What to do when your Car Brake Fails?

Have your car brake ever failed? Did you witness any incident on road in which a vehicle fails to stop due to failure of the braking system? What are the things to look into in order to avoid such on-road incidents? The team at Auto Insurance Invest is here to give you all the necessary steps that you must be following in order to ensure safety of those traveling in the vehicle as well as taking maximum care of the car which is involved.


Now, let us discuss about the actions that needs to be taken by the driver after the car brake system fails due to some reasons in order to minimize the size of the particular mishap. In addition to that, if the speed of the vehicle is faster, then, there are chances of the car overturning which could be much more fatal. Also, it is necessary for all the vehicle owners to have the necessary information about countering brake failure. All the steps which are given as pointers in the blogpost are approved by the vehicle maintenance experts, so you need not to worry about using them for your own car. The things that needs to be done are namely choosing electric parking brake, contacting car towing service, always warning pedestrians, finding the cause for brake failure, understanding Auto Braking System (ABS), trying to use your gearbox, not forgetting to release your leg from accelerator, going for emergency brake, starting all car accessories and also never panicking in such emergency situations.

What to do when your Car Brake Fails?

What are the main reasons for the car braking system to fail? What are the things to remember about proper maintenance of your car in the right manner? I have experienced an incident, when the brake failed from my vehicle, so can you guys tell me about the steps to follow in order to avoid it for a second time. For the purpose of driving in a more safe manner, it is necessary to read the different points which are discussed in the article.

Choose Electric Parking Brake

Do remember that, if you have a newer hydraulic parking brake or electric parking brake, it will much more useful at the time of decreasing the speed of your car. Along with that, you should also keep in mind that most of the modern vehicles perform a controlled deceleration if you hold the specific key.

In addition to that, the new versions of old vehicles are coming up with new tools which are considered to be hugely useful, when you are thought to be helpful for not only the new drivers who are learning but also the experienced ones, at the time of any bad emergency situation which occurs on the way.

Contact Car Towing Service

Do always remember that after ensuring any physical damage for those traveling in the vehicle and also checking the kind of damage on the car, you next activity should be to call car towing services. Also, they have a helpline number where they can help you provide or suggest other medical facilities.

In addition to that, you need to understand that even if you manage to get your brakes working again after a malfunction, you should pull over and call American Automobile Association (AAA). As, it is necessary for your vehicle to be taken into a repair shop for inspection and it is very much dangerous to attempt to continue driving in it.

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Must Warn Pedestrians

One of the most important activity that you need to perform after you have ensured the brake of your specific car has failed and it is becoming difficult to stop it, is to warn the other people around the way which includes the vehicles as well as the pedestrians by turning on the warning lights and horns.

In addition to that, it is important for you to be aware of the location of the hazard button before any situations arise. Moreover, in order to convey the emergency message clearly, do open windows which is further enable air resistance that will help the car slow down the car in a much more efficient manner.

Look Cause for Brake Failure

The thing that you should be doing is to find out the main reason for the brake failure as it will help in finding the solutions which will further assist in slowing down the vehicle to complete stop in a safe location. Along with that, your main aim should be to have minimum damage for the passengers and the car.

In addition to that, you can try out different ways in which the surroundings can help you slow your vehicle. For that specific reason, use the guardrails by hitting the rails with the tires and not the body of the vehicle. Also, do use road friction like driving through gravel or dirt which will decrease the speed of the car further.

Understand Auto Braking System (ABS)

Do remember that the` (ABS) is only activated when your specific vehicle is braking too hard which is not a problem in the event of brake failure. Also, you should also have knowledge about Auto Braking System (ABS) in order to steer your car towards safety without much bigger hassle.

In addition to that, there are many things that should be completely avoided at this emergency condition such as downshifting too quickly can result in vehicle skid. Along with that, putting the car in neutral will take away the engine braking effect. and switching off the car will stop the car power steering ability.

Try to Use Your Gearbox

You will be surprised to know the fact that the gearbox plays an important role at the time of slowing down your car, when you are facing any situation of vehicle brake failure. Also, you should note that the lower gears provide more motor and mechanical resistance which is known as a motor brake.

In addition to that, it is vital to be very careful to never overturn the engine as when you lose your speed, you may have to go down the gears. The things that you should do is to continue to shift gears every time the red line on the speedometer falls below a few thousand and your engine braking will reduce your car speed.

Always Stop Your Accelerator

Do keep in mind that the cruise control system turns off as soon as the brakes or clutch are touched but as a precaution, the system must be turned off. Along with that, you must check if the pedal feels hard and does not move, it could signify that something in the brake system might have seized or an obstruction under the pedal.

In addition to that, you should remember that pumping of the brakes could help restore some braking pressure. However, if the pedal is on the floor, it is vital for you to pump it several times, and then press it on the floor and check whether it feels soft and goes all the way to the floor of the vehicle.

Go for Emergency Brake

It is important to note that, you should not pull the parking brake at high speed because there is a risk of spinning. Along with that, there is also the risk of overheating and the handbrake becoming ineffective. For that reason, wait until the engine braking speed drops below twenty kilometers per hour, then slowly apply the handbrake.

In addition to that, you should be extra careful because, if the parking brake works only on the rear wheels and they slip, you lose control. However, you should note that, before you are applying handbrake, you need to ensure that, there is no chance of getting into any collision on the road.

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Start all Car Accessories

The many activities that you need to ensure for the purpose of slowing down the vehicle is turning on the many different types of car accessories which are available in your vehicle in order to use up the energy and lessen the impact of acceleration of the particular car that you are driving at the time.

In addition to that, the air conditioner must be set to the coldest setting with the highest fan speed and this will absorb several kilowatts of power Moreover, opening all accessories, such as your heated rear window and lights, will also be creating a bit of drift in the alternator of the vehicle.

Do Never Panic

Do keep in mind that, in a situation in road, when the driver of the vehicle realizes that the brakes are not working, the person should not panic but keep a calm head. Along with that, you should know that panic only makes the situation worse as it hampers the judgment of how to handle the emergency.

In addition to that, hitting the panic button to early will further increase the chances of getting into a serious accident as you will end up taking impulsive decisions which are not at recommended while driving. Moreover, you need to execute the plans one after another for complete safety.

Look After Your Vehicle Brakes:

So now, all of the above points will give you headway about the things that you need to keep in mind when the car brake system of your vehicle suddenly fails to work. Moreover, it is important to double check your brakes before starting your vehicle at every single time in order to ensure yourself and the fellow car passengers from any on-road incidents. In an earlier blog, we have mentioned about the topmost driving as well as racing video games that you start to pay on your mobile using both Android as well as iPhone applications. Do not forget to read the article thoroughly before coming back to this section to know more the right driving procedures. Thus, the time has come for the drivers to implement the tasks which are given in the above pointers. However, you must not forget to give your valuable feedback on the same after implementing them while driving the car in the below comments section!

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