Are you a Telsa fan? Have you heard of battery electric vehicle (BEV)? Auto Insurance Invest team comes up with the best cars which includes small-utility vehicles and sports-utility vehicles which are found in electric vehicles (EVs).


This is for all the Telsa die-hard fans. Telsa motors has transformed the automobile industry with electric and self-driving vehicles. The Telsa cars which are discussed in the list are Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. The cars which are manufactured by the Telsa motors have all the necessary features in any top- end vehicles. This Telsa vehicles can be classified into luxury, liftback, battery electric vehicle, small-utility, sports-utility cars. The market share of Telsa motors are gradually electric and the rising fuel prices have also added to the increase in Tesla shares in the car market.

Tesla car models to Know

What are the best electric car models that I can buy? Can you name all the models that are manufactured in by Telsa motors? I want to buy electric vehicles and is Telsa the best option available for buying one? The post explains in details about all the Telsa models which are out in the market.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster (2008) is the model which comes in the market in 2008. This is a concept model that first emerged among the Telsa followers. The Elon Musk led team created a big breakthrough in the car market by bring a top-class electric vehicle.

Reasons to buy the Telsa car

  • Tesla Roadster is first Telsa model
  • The car can go around 393 kilometres (244 mi) per charge
  • Has an efficient level of 8 percentage
  • It uses battery cells of lithium-ion
  • Was also launched into orbit

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most high-sale Telsa car models that is found in the market. With the high sales of the cars, the stock valuation of the Telsa motors also increased. This second model has all capabilities in the car to go for driver-less riding.

Reasons to buy the Telsa car

  • It comes with full self-driving cars
  • The car comes with minimalist dashboard
  • Also comes with EPA-rated range of 220 miles
  • Telsa cars sales picked up with this vehicles
  • Is also popular outside the country

Tesla Model X

This cars named Tesla Model X came into the market in 2012. The car has some very unique features which has made it very popular among both double hinged falcon doors along with touchscreen control panel.

Reasons to buy the Telsa car

  • One of the most popular Telsa cars
  • Go for an all plug-in car
  • Can be categorized into crossover vehicle category
  • It is an all-electric vehicle
  • Also comes under full-sedan group

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S has really changed the perception and capacity of electric cars. This family sedan is ideal for a people of five persons. The film was introduces in the year 2012 and has been the top electric car in the market in terms of sales.

Reasons to buy the Telsa car

  • Is the latest Telsa model in market
  • Has high sales in the country
  • Very useful for family trips
  • Can be categorized into sports car category
  • Also provides fuel economy for the cars users

Go for Electric:

So, you have learnt that electric cars are the future in the auto industry. Telsa motors with these top four models has come up in the forefront in the automobile market. Al the top car brands and manufactures in the country and also worldwide has come in to the electric car bandwagon with releasing electric versions of their models in the market. The sales of the Telsa model cars has picked up in the recent times and there is huge sales in off-shore markets such as in European countries and also in Asia. Thus, get yourself a Telsa vehicle and go electric!

Image Courtesy: Respective vehicle company websites.

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