10 Best Automobile Technologies to try

Are you aware of any automotive technology that is being used? What are the problems that modern drivers face while driving their vehicles? Auto Insurance Invest is here to provide the automobile lovers with the details about the different new technologies that are being adapted into the automotive sector for ensuring sustainability in the coming times.


All the car makers are moving towards automotive systems where the vehicles will run on electricity. Also, it is true fact that the prices of gasoline are increasing on a continuous scale and alternative arrangements is the need of the hour for the sake of saving our planet. If you have Gasoline vehicle then we already discuss about the ways to save on gasoline bill. The technologies which are changing the face of modern automobile industry are namely; using 360-degree camera, going for comprehensive vehicle track, trying adaptive cruise control, getting bio-metric vehicle access, ensuring lane departure warning, having driver override system, automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert system, making reconfigurable Body Panel and also doing active health monitoring.

10 Best Automobile Technologies to try

What is the need for newer technologies in our vehicle industry? What are the steps that needs to be taken for the sole reason to decrease the case of car accidents? What are the things to remember while using this new automotive techniques which are becoming essential for the safety and security of the car. Along with that, in order to know more about the topic, you are suggested to read the article till the very end.

360-Degree Camera

The very first technology to talk about is going to be the use of 360-degree camera which is considered to be very useful. For it to work, it combines cameras on every side of the car. For that reason, the vehicle’s display can show a virtual top-down view of your surroundings.

  • It is vital for safer parking
  • Helps in your car insurance prices
  • More and more vehicles are adopting this technique
  • Is equipped with a 360-degree camera system
  • Provides better view of your car surroundings while driving

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

It is easier to understand the history of the vehicle and the way it was derived through tracking it. Newer technologies are being introduced which will help in giving the insurance companies a better information about the vehicle and the way it has performed on road.

  • You must definitely opt for vehicle tracking
  • Software is being used for better tracking of vehicle
  • Government authorities are also adopting this technology
  • There is an effort to make this mandatory
  • The price of car insurance can decrease by tracking it

Adaptive Cruise Control

For the third point, let us talk about the adaptive cruise control. In order to insurance less accidents on vehicles, it is important to start using the advanced driver assist systems which can ensure that the driver has better control over the vehicle.

  • It can definitely decrease stress of drivers
  • Allows car to come to complete halt and then resume automatically
  • This is more needed in highway traffic
  • Do generally matches the speed of vehicle in front of you
  • Helps to negotiate stop-and-go traffic better

Biometric Vehicle Access

The technology is working towards making the vehicle more secure in case of any theft. Along with that, technology is being adopted for the betterment of your vehicular experience. So, you can go for biometric Vehicle Access which is help in making transition towards keyless entry.

  • It uses fingerprint readers to give access
  • You can also opt for using retina scanning
  • There is need to go for keyless entry
  • Also, said to be much more secure option
  • This technology is known to be used in other devices

Lane Departure Warning

One of the important facts to understand is that, many drivers are known to get involved into accidents for changing lanes and so, it is necessary to introduce technology such as lane departure warning. As the name suggests, it helps to gives warning for those change lanes suddenly.

  • It is known to use cameras for sending warnings
  • You can also opt for Lane Keeping Assist
  • Helps the vehicles to maintain proper lane
  • Is very useful, when there is heavy traffic
  • There are less chances of accidental engagement

Driver Override System

The next technology is particularly moving towards autonomous control over your vehicle. The actions which are performed by driver override system are the ones whereas the name suggests it overruns the activities which are generally performed by the driver such as stopping car when brake fails.

  • It is generally known to use sensor technology
  • Helps to define the right priority
  • The car does take their own decisions
  • Vehicle stops when you fail to perform brakes
  • Is related to autonomous technology

Automatic Emergency Braking

The next technique talks about the vital steps that needs to be taken in order to avoid on-road collision. Also, you need to take preventive measures when the car gets out of control of the driver. However, it is vital to understand that the vehicle user uses it as the very last resort.

  • Try to always keep car in your control
  • Tools developed to counter on-road collision
  • It takes the help of sensor
  • Make sure that functioning of the system is fine
  • You can also take help of smartphone apps

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

With more vehicles hitting the roads, traffic is increasing significantly which results in difficult or the car users. So, do keep in mind that, rear cross-traffic alert tool is essential for know about the surroundings in the back side of your car and it comes with rearview backup camera.

  • Do remember to drive within speed limits
  • In this process, car takes automatic brake
  • You get to know about things around rear side of vehicle
  • Must not forget to use backup camera for better rearview
  • Alert works by giving loud beeps

Reconfigurable Body Panel

This takes your vehicle driving experience to the next level as the cars are designed in a particular manner by which the body panels of the vehicle can be reconfigured. Also, it is aimed at increasing the ability of different sizes of vehicles and help to suit car owner’s needs.

  • Is easy for vehicles with lightweight body panels
  • Can also increase sales of cars
  • Helps to provide multiple choices to vehicle owners
  • Ensured that Body Panels are much lighter
  • Known to provide advanced motors

Active Health Monitoring

As the last technology in car, we are going to discuss about wearable technology which is known to make much leaps and bounds in the present times and binging a significant change in the automobile industry as well. It is targeted to look after the health of the driver of the vehicle.

  • Is known to use sensors steering wheel and seatbelts
  • Useful for the development of wearable technology
  • Can be performed through help of wireless tools
  • Helps to call paramedics if driver is unwell
  • Known to collect vital statistics for tracking

Things to Remember:

Now, after reading the blogpost, you have a better idea about the new changes which are being introduced in the newer cars and also the different features that are getting implemented in vehicle upgradations. Along with that, in the earlier post, we have discussed about the advantages of getting insurance for your electric vehicle. Do not forget to read the article till the end before coming back to this very part. Thus, the time has arrived for those who are willing to try the new things used in newer cars. For that reason, you are advised to use the technology and share your feedback on the same without any fail!

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