Ultimate Electric Car Maintenance Guide

There are many questions with electric vehicles maintenance among new and old electric vehicle owners. Read the article to know about the best and cheap ways to repair and maintain your electric cars.


The best part of maintenance for electric vehicles (EVs) is that the number of components that constitute EVs are much less than that of combustible vehicles. With less number of electric cars on the roads and electric cars market still being in its nascent stage, it is quite difficult to find equipped car mechanics for repair and maintenance of your electric car. You need to learn about the different things that every electric vehicle owner should follow namely Always check battery, examine car invertor, check tire pressure, fix your car brakes, do suspension maintenance, use transmission fluid,electric car maintenance costs, safety rules of electric cars, best electric car gadgets and also visit auto body shops.

Ultimate Electric Car Maintenance Guide

How much costs does electric car insurance needs? Is it better to buy traditional cars or hybrid card or electric cars? What are the top reasons to buy electric cars now? Given are the answers of the above questions and the ways to maintain your electric car after buying one.

Always Check Battery

It is very important for all car owners to continuously monitor their electric cars batteries to check the performance and range of the electric vehicles. The electric car batteries found in the market generally lasts for around 8 years.

  • Remember to always check your car battery
  • Electric car owners should have knowledge of their vehicles
  • It helps to improve performance and range of your electric car
  • Almost all electric car batteries Have warranty of around 8 years
  • Always charge your electric car battery properly

Examine Car Invertor

Along with the electric car battery, the other most important component in any electric vehicle is the vehicle invertor. The electric vehicle invertor and convertors should be always maintained properly to power electric car and increased its longevity.

  • Do always examine car invertor
  • Also important along with car batteries
  • Learn more about convertors
  • Take car of your electric car
  • Helps to improve longevity of your car

Check tire Pressure

One of the basic mistakes that most electric car owners makes is the not taking a look at the condition of the car tires. It is important of examining the tire pressure in order to maximize the electric car range and also performance.

  • Always check tire pressure
  • Most car drivers and owners do not check car tire pressure
  • Use tools to check pressure of your car tire
  • Helps to improve performance and range of your electric car
  • Do visit a car mechanic if needed

Fix your Car Brakes

Almost the maximum number of car accidents that occur on the roads are die to the fault of car brakes. Thus, taking a look at your car brakes and understanding its proper functionality helps you save from sudden car beak fails..

  • You must fix your car brakes
  • Have maximum number of car accidents due to brakes
  • Drive your car properly
  • Take a look at your brakes occasionally
  • Try to save yourself from car break fails
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Do Suspension Maintenance

Most of the car owners neglect the importance of proper suspension in maintaining your electric car in the right manner. The different shock absorbers should be check thoroughly during the time of electric car servicing.

  • Always do suspension maintenance
  • Most car owners neglect importance of proper suspension
  • Understand more about car suspension
  • Regularly service your electric cars
  • Check suspension during servicing visits of your car

Use transmission Fluid

Newer forms of fuel technology is transforming the electric car industry. The transmission fluids are increasing in demand among both electric and vehicle car owners. The Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) also seems to improve fuel efficiency of your vehicles.

  • You must use transmission fluid
  • Do use innovative technologies
  • Increase of demand for transmission fluids
  • Helps to improve your car performance
  • Know more about automatic transmission fluid (ATF)

Electric Car Maintenance Costs

There are much debates among electric car manufactures and customers about the costs of maintaining electric cars in respect to traditional combustible vehicles. The high costs of electric car components are sometimes the reasons for high electric car maintenance rates.

  • Do check electric car maintenance costs
  • Costs varies due to many reasons
  • Huge debates among electric car manufactures and customers
  • Have high costs of electric car components
  • Also increases electric car maintenance rates

Safety rules of Electric Cars

The safety rules and traffic displays should always be followed inspite of driving electric or hybrid vehicles. IT is always important to flow the given top speed limits in the road and avoid getting any traffic ticket which hampers the car driving experience report.

  • Always remember about safety rules of electric cars
  • Learn driving your car
  • Safely riles are same for hybrid and electric vehicles too
  • Drive within speed limits
  • Avoid having traffic tickets

Best electric Car Gadgets

There are many kinds of electric gadgets specially designed for electric vehicles are available in the market. The different car gadgets ranges from car purifiers to car GPRS navigation systems to the car driving apps for better driving experience.

  • Use best electric car gadgets
  • Have many kinds of electric vehicle gadgets
  • Choose best electric vehicle gadget for your car
  • Take gadgets for car enhancement experience
  • Helps to improve driving comfort

Visit Auto body Shops

It is necessary for car owners to visit car body shops in order to repair and properly maintain their electric vehicles. Moreover, this step is necessary to enhance the look and feel of your car or make some car body chances after getting involved in any accident on roads.

  • It is important to visit auto body shops
  • Take help from professional car experts
  • Go to only authorized auto body shops
  • Do maintain your car look and feel
  • Is necessary for cars having accidents

Now Drive Along:

So, that you have understood about the different components which combine and drive the electric car. Moreover, it is very important to have prior knowledge of the electric car components will help in having proper maintenance of your e-vehicles. Though, there are talks about high maintenance costs for electric cards, but the frequency of electric cars needing repair is much lesser that thee traditional gas cars. So, this is the best time considered by everyone to buy an electric car because of the less population issues along with many discounts and rebates in the form of government policies to ensure more sale of electric and hybrid cars for the purpose of greener and cleaner environment.

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