-fault vehicle driver who caused the crash.

It is important to consult an motorcycle accident attorney before asking for claims from the insurer. It is important to note that, some insurance companies still attempt to blame the motorcyclists for their accidents and injuries.

Inform Insurance Agent

If you have a Motorcycle insurance agent, it is necessary to call them before filing for claims. The person will help you sort the process and help you to get maximum amount of claims and coverage from the insurer and also help in dealing with property damage in terms of the motorcycle.

It is often need that many vital physical evidence at the scene such as debris, tire marks, and other witness marks are overlooked by investigating officers. The insurance agents helps you o guide and collect all the necessary information in order to put forward your case on front of the cops and the insurer.

Ensure Motorcycle Safety

The motorcycle safety is one of the most primary concerns in order to prevent any kind of road mishaps. After getting into any accident, you will have physical injury and vehicle damage and moreover, insurance companies want you to take their cheap settlement offer. We have already discuss about the Motorcycle safe driving tips

The motorcyclists need to be as safe and protected as possible when they are out riding. All the bike owners should get the necessary protective gears along with the helmet in order to lessen any kind of injuries.

File Motorcycle accident Claims

It is important to note that filing for claims after getting involved in any kind of motorcycle accident is a very cumbersome process. To make the process much easier and to help you get the maximum amount in settlement, it is vital to take professional help.

Do note that, just because the Motorcycle  insurance company makes an offer, this does not meet you have to accept that amount. You may be in a situation where you need to negotiate for a higher settlement so that all the damages can be covered.

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Know Accident victim Rights

Most of the motorcyclists do know have any knowledge about the kinds of rights which the motorcycle victims can exercises after getting involved in any kind of road accident. This is vital for you get a favorable judgement.

Moreover, it is important to know that, even though they aren’t the operator of the bike, they still have protection under the law. However, your own insurance covers you if you’re injured as a passenger in an accident.

Try to Stay Calm

One of the best ways to stay safe and prevent yourself from having a motorcycle accident is to keep calm, stay cool, and respect the road and all who are riding. Never ride while you are in an inebriated condition.

There are many tasks that you need to do even after getting into any road mishap, so keeping your cool and having proper knowledge of the surroundings and the actual reason for the accident is necessary for the motorcycle accident victim.

Must Drive Safely:

So, you have learned about the complete checklist that helps you take the necessary steps after any motorcycle accident. This should be followed strictly in order to minimize any king of physical damage of the vehicle and personal injury for the motorbike rider. However, in order to prevent such accidents, it is important to take preventive measures in the form of driving within speed limits and also wearing right protective gear in order to lessen your chances of injury. In the previous article, we have discussed about the steps to follow after car crash, which goes hand-in-hand with motorbike victims. Thus, ensure than you are riding your motorcycle safety.

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