What are Vehicle Detection Sensors?

With the advancement of technology, new tools are coming the vehicle industry with the sole aim to assist the drivers in riding the right ways and also avoiding any kind of on-road collisions. Along with many other tools in the business, Vehicle Detection Sensors are also making a mark in the automobile industry.

What are Vehicle Detection Sensors?

Take a look at the different sensors which you can use in your vehicle. go through the post thoroughly before deciding on the one which best suits to your needs.

LiDAR Sensor

The full form of LiDAR is known as Light Detection And Ranging and is a laser-based system and LiDAR is a relatively new system in the automotive sector and is beginning to gain traction. The system and semiconductor manufacturers working on new and improved solutions today are targeting 2020/21 model use. In addition to the laser transmitter , the system requires a highly sensitive receiver. Used primarily to measure distances to stationary as well as moving objects, the system employs special procedures to provide three-dimensional images of the detected objects.


The radar sensors are ideal for long-range outdoor applications. Unlike photoelectric or ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors are not affected by conditions such as wind, rain, fog, light, humidity and air temperature. Also, do remember that, you need to know that, these results in accurate detection in outdoor environments.Many sensors can also be configured to detect objects up to a specified distance, ignoring objects beyond the set point, resulting in higher accuracy.

Sensory Camera Systems

Getting the best camera system for your vehicle sensor is very important. If you are thinking about using them, these cameras use the algorithms to automatically detect objects, classify them, and determine the distance from them. For example, the cameras can identify pedestrians and cyclists, motor vehicles, side strips, bridge abutments, and road margins. The algorithms are also used to detect traffic signs and signals. Also, do note that, these camera systems are systems for medium to high ranges, such as in the area between 100 and 275 yards.

Bottom Line:

So now, you have got an idea about the different forms of vehicle sensors which are used for the assistance to the drivers. In an earlier post, we have talked about the apps which are helpful for the drivers. You can read the article before coming to this section for more amazing car news. However, it is important for you to know that research and development is going on this field in search of finding more advanced sensors with the sole aim of smoothing driving experience and minimizing mistakes.

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