What is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?

Did you use car having adaptive cruise control ? What are the major reasons to integrate adaptive cruise control system in your vehicle? What are the things that you should be knowing while handing adaptive cruise control? The team at Auto Insurance Invest is here to provide all the necessary guidelines that you will ever need in terms of adaptive cruise control for the vehicles which are plying on the road.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?

Now, let us talk about the uses and reasons for you to add this vital car security technology in your car. Moreover, it is important for you to note that, the adaptive cruise control (ACC) features is very much useful for the young teenagers or millennial drivers.

Explain Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is a driver assistance technology that sets a maximum speed for vehicles and automatically slows the speed of the car when traffic is sensed in front of the vehicle. The adaptive cruise control allows for smart, reactive management of a vehicle’s speed without driver intervention. The adaptive cruise control is similar to conventional cruise control in that it maintains the vehicle’s pre-set speed. ACC is also known as autonomous cruise control, active cruise control, intelligent cruise control and radar cruise control.

Uses of Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control which is sometimes known as speed control or autocruise, or tempomat in some countries, is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. The system is a servomechanism that takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver. Do remember that, you need to use good judgment when deciding to apply your vehicle’s cruise control. Check for any oncoming obstacles before applying cruise control, particularly if it is your first time to use the system. Build your speed. If driving on an interstate, the speed limit is generally between 55 and 70 miles per hour.

Bottom Line:

So now, you have got a better idea about using the adaptive cruise control (ACC) in your car. Moreover, it needs to be kept in mind that, all the top automobile brands in the market have installed this car safety feature by the name of adaptive cruise control (ACC). Along with that, in an earlier post, we have mentioned about Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) which is found in many new vehicles in the market. Do not forget to read the article till the end before coming back to this section to find more news about new trending vehicle technologies from the automobile industry. Thus, the time has come for the car enthusiasts to experience the use of adaptive cruise control and then provide valuable feedback to our readers about it in the below comments section!

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