ways to Drive Car safely on Mountains and Hills

Do you need to drive in mountains? Do you want to know about the things to remember while you are driving on hills? Auto Insurance Invest has come up with the best tips that every driver who needs to drive in the hills and mountains must follow strictly.


We have mentioned various tips and tricks which can be useful while driving on various kind of roads as well as environments. Do not forget to read about the driving tips for driving in winter which we have discussed in an earlier post. This post is also part of series which mainly focused on learning different driving techniques and and making you a better driver. The things that are discussed in details for the new drivers who are willing to learn to drive in mountains and hills are knowing about downshift and upshift, monitoring vehicle temperature, filling up vehicle tank, staying alert at turns, must use escape ramps, always checking before you overtake, using apps and tools to drive, going for pulse brake, remembering to apply your car handbrake and also getting citizens band radio.

ways to Drive Car safely on Mountains and Hills

What are the things to know if you want to drive in mountainous regions? I have to drive on mountains or steep hills, can you suggest me about the steps that I must implement in order to drive safely ? The article provides you about the essential steps that will make you a better mountain driver.

Know about Downshift and Upshift

The primary thing even before going to mountain is knowing to downshift and upshift properly. Remember to gather speed as you approach the hill so that you will climb more efficiently.

After that, try to Give the car more power, and stay in highest gear for as long as possible. If you have enough momentum coming up the hill, you may not even need to downshift. However, if you have the space to do so, approach the hill in higher gear.

Monitor Vehicle Temperature

The next thing to consider is that of taking note of the temperature of the vehicle and ensuring that it is fine and it is in the the safe zone. Moreover, turning off the air conditioning is a great way to reduce the load on your engine.

However, if you are driving an automatic and your engine is continually shifting into overdrive to maintain a certain speed, shift to a lower gear or ease off the accelerator and move over to the right.

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Fill up Vehicle Tank

The primary thing to always consider is to always drive with a full tank in mountains as you will not find gas station on mountainous roads. Moreover, things will become much difficult if you go out of fuel while going up or down a steep hill.

One more thing to remember is that weather can change so quickly in the mountains, it is also essential to have a full tank of gas in case you get stranded. Thus, sudden blizzards, ice storms, extremely dense fog and multi-vehicle crashes.You may also like to read our post regarding Ways to Save money on Care Gasoline .

Stay alert at Turns

Another thing that most new drivers make mistake is driving on curves. Do slow down to a safe speed before you enter a curve as braking in a curve is dangerous as it can cause the vehicle to spin out of control thanks to weight shift.

In addition to that, do maintain the right lane position around a bend will help avoid head-on collisions. Moreover, stay centered in the lane to keep a safe clearance on all sides of the vehicle.

Do Use escape Ramps

You have also heard of escape ramps. Always utilize escape ramps for making any kind of u-turn or to park the vehicle. You should always be alert if you are looking for such spots as signs often show drivers where ramps are located.

Moreover, stopping on hilly roads midways is not always allowed so escape ramps are made. They are specially built on most steep mountain roads to allow drivers to either make stops or allow overtaking as normally the roads are not very wide to permit drivers to make a stop wherever they desire.

Check before you Overtake

Do not even by mistake, switch on the cruise control mode while driving ion deadly weather conditions such as rain and wind. You should always know that, cruise control can make driving a lot more dangerous in these harsh situations.

The cruise control is a great feature, especially on those long road trips, but make sure you keep an eye out for wet roads. Whenever, you are driving on wet roads, disable your cruise control and lower your speed.

Use apps and tools to Drive

The apps have made thing much easier for driver. So, always remember to use the different apps and tools which are available for you to drive smoothly in any mountain terrains. However, do learn driving properly without any fail.

In an earlier post, Auto Insurance Invest team has listed the best driving  apps which are very useful for drivers to follow. We have a list of blogs which are aimed at providing the best apps for driver to driver with focus and avoid any accidents.

Go for Pulse Brake

If you must have pulse braking braking method which is ideal for mountainous roads. This is the method used by truckers carrying huge weight down steep mountain grades. However, do remember to maintain safe speed in such cases.

You need to practice it, before you can easily apply this method while driving in steep hills. For the purpose, you should allow your vehicle to speed up to 45mph and then apply steady break pressure until your speed drops to 35mph. Speed up gain and again slow down with repeating the process.

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Apply your Car Handbrake

One more thing other than pulse braking that you need to learn is using the handbrake effectively. Remember to use the handbrake in conjunction with the clutch and remember that key to safe driving on mountain roads is lane driving.

However, it is always suggested to not over use as it must be used on steep roads to stop your vehicle from slipping down. However, when you drive a car uphill, you need more power than for your vehicle to move climb the road.

Get Citizens band Radio

The last thing that you must do is to ensure that you are using the citizens band radio if you get into any emergency situations and need help. Do remember to get citizens band radio with an external antennae on your vehicle.

Do note that in most remote and mountainous areas, there is no cell phone signal, so getting a citizens band radio is very essential. You will get assistance as around every American truck driver has a citizens band radio with them.

Go for Safe Drive:

So, things have become much easier for you as you exactly know the things to consider when you are driving on steep or hilly path. However, it is also very important to note that, expertise in Mountain Driving is only possible after you have the practiced. It is important to understand that the chances of accidents are much higher in mountain roads because of height and bad driving. Moreover, always be careful about the landslides that blocks and can also cause mishaps. In addition to that, you should also remember to always drive in you own lane and be extra cautious while trying to overtake any slow vehicle. Do not forget about having clear sight of the road while going for sharp turns at the hill roads. Thus, best of luck for your mountain or hill driving!

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