Top 10 Recreational Cars (RVs) worldwide to buy in 2018

Are you a travel freak? Do you like road trips? Then, there are chances that you will need recreational cars or RVs that will give the feeling of home but you can also road trip excitement to the full extent. Find the best options to buy in 2018.


These cars are made for providing temporary accommodation on the go and roads and all the facilities included in a vehicle. These are generally modified for ms of covered wagons where you can take rest while moving in the same time. The different list of vehicles which are mentioned in this post on trailers are Newell Coach #1488, Airstream Land Yacht, Thor Chateau Super C 33SW, Winnebago Via, Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 vans, Roadtrek N6 Active, Livin Lite Axxess Toy Hauler, Forrest River Rockwood Tent Camper Trailers, Cricket Trailers and also 4-Wheel Campers Finch.

Top 10 Recreational Cars (RVs) worldwide to buy in 2018

What are the top RV (Recreational vehicle) brands to choose from while buying the motorhome? I want to get a motorhome for myself, can you suggest the best one for me? What are the benefits of buying recreational cars for those who love to travel on long trips on road. You May also like to read our Previous post  on top SUV Cars Worldwide to buy.

Newell Coach #1488

Newell Coach #1488 is one of the best RV that one can buy for me. This vehicle is ideal for celebrities and the look and feel of the model speaks for itself. The interior of the vehicles gives a feeling of top-end hotel. The facilities that are available are smart TVs and complete security system.

Reasons to buy the RV car

    • Do get it if you can afford the RV
    • Get the features available in top-class hotels
    • Comes with features such as advanced security
    • Enjoy you road trip with watching ion smart TVs
    • The RV is around 45 feet longer

Airstream Land Yacht

The most popular in the American market and also worldwide are the trailers which are from the brand Airstream. The trailers which are made from 1936 generally have aluminum body and the interior is made from Italian maker’s teak wood finishes.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • Is one of the most RV model
  • Airstream is one of the most popular RV maker
  • This brand was founded way back in 19036
  • Has all the things that you can ever get in any RV
  • This shape is ideal to give you a feeling of home

Thor Chateau Super C 33SW

You may have seen motorhome of Class B, but the Class C version is huge and boasts of bed which is king size along with refrigerator and air conditioners. The vehicle weighs around 10,000 pounds and is around 34 feet in length and comes with a 6.7 liters diesel engine.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • One of the best C-class motorhome to buy
  • Is also favored for its lightweight feature
  • Enjoy you trip by sleeping in king-seize bed
  • The car comes with a 6.7 liters diesel engine
  • Have a length of around 34 feet

Winnebago Via

One of the most well-know brands and favorite for RV lovers, the Winnebago Via has the best of both the worlds. It has all the features that one can find in the top-class A class RV models but is also equally affordable for all those who want to go for adventure trips.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • Is one of the best fuel-efficient model
  • Also gives the owner a better mileage
  • Must be bought if you are on a family trip
  • The vehicle has length of 25.5 feet
  • It uses chassis of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 vans

The Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 vans caters to the customers who want to travel on off-roads. The sports-utility styled vehicle is available in this 4×4 heavy-duty vans which is ideal for expedition lovers. This compact vehicles comes with the comfort available in Class B motorhomes.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • Is ideal RV for pure adventure lovers
  • Must have for off-road trips
  • You can enjoy riding 4×4 heavy-duty vans
  • It has a very compact model
  • Has all amenities needed for camping anywhere

Roadtrek N6 Active

This model comes with a very unique feature as the van can be easily transformed into a six-passenger vehicle. Moreover, you can also use this car in two modes as sitting and sleeping modes where chairs are replaced with bed which helps you to rest during any long journey.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • The vehicle comes with three traveling modes
  • It can be modified into six-passenger option
  • Can switch between sitting and sleeping variations
  • Is included in Nissan NV passenger van
  • Have the ability to power around 8000 pounds

Livin Lite Axxess Toy Hauler

One of the best towable trailers that you can find in any very affordable price range. The costs of these trailers can change according to the amenities available inside and are also perfect for those who go for camping holidays more often and loves to enjoy the feeling of staying at home.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • Get the best trailer at competitive price range
  • It can tackle weight of around 4600 pounds
  • Have a height of around 26 feet and 40 feet in length
  • Can be carried by heavy duty pickup van
  • Has all the necessary RV facilities

Forrest River Rockwood Tent Camper Trailers

This trailer which also comes under foldable camping trailer section is best for those who need to save more on fuel and looking for low-cost options but also want to have all the features of having an RV. Forrest River Rockwood Tent Camper Trailers is lightweight and weighs only 3700 pounds.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • It comes up with foldable option
  • And has a height of around 6 feet when folded
  • Have very affordable price range
  • Vehicle boasts of dining space, bathroom and kitchen
  • Vehicle boasts of dining space, bathroom and kitchen

Cricket Trailers

The trailers which are available for the Cricket brand is highly favored for their modern look and are one of the compact towable vehicles which also have very less weight . The best features of these trailers are also that, they are available in the very angular design which uses more space inside.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • One of the most low-weight RV available in market
  • Can be towed by almost any kind of vehicle
  • Is popular for its special angular design
  • Space is nicely utilized in interior
  • Also boasts of a very modern look

4-Wheel Campers Finch

The 4-Wheel Campers Finch is one of the most small slide-in campers that you can use. This is the the you should definitively get, if you already own a pick-up van. The different characteristics that you can find are freezer, roof-rack systems, providing dual batteries options and water purification procedure.

Reasons to buy the RV car

  • Is one of the most portable option to go for
  • Do get chance to raise the roof
  • Enjoy a headspace of more that 6 feet
  • Can be attached to any pick-up van
  • The campers weighs only around 800 pounds

Take a brake:

Thus, you have understood the different advantages and facilities that one can avail while riding on RVs for their holidays. Now, before planning for an adventure trip with your family and friends, get yourself a motorhome that suits your budget and needs. The sales of trailers have gone up in the present times and the prices vary from the characteristics that are found in the vehicle and also the size of the car. There are many advantages of going for RV instead of traditional travel is saving a lot of money. Keep coming to this section to know about more used points of buying an RV today for your family. So, which you best of luck for your recreational car!

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