10 Driving rules that every truck driver must follow

Are you a commercial driver? Have you even driven a truck? What are the traffic and driving tips that every truck or commercial driver should follow in order to drive safely? Auto Insurance Invest has composed a complete list for it.


Do know that becoming an experienced truck driver is not easy ans they have to drive for very long hours which do adversely affect their health and body. The steps which are discussed in this article in regard to driving ideas for truck drivers are trying to plan trip, keeping knowledge about commercial driver hours of service, always having proper sleep, following speed limits, becoming careful on turns, not forgetting to use flashers, knowing surrounding weather, using tire chains on mountains, learning defensive drive and also apps for commercial drivers . Take a look at the most essentials things that you should practicing in order to become a commercial driver without much problems and driving vehicles practically. The pointers which are talked about, are all proven techniques which will help you to become better commercial driver.

10 Driving rules that every truck driver must follow

What the things that new commercial drivers should know about? I am starting out as a truck driver, can you help me with the most essential tips that truck drivers should keep in mind at the time of driving at night? Do read the post to know more about the different driving rules available for commercial drivers.

Try to Plan Trip

The first that every commercial driver should do is to make a plan of their trip. This helps them to sort things out better and maintain the work and leisure balance which necessary for good health.

Do remember that, there are all sorts of unexpected events that could occur on the road, but having a plan can make you more prepared. Moreover, the better you have your trip planned out, the safer your journey will be.

Commercial Driver hours of Service

You need to follow the rules strictly. According to standards, you may drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. Moreover, you may drive a maximum of 10 hours after 8 consecutive hours off duty.

You should know that most drivers must follow the HOS (Hours of Service) regulations if they drive a commercial motor vehicle, in order to maintain the safety the security of the driver and stop exploitation of labor.

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Have Proper Sleep

The life of every driver is very stressful because of odd driving hours. Moreover, driving needs you to be fully focused. In addition to that, your life and safety comes first and getting the proper rest will ensure you are ready to take the day on in peak performance.

Driving as a truck driver is not easy as being alert is one of the most critical parts of the job. Most of the time it isn’t the things you do but rather what is going on around you that can cause a serious accident.

Must follow Speed Limits

This point is very important for drivers and more important for bug cars such as commercial vehicles such as trucks. So, always be mindful of your vehicle’s large height and weight also make sure there is a safe space cushion around all sides of the vehicle to prevent accidents.

All the trucks drivers should know to better big vehicles. Remember, never to not rush yourself or drive recklessly. Keep your eyes on the road and give yourself plenty of distance to break or maneuver.

Be Careful on Turns

Always stay alert with so many blind spots on a truck, minimize lane changing. Check your side mirrors at least once every 10 seconds. Moreover, be careful when making turns on a curvy road or at an off-ramp.

Do know the right time to slow down in order to adjust for lane changes and other vehicles. Also, make sure to maintain ample stopping distance between you and any vehicles ahead of you. Keeping your head forward and reducing distractions will help you avoid close interactions.

Additional Tips:

You can make your drive more safer by the use of safe driving apps.

Do Use flashers

Having flashes on your vehicle is necessary as it is essential for drivers who are driving at night in highways or expressways. So, at the time of driving truck, do not forget to use flashers when appropriate.

Moreover, when pulled off to the side of a road, highway, or Interstate due to mechanical problems, always use flashers, reflective triangles, and even road flares to alert approaching drivers.

Know Surrounding Weather

The truck or commercial drivers have to face different hazardous driving conditions while being on the road. The things are not alt all easy for them as your car could break down, or bad weather might prevent you from reaching.

There are many things to consider while driving on harsh roads as light conditions are known to affect the number of vehicle accidents and fatalities but remember that, having proper knowledge will help to check any mishaps. In our previous post we discuss about the how to drive safely in rainy season

Use tire Chains on Mountains

There is technique to drive car with chains in the rites. For a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the chains should go on the front tires and for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the chains should be applied to the rear wheels.

However, it is important to note that, driving with tire chains is mainly done on snowy conditions. For that reason, maximum speeds is generally around 20 to 30 mph). Moreover, driving on dry roads with chains can cause a vehicle to slide when braking.

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Learn Defensive Drive

The new driving technique which is trending now is most necessary and useful, given the present driving conditions and high rates of mishaps increasing daily. This new type of driving is called defensive driving which means driving carefully or defensively as the name itself suggests.

Defensive driving is basically following the traffic rules and understanding road conditions and driving accordingly. Moreover, as you cannot control the actions of other drivers, updating your defensive driving skills can help you avoid the dangers caused by other people’s bad driving.

Apps for Commercial Drivers

The smartphone apps which are available in the online world but me tried to make yourself a better commercial driver. The apps can not only makes thew work of the truck driver more easy but also helps to look after their health.

The top apps that you should try to know about the new things that the technology can bring the change in the profession and also advance the skill set while reducing the rates of accidents on the roads dues to various reasons.

Must Drive Safely:

Thus, you have learned about the different techniques that you should apply at the earliest to fulfill your goal to become a truck driver. The path is not easy and you need to pass through hard obstacles. Moreover, the lifestyle of any commercial drivers is not cakewalk as they end up spending very long hours on the road and also have little sleep and driving most of time which also increases their stress levels. In addition to tat, all driver needs to always focused and also ensure safety of the vehicle and the goods along will looking after their health. So, best of luck to all commercial drivers out there!

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