Top 10 Electric Motorbikes worldwide to buy in 2018


Along with electric vehicles such as electric cars or EVs, electric motorcycles and electric scooters are also gaining popularity. In the recent times, there has a striking growth of electric motorbikes. The automobile market is going through a transition period as electric vehicles have been proven to be the future. There has been talks around the world stages for going electric and having zero-emissions. With the pollution levels reaching alarming rates, there has been initiatives and funds provided by all national governments and international organizations to go green!

Top 10 Electric Motorbikes worldwide to buy in 2018

What are the best electric motorbikes/motorcycles and hybrid vehicles to buy in the year 2018-2019? What are the best battery-powered electric superbikes to own? Auto Insurance Blog has listed the best electric motorcycles from different niche categories like super bikes, dirtbikes, cruiser, motocross, scooters, concept vehicles. So, ride a electric motorcycle.

Zero SR

It is to be noted that Zero SR from Zero Motorcycles, who are one of the popular electric motorcycle brands in the market. The Zero SR motorbike is one of the best options that you you can buy and the price is much lower that the petrol variant of the motorcycle.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • Motorcycle has 67bhp along with 106lb/ft of torque
  • You can use top speed of around 102mph
  • Enjoy bike with range of around 197 miles
  • Equipped with battery that charges very fast
  • Moreover, bike is cheaper that gas variant

Lightning LS-218

The Lightning LS-218 is one of the most popular electric motorcycles in the electric motorbike market. The motorcycle is one of the fastest producing electric vehicle ans is also lighter than some of it counterparts in the electric motorcycle industry.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • One of best electric racing motorcycles
  • Comes from stable of lightning motorcycles brand
  • Is ideal for electric motorbike racing enthusiasts
  • Comes with highest speed of 218mph
  • Battery of lightning LS-218 is charged with 150 kw

Alta Redshift MX

The Alta Motors Redshift MX is a top-notch dirtbike or motocross bike which is battery powered. Thus, the model is one of the best in this niche segment of electric motocross bike or dirtbike in the electric motorcycle business and has proven to be successful.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • It is top-class dirtbike or motocross bike
  • One of best bikes in niche segment
  • This motorcycle comes from Alta Motors stable
  • The electric motorbike is equal to 250cc engine
  • You can ride Alta Redshift MX continuously for around 2.5 hours

APWorks Light Rider

The APWorks Light Rider is an innovative motorcycle in the motorbike market. This electric motorcycle is made using the 3D printing technology. This is not a high-end electric motorbike but is one of the lightest electric motorcycles that is available in market.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • APWorks Light Rider is one of lightest model
  • Electric motorcycle made with 3D printing technology
  • It is not a high-end model
  • It goes at maximum speed of around 50 mph
  • APWorks Light Rider comes with range of about 37 miles

Victory Empulse TT

The Victory Empulse TT from the stable of victory motorcycles which is in-turn owned by Polaris, which also Indian motorcycles brand. This motorcycle has seen some design changes in recent times and is much preferred by electric motorbike enthusiasts.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • It has one of most powerful electric motorcycle in market
  • It is powered with battery pack of 40 kw
  • It only takes around four hours to charge
  • Top speed is of around 100 mph
  • Range of model is of around 140 miles

Energica EGO

The Energica EGO is one of the best electric superbikes in the market. The look and speed makes it a unique option for superbike enthusiasts. The electric superbike is quick and weighs around 585 lbs and is ideal for electric superbike fans.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • Falls under electric superbike category
  • Has a top speed of around 150 mph
  • It reaches 60 mph in just 3 seconds
  • Energica EGO superbike weighs around 585 lbs
  • It is powered by 100 kw battery pack

Brutus V9

The Brutus V9 is atop-class electric cruiser motorcycle. The electric cruiser vehicle is a big machine and also have retro-looks which adds to its unique look. The Brutus V9 is quite a pricey electric cruiser motorbike in the market.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • Comes under electric cruiser category
  • Powered by battery pack of 93 kw
  • Drives for around 280 miles in city limits
  • Has a maximum speed of 115 mph
  • Brutus V9 is quite an expensive model

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Lito Sora

The Lito Sora is one of the priciest electric motorcycles in the electric vehicle industry. The look and feel of the electric motorbike matches the street fighter bikes and also shows a good performance in the category of electric superbikes.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • One of priciest electric motorcycles
  • Reaches top speed of around 120 mph
  • Comes with a range of around 185 miles
  • It touches 60 mph in just 4 seconds
  • Influenced by street fighter bike look

Meijs Motorman

The Meijs Motorman is one of the best electric scooters that is available in market. The motorbike comes from the stable of Meijs brand. One of the lightest electric scooters, it is gaining popularity in the American electric scooter market.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • Falls under category of electric scooters
  • One of lightest electric scooters
  • Meijs Motorman weighs around 99 lbs
  • Battery pack takes around 6 hours to charge
  • Gaining popularity in American electric scooters market

Yamaha PES2 Street Sport

The Yamaha PES2 Street Sport is popular as being known as the electric variant of Street Hawk aired in a television show from the 1980s. The only things that makes it different from other electric motorcycles in the list is that, it is still in the concept stage.

Reasons to buy the motorcycle

  • Yamaha PES2 Street Sport is concept electric motorcycle
  • Goes from zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds
  • Influenced by Street Hawk television show from 1980s
  • It uses path-breaking technology
  • It will weigh around 290 lbs

So go green:

So, after you have taken a look at the best electric motorcycles that are available in the market around the worlds, it is your turn to choose the best electric motorbike that will suit your demands. The above list of electric bikes includes categories like electric superbike, electric dirtbike, electric cruiser, electric motocross bikes and also electric scooters. In addition to that, an electric motorcycle concept vehicle is also added in the list. So, now get yourself a dream electric motorcycle and go electric!

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