will electric car become future of auto industry?

There are many questions in the mind of people over the future of electric vehicles. There is a huge ongoing debate in the auto sector regarding the sustainability of profitability along with the chance of mass production of electric cars .


The talks on electric cars is everyone. Most of the top auto brands and big car manufacturers worldwide have moved towards adopting innovative technology and producing their own version of electric vehicle. It is easily understood that, it is presently going through the beta or testing period and auto experts are making plans to integrate electric car models into the present auto market paradigm. One of the vital gaps that needs to be addressed seriously in order to make successful electric car usage is the understanding on of the functioning along with usability of electric cars among the car owners, driver sand also auto mechanics. Now let us understand the main factors that are dependent on bringing the age of electric cars and making it a reality in the near future.

will electric car become future of auto industry?

Is electric vehicles going to become a reality in the near future? What the benefits of using electric cars over traditional vehicles? Learn about the trends in the automobile industry and the recent urge of going green through driving electric vehicles in the wake of excessive natural and ecological damage.

Understand Electric Vehicles (EVs)

One of the most important things that all the electric car enthusiasts must know before thinking of buying them is understanding the mechanisms that goes into making EVS work. The price of electric car batteries is very high and it costs a lot to replace the batteries.

For that purpose, it is important to maintain the car batteries properly. Moreover, there is huge shortage of electric car charging stations in the country and also worldwide. Thus, it is necessary to build the required kind of infrastructure in order to compel people to buy EVs.

Ecological Imbalance

Another important factor that may are making people move towards the goal for having environment-friendly solutions to their everyday problems. The world is suffering from the looming danger of uncontrolled pollution, deforestation and also use of harmful chemical against the nature.

The recent corner for restoring ecological imbalance have forced car manufactures to control carbon-emission and roll out hybrid and electric vehicles which run partially or completely on electric batteries. The national governments also need to understand the gravity of the problem.

Build Proper Infrastructure

Another important hindrance that have amounted to less growth of the electric cars in the automobile market is less infrastructure required for the growth of this types of vehicles. Many charging stations need to be made in order to service in the ever-increasing number of electric vehicles.

Along with providing charging stations, more and more car manufacturers are also looking for providing car charging stations for the garage of electric car owners. Moreover, having proper knowledge of charging and how the battery works is also important.

Electric Car Costs

There are many new electric cars in the market already. So, the costs are relatively high in the present times and talks are of the price subjected to increase in the coming years. Also, we have discussed in previous articles about the costs of electric cars.

Moreover, in order to buy electric and hybrid vehicles, you also need to have electric car insurance. Most of the top auto insurers who are functioning in the market, have come up with car insurance plans specially for electric vehicles sector.

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Driver Less Electric Cars

So, now that we have understood about the electric car market, there is recent talks about bring completely driver less electric cars in the fold. With the advent of technology, we have developed autonomous cars that drive with any human interference.

Moreover, it needs to be noticed that the driver less cars can only be possible after the initial success of electric vehicles. The road infrastructure needs to be changed completely and the other kinds of regular cars need to be removed completely.

What The Future Holds?

Now, the question that remains in the mind of people is whether this quest for bringing electric cars is a success. It is to be taken into account that the buying power and stranded of living in increasing both in the developed and developing economies.

The countries that have already taken the initial step and is serious about implementing path-breaking solutions for manufacturing electric vehicles for the masses are Norway, Japan and also China. Many other nations are also thinking of building the required strategy for electric cars.

Lets Go Green:

Thus, the future of electric cars are dependent on several factors over the course of time. In order to make electric car – a complete success story, there is a need for complete infrastructural upheaval. In addition to that, the mindset or spending capabilities in terms of cars and transportation also needs to be changed. It is easily understood to be a gradual transition and the results and affects cannot be viewed just overnight. Moreover, along with electric vehicles there is rise of driver-less cars in the automobile market- thanks to the artificial intelligence boom. However, in order to make driving in complete electric cars not the hybrid models possible on a large scale, initiatives must be taken in the governmental or federal level and also supported by favorable laws in favor of electric cars regulations.

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