10 Safe driving tips for pregnant women

Are you pregnant? Have you drove vehicle during pregnancy? What are disadvantages that you face while riding your vehicle at the time of being pregnant? The team at Auto Insurance Invest is here to solve your problems regarding this case and list you with the most essential steps for maximum safety.


Now, we will be giving you the most vital tips for driving safely while being pregnant. It is a true fact that the working women has to continue their job in some stages of their pregnancy and those who are entrepreneurs needs to sit behind the wheels to meet clients and other business related works. Moreover, you should always be in touch with doctor and report any kind of problems that you face in your body during the pregnancy period. However, always take proper medications if necessary as prescribed by medical experts. One important note regarding driving you must enrolled yourself in valid driving school.  The different important points that you must follow strictly are mentioned in the post below. They are sharing your vehicle location, keeping yourself hydrated, only driving when it is very necessary, ensuring proper seat positioning, remembering to always wear seat belts, taking breaks regularly, do avoiding night driving, trying to drive slowly, having check-up after accident and also going for smoother roads.

10 Safe driving tips for pregnant women

What are the mistakes that you should always avoid while driving your car during pregnancy? I am a working woman and have to drive with my baby bump, so can you teach me about the essential guidelines that I must follow in order to avoid accident and injury for the kids(s) and myself? What are the safe driving tricks for pregnant women? If you want to find the answer, you must thoroughly read the full blog.

Share Your Vehicle Location

The first thing that needs to be done, while driving your vehicle at the time when you are pregnant is to share the location of your car with the near and dear ones like family and friends though GPS.

In addition to that, just turn on the GPS location of your smartphone or car. This is to ensure that, in case of any mishaps or trouble in the road, people can easily track you through the help of your GPS location and provide the right help. You may also took the help of Safe Driving apps to make your journey more safely. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water is essential for the pregnant mothers who have to drive their vehicles. Do ensure that before hitting the car, that you have consumed right amount of liquid which is to make sure that you feel energetic and focused while riding your car.

Moreover, there can be cases when you will be feeling asleep or very tired while driving. This is more evident at the time of night riding. In that case, do stop the vehicle at the side of the road and take the right foods and water to replenish you body.

Only Drive if Necessary

This advice should be followed for the better health and safety concerns of your baby(ies) and also your condition. You know that pregnant mothers have to go through various kinds of bodily pains and mental difficulties during the different phases of pregnancy.

However, it cannot be denied that if any specific situation occurs when there is not other option left and you have to drive the vehicle. In those conditions, make sure that you are follow all the traffic rules and ensuring safety for yourself and kid(s).

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Ensure Proper Seat Positioning

You need to understand which position is best for you. The thing that you should ensure before starting to drive is to move your seat as far back as it completely comfortable for you and then, and slightly tilt it away from the steering wheel.

Moreover, do keep in mind another trick. This is to tilt you car steering wheel towards you breastbone and not the abdomen part. Also, make sure that the baby bump never hist the steering wheel while any jerk or rapid movement of the vehicle.

Always Wear Seatbelts

Thought, it feels very uneasy to war seatbelts while being pregnant. However, in order to secure yourself in the road you must properly strap yourself and you baby(ies) with the help of seatlbelts.

In addition to that, if you do not wear the seatbelt, you will be booked with traffic ticket, which is not good for you driving history and auto insurance process. Do use the shoulder belt, which should fit rightly between your breasts and never wear it across the belly.

Must take Breaks Regularly

This step is essential for the wellbeing of your kid(s) and also for the pregnant mothers. You should know that driving takes maximum concentration and energy, more so, when you are riding in highways or during the night.

For that very purpose, it is important for you take breaks at regular intervals while driving. Moreover, this needs to be followed when you are on a long trip. You can take breaks at few hours which will help to rejuvenate you.

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Do avoid Night Driving

You should understand that night driving is not easy and needs much more concentration and focus that driving in daylight. Moreover, when you are driving in extreme low-light situations, it becomes very strenuous and difficult and chances of accident also increase.

In addition to that, do remember that, if you already having a habit of driving fast before becoming pregnant, it is high time for you to change that habit for the safety of your baby(ies) and also yourself. Do avoid driving at night time during pregnancy.

Try to Drive Slowly

This point is basic step for all driver to always follow and do understand that speeding and along with drinking under influence of alcohol are the top reasons fro accidents, not only in the country but also around the world.

Furthermore, one of the easiest things to do in order to avoid any kind of collisions is to drive in a slow speed that will ensure around two to three seconds of gap between your car and the one ahead of you in the roadway.

Have Check-up after Accident

The second last point is vital as may pregnant mothers tend to avoid this step which can create much dangerous in the future. Always do thorough checkup of your body and the condition of your baby after getting in to any minor or major accident.

In addition to that, you may not understand the situation of your body from inside and so visit doctor is your utmost priority. Also, it has been seen that having injuries for pregnant women ensures greater risk of premature labor because of placental abruption.

Go for Smoother Roads

The last thing to do is to avoid driving on roads which can results in many jerks and are not safe for riding with babies. You should also know that sudden jerks due to applying the breaks along with speed breakers can land you and your baby in serious situation.

Moreover, remember to stay very alert and always slow down at speed breakers and potholes which can come up during rains. We already discuss about the ways to drive in rainy season. Also, do make sure that you are not driving over a rough road with loose grits and many patches. Always take a smoother road although it may take you much longer.

Drive Carefully During Pregnancy:

So now, these tips will help you ensure maximum safety for your kid(s) and also yourself. Do remember that, your utmost priority should be to make sure the baby(ies) and you are free from any kind of injuries. Also, do ensure that, there is enough space in the driver seat for you to see sit comfortably and drive with any type of distractions. It is always advised by doctors and car experts to let other drive when you are pregnant. There are different stages of pregnancy, though you can ride your vehicle in the early stages but do try to avoid it in the later stages of your pregnancy. Thus, the time has come for the pregnant mothers to keep these points in mind while driving. Also, do not forget to share feedback with us about your riding experience!

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