Safe driving apps for iPhone and Android

Are you a new driver? Are you concerned parent? There are news of accidents happening daily because of rash driving of teenage and mature drivers. Take a look at the most useful apps available for you to drive safely on the road and avoid any kind of mishaps.


rash driving is a serious issue. The top cause of death for teenagers in the country is motor vehicle accidents. We already discuss about the Safe driving tips for Motorcyclist . The main target area for improper diving and not following traffic rules is the younger population. The teenagers are more likely to underestimate risk, they are more likely to speed, and also likely to not wear any seat belts. It is high-time to put a check to this ever-rising trend. The car apps to keep your teen driving safely are Driving 101, TrueMotion Family, DriveSmart, Automatic Smart Driving Assistant, Cellcontrol and also TextLimit.

Safe driving apps for iPhone and Android

What can a parent do to help ensure the safety of their teen driver on the road? What are the most safe driving apps to consider for drivers of all ages? Auto Insurance Invest team has curated a complete list of the most popular apps for driving safely on the roads for both Android and iPhone users.

Driving 101

Driving 101 is one of the best online and offline resources for both new and old drivers. You can get all kinds of content for drivers to learn driving defensive driving techniques which are necessary for teenagers to learn for driving safely.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Is an online and offline driving school
  • Provides all tools required to learn driving
  • Teaches users about defensive driving
  • Have feature of driver license testing
  • Courses are available in formats of audio, video and texts




TrueMotion Family

This TrueMotion app is ideal for parents to track their children driving vehicles. The apps notifies the family members about the whereabouts of the teenage driver. All the activities are tracked to know whether the person is doing any kind of rash driving, texting and talking on phone.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Helps to track driver activity
  • Always sends regular notifications
  • Known as Canary but acquired by TrueMotion
  • App works on GPS technology
  • Is very safe to use for parents





One of the easiest apps that the parents can keep handy in the DriveSmart app. As the name of the app suggests, it helps to for worried parents to keep tracking the children who are driving. Moreover, one can enjoy many rewards by driving safely and in the right manner.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • An ideal app for parents to use
  • Also helps to gather reward points
  • Can automatically detect in case of any mishaps
  • Helps to notify users if app is disabled
  • Do provide auto responses while driving




Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

It is very important to keep Automatic Smart Driving Assistant or Automatic Pro app in the device of your teenage children. This app is essential in case of getting involved in any accident as it crash alerts to the connected users for them to take quick action like taking the victim to accident.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Keeps information about driving style of the user
  • Will silence all calls and replies with text automatically
  • Helps to automate your phone while driving
  • Send useful information about safe driving
  • Also shows any problems in your vehicle





One of the best apps to use in case of driving tracking is Cellcontrol. The app is always favored by parents and is used for its many elaborate features and can be used in almost all kinds of smartphone and tablet devices. Moreover, you can also customize the app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Mostly favored by worried parents
  • Gives total control to connected users
  • Helps you to customize app
  • Has very easy user experience
  • Counters any distractions to drivers

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One of the most vital distractions that happen to drivers while riding vehicles is text messages that always pops on the phone. TextLimit is one of the best apps to counter any cases of distracting text messages which can also causes accidents.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Try the geo-location feature
  • Helps to check any driving distractions
  • Also manages any text message popups
  • Is ideal for drivers going for long distances
  • Do teaches you about many driving laws and regulations




Things to Remember:

So , you have known about the top safe driving apps that you must start using now. The list given above has the most trusted and popular apps in the market. According to survey, teenage drivers get into more accidents that their older, more experienced counterparts always avoid. However, these driving apps help take care of them and help them to teach driving safely but with confidence. Moreover, it also needs to be stated that driving apps cannot fully guarantee no accidents as the driver always needs to careful about driving and keep a close look at the traffic while riding the vehicle.One important thing needs to be remember you must buy valid Car Insurance before driving your whether it’s a bike or Car.  Thus, start driving safely!

Image Courtesy: Respective app company websites.

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