10 Amphibious Vehicles to use in 2019

Have you tried riding amphibious cars? What are the characteristics that must be included in order to make your vehicle amphibious in nature? Auto Insurance Invest will be giving you with necessary guidelines which are very much important for you to buy this particular kind of car.


There are many amphibious cars which are manufactured all over the world and we have selected the best ones which you can go for and proved to be useful for riding in the different conditions. They are namely SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach, Gibbs Aquada, WaterCar Panther, DARPA Captive Air Amphibious Transporter, Sea Lion, Hydra Spyder, Rinspeed Splash, Hydratrek, Amphicar and also Dobbertin HydroCar. Many of the vehickles which are included in the list are concept cars or prototypes which provides an insight into the development in the automobile industry. Several car companies are trying to build commercial models of amphibious vehicles as the demand for these particular kind of cars are high.

10 Amphibious Vehicles to use in 2019

What is the difference between amphibious vehicles and all-terrain vehicles? The major thing to consider about any kind of amphibious car is that, it uses wheels or tracks on land but has watertight hulls to navigate as boats in the water. To know about the top-class amphibious vehicles, read the article till the end.

SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach

The SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach is for those teenagers who are adventure lovers and love to go for road-trips or trekking. As the name of the vehicle suggests, this vehicle helps in your cross-country trekking endeavors. You can drive easily in any weather like snow, rain and more.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • SeaRoader Countach is brought to you by Lamborghini
  • High clearance is ideal for off-roads
  • Is good for handling safety of drivers
  • You can drive it easily on long trips
  • The vehicle is also weather-friendly

Gibbs Aquada

One of the most important that needs to be considered for buying vehicles for young adults is the price and Gibbs Aquada obviously is available within the range. Moreover, the car is also high on fuel economy which also helps to save fuel cost and ideal for driving in water and land.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • Aquada is brought to you by Gibbs
  • It is also available in low prices
  • Ideal for teenagers and their families
  • Good for driving in water and land
  • Is also very much fuel cost-friendly

WaterCar Panther

The WaterCar Panther is gaining a lot of popular eyeballs thanks to its design which resemples a jepp that can run over water as well. At a weight of 3,000 pounds, and sporting a 3.7 liter V-6 VTEC Honda engine, it is capable of land speeds of 80-plus mph. Along with that, it has a a waterproof fiberglass hull and water jet engine lets it glide on the water.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • Panther is from the brand WaterCar
  • Also, is favored for its low-cost
  • You must try the other models from this brand
  • Is much trusted in the US market
  • Known for its high safety features

DARPA Captive Air Amphibious Transporter

The DARPA Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT) vehicle is considered ideal for teenagers because of the different features available in the car which is much liked by the younger population. This car is available in a competitive price along with providing all infotainment features needed for young adults.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • This vehicle is from the stable of DARPA
  • Car is ideal to get cut-off deals
  • Has features needed for young drivers
  • Is also available in the low-cost range
  • Also help you save lot of extra money

Sea Lion

The most important factor for deciding on the car for teenage children is the safety factor. The Sea Lion is high on safety along with providing more safety rating. In addition to that, this cars is also very budget-friendly which is another factor that needs to be considered.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • The car is from the stable of Sea Lion
  • Do use electronic stability control
  • Is very useful for new young drivers
  • Considered ideal in terms of highway safety
  • The vehicle also has crash notification system

Hydra Spyder

Hydra Spyder should be one your radar, if you are looking for a vehicle which is high-end but also within the reach of teenagers. One of the best vehicle if your looking to track the movements as Hydra’s system helps to detect crossing defines geographical boundaries or speeding of vehicles.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • Comes from the stable of Hydra
  • Hydra Spyder has much sales in the country
  • Can be categorized into mid-luxury section
  • Is also considered as a compact vehicle
  • Highly favored for advanced tracking features

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Rinspeed Splash

The Rinspeed Splash is considered the bast hatchback model for the teenagers. This vehicle is also popular as it falls with in the price range that the teenage population can afford. Moreover, the car has features like cruise control, entertainment system and also stability control.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • Splash is brought from the Rinspeed brand
  • The car falls under hatchback category
  • Is also affordable by teenagers
  • The vehicle boasts of enough space
  • Also equipped with important safety features


Hydratrek is considered as one of the best pre-owned vehicle deals for the new teenage drivers. You can get at the vehicle at a negotiating price and will further help to save you a lot of extra money. Moreover, this vehicle has performed well in crash tests.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • Is a name to reckon with in amphibious car market
  • You can categorize the vehicle into subcompact car
  • Popular from being high on driver-protection
  • Vehicle is much preferred for cheap prices
  • Boasts of all technology needed for driving over water


If you are thinking of mid-size car for your son or daughter, then go for Amphicar. Moreover, you can also go for the hybrid version of the vehicle. This vehicles used the kind of technique which is as essential feature for all cars driven by teenagers in order to look after the safety.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • This is brought to you from Amphicar stable
  • Amphicar’s technology is a secure feature
  • Falls under the category of mid-sized vehicles
  • It is also being favored for its hybrid version
  • Do not forget to use driver-assistance characteristics

Dobbertin HydroCar

Dobbertin HydroCar ticks all the boxes that are needed for getting a vehicle for the new teenage drivers. There are many exciting features that you will find in the vehicle such as nice front seats with zero gravity characteristics along with nice interiors. Moreover, it is also easy in your pocket.

Reasons to Buy the Amphibious Car

  • HydroCar is brought from Dobbertin brand
  • Favored for being in budget of teenagers
  • Has all the needed safety characteristics
  • Is ideal for both short and long trips
  • Also do enjoy the beautiful interior

Try Amphibious Riding:

So, the above car name models will help those riders who love to drive amphibious cars. In addition to that, you must always keep in mind that, there are multiple advantages of using amphibious and there are reasons for you to have one of these types of vehicles. Along with that, in a earlier blog, we have discussed in detail about the best cars which are ideal to ride over the deserts. Now, do not forget to choose the ultimate vehicle that you want to ride on both land and also water!

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Image Courtesy: Respective amphibious car company websites.

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